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Jim’s Cell Phone Prank on Andy – The Office

Jim’s Cell Phone Prank on Andy – The Office

100 thoughts on “Jim’s Cell Phone Prank on Andy – The Office”

  1. Wooow. I see a lot of people here think this is pretty funny. Here'sa little news flash, it's not funny!
    In fact it's pretty friggin unfunny!!

  2. Can we talk about how easily Pam and Jim work together? The coordination was so smooth, without them even needing to talk to each other.

  3. I made a mess.
    I forced Dwight to resign pre-maturely.
    And, I replaced him with Andy, who loves this place so much that he punched a HOLE in it!!
    It's a mess. A big mess!!

  4. What the HECK is Jim doing up there in the CEILING??

    Didn't Toby tell him that there is….

    "Radon gas coming up from below and

    there is ASBESTOS in the ceiling???"

  5. One time in 8th grade I took my friend’s water bottle. That was how I found out he was strong enough to lift up a chair and throw it at me.

  6. I hate Andy so much like in season 8 or 9 he tells Erin to pretend to love him and he would not know the difference and he went snooping through her phone I'm glad Erin is happy with Pete

  7. I can't believe people find it funny😑. Imagine being tired at work waiting for an important call and then this happens to you.

  8. Apparently this is the moment where they saved Andy’s character. Originally they were only gonna have him on for a few episodes but they wrote this in to give them an excuse to have him go to anger management and come back reformed and a little more likable

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