You are sorry about this now ? It’s useless to blubber ! Scum ! On your face ! (Hey you have some cool sneakers !) I didn’t permit you to talk son of a b*tch ! Pfft… Excuse me I was smashing the face of one of those guys who scam people on Instagram You saw them, they are a lot, they are everywhere I talk of course about fakes, people who steal our identity, of us big and famous youtubers, how dare they ? End of career for Squeezie They take advantage of the innocence of the yougests of us, do you realize ? So, on YouTube, excellent website which allow two different persons to have the exactly same nickname The scam is done in the form of “click on my picture !” So, why they want so much that you to click on their picture ? I’m gonna tell you YouTube permit to youtubers to type some words which will be banned That is, if you post a comment which contain this word, your comment won’t be posted He get the hell out of here, immediately to the exit, he go back home It sounds like a sentence of a f*cking racist but no, ANYWAY, we are doing a video about racism or about scams right now ? By typing the command *links* in the banned words It bans automatically all the comments which contains some links Then, scammers were : *recovery position scream* *recovery position scream* F*cked ! So they were thinking : “So, at worst, we will ask them to click on our picture” While pretending to be the youtuber in question And when somebody will come on the channel, there will be a video absolutely disgusting in english, which going to encourage the person in question to being scammed, in short, always the same thing They promise some crazy stuff, just need to click on a link and all that, you are being scammed, anyway Moral of the story : Do NEVER click on the profile picture of a youtuber It’s faster, it clears all the scams and we don’t talk about it anymore Anyway, we also have been young and we also will be old and in the two cases the technology is beyond us We aren’t used to it We didn’t have a lot of experience so we can easily be fooled I got tricked, myself when I was young but I’mma tell it to you later while we will wait something Second type of scam on Instagram when you follow a famous youtuber which is french, handsome and do incredible videos I talk obviously about um… Squeezie There is automatically some bots which will follow you But it’s almost immediate, well, I hope ’cause if not this video is shit These people pretend to be us and will try to contact you And make you believe that you won an iPhone, not a Samsung… …an iPhone. Folks, what will happen today It will be very serious. Unlike these glasses Hey Daredevil should have put these glasses, he would be so respected We are going to infiltrate the network of scammers and destroy it by inside, watch out – Step 1 : Create a fake Instagram account Welcome on Instagram ! I created an account named “baptistehandsome78” ’cause when a man is called Baptiste and he’s from the department 78, he is handsome First, we are going to add a picture which make believe that i’m a really good fan of Minecraft Then, he will really think that I’m an easy target extremely young – Step 2 : Follow some french youtubers *music* – Step 3 : Wait that a lil’ c*nt rise to the bait OH ! DAMN IT BITES ! *fishing rod sound* Squeezie is following me ?! Man ! Wow It’s really him, it’s his official picture And Norman too ! He spreaded the word ! Ok so you probably understood, it’s some people who pretend to be us on Instagram And they do fake giveaways of iPhone 7, but to participate in the giveaways, you need to call a phone number but with a charge and then you give a code, that the number gave you, when you would already paid 3€ I’m dumb we are incorrectly infiltrated I didn’t post any pictures on the account and I even didn’t write a description I switched on a tablet cuz we can’t see DM’s and conversations on “Instagram Computer Version” I post a photo of myself, there is no sense I’ll put on airs that I am really really fan, in this way the guy will start to be really really warmed up that way I will fall into the trap of his fake giveaway, it will be really funny Ok it’s done Oh look what is in my TL, damn, Natoo can give so many iPhone… “I give iPhone 7s to the first who leave a like and a comment” *breath* *Me!!” “I love you my fans, good luck everybody” You aren’t ashamed scum ?! Damn, what a bastard ! So while waiting him to DM me, I wanted to tell you a story Which happened to me when I was a kid I almost got fooled by a spam of : “This method works every time. Win through the roulette with the method of David Lapurgeasse. ” I went down in a rush in my house to take the credit cart of my mother to tell her (kid voice) : “Mom we are going to be rich, I found a crazy method ! ” “Shut up Lucas” “Mom I swear it works I did the test it works ! ” Yeah cuz the scam was well done, they permitted you to play one turn freely and the method was working, cuz it was fixed But when you were putting real money, it wasn’t working anymore Oh ! “_natooogram”, now : “hi” “You wanna participate to win the iPhone 7s freely like the other fans ?” Liar ! I was alone to comment your picture, bloody liar ! “Oh yeaa I would love it !” I write in caps and all it’s absolutely awful man I want to see how much they take people for a dummy It’s the goal of the video ! “but how can i know that is really… ” For fuck sake, Android corrects to much the mistakes, stop it it’s annoying “Allright you need to follow me step by step before receiving yout iPhone after 48 hours of participation” Ok, anyway, not after that you know how to talk french f*ckin… …We are infiltrated, we don’t need to be angry “You are interested by which color ? ” “Black. Prove that you are really Natoo. ” “It’s my second account, I created it for the competition of fans and it’s me personnality who chose the participants ” There is no sense I will talk with the mic, do it work ? “And why you don’t do it with your main account ? ” I’m so dumb suddenly I talk perfectly french, it’s fantastic! “Great, now to confirm your participation the system will ask you 10 codes received freely by telephone” 10 codes… There must not be a lot of people who fall into the trap if he ask as much codes… A code is like 2 or 3€, do you realize ? That’s crazy… They are more cunts than I thought ! F*ck ! Oh it does good ! What do you answer to : “Why you don’t do it with your main account ? ” You give up ? Coward ! “hey which offer do you want iphone 6s or iphone 7s or galaxy s7 or galaxy s8” “The S8 please” And I’ll still ask him if it’s really Squeezie ’cause it’s weird Oh Natoo who answer us “Because there are a lot of fans who participated” It isn’t the goal of a giveaway ? Having the most participants possible ? “Ok call this numero” Oh look, he gives the numero really fast like, don’t ask too much question, go on I’ll stifle you “Call 3 times, a guy will give you the access code and you give it to me correctly” “The price that they’ll tell to you in each call is 3€, it’ just for the advertising of inhabitant of Marseilles + unlimited service, don’t worry the call is free, ok ? ” What ?! Man it’s awesome ! Me the thing of the roulette when I got tricked it was well done ! Here it’s just… shit ! “The price that they’ll tell to you in each call is 3€, it’ just for the advertising of inhabitants of Marseilles” *laugh* I dont understand “Plus unlimited service” There is less sense with this sentence I’m sorry So it’s the advertising of inhabitants of Marseilles which pay the 3€ instead of me in fact, according to him Honestly, lots of love for all the inhabitants of Marseilles you are extremely friendly I will maybe win an iPhone by your effort it’s so cool ! Wait I’ll lead him up the garden path… “Prove that is you, send me a picture” “And I do 30 codes I really wanna win this iPhone” He will become crazy! “Yeah with pleasure, but we first need to finish the participation! ” Dude ! I won’t participate before knowing if that’s really you ! “I won’t participate before knowing if that’s really you! ” “Send me a picture please ! ” Dude suddenly I write perfectly french he will think it’s the polic he will panic I don’t know where they are those people… No stop saying what I’m saying Google, stop, stop I’mma get caught ! F*ck… F*CK ! *laugh* The infiltration failed ! “Oops, wrong conversation, sorry! ” Squeezie Hauchard, elected worst employee of the FBI for 4 consecutive years Oh he send me a video, what is it ? “I did received the iPhone 7, it isn’t fake, call the numeros, listen the codes, give all the informations, go on “concours_gagnez_iphone7, goodbye” Man… It’s horrible… Man it’s awful, they manipulate kids… Well, this time… *thug voice* Oh and stop crying Oh damn… “But it doesn’t prove that this is you, I want a picture of you with written iPhone 7 on a sheet that you hold in your hands” Do this man is really good ? And will success to Photoshop, I want to see how long they can stay Dude, the kid, it’s so shady… Oh ! Cyprien ! “Hey I choose you between my fans for a present, choose chich color you want for your iPhone 7” “Black. ” Oh he’s answering me So… “Which country ?” Oh what a bastard ! He want to gain in credibility by saying “Which country ? Your adress ? Oh maybe, it’s difficult, aah… ” Wait I’ll give him a lost country Vatican ! If I say Vatican do he understand I’m a fake or do he think “Ok no problem he’s a child from Vatican” “Vatican” If he don’t catch me he’s awesome ! So I’m sorry to say that we lost Natoo, who have seen my message but didn’t answer… Natoo, I’m very disappointed… Cyprien saw Vatican but he didn’t answered Wait I’m gonna try a joke “I’m joking, France, yes. ” The guy saw “Vatican” he called his manager like : “Oh f*ck there’s a guy who is in Vatican what do we do ? It’s maybe the police who is infiltrating the network ! ” “Give up ! Give up ! ” “You need to finish now, if not, your system will block you” They are assh*les, they put people under pressure, it’s insane ! “Noooo please… ” Wait I’ll send him a video “No pls I wanna know if its you and I do the codes I want so much the iPhone pls” All right the video is send He must be like “For f*ck sake I got the good idiot of the day !” Ok he’s writing… What will he answer to this ? Does my video touch him in the heart, he will give up his project to scam childs without defenses “It’s me my cam doesn’t work, trust me if you complete the codes you won’t pay anything” Why suddenly he write well french without mistakes He thinks it’ll convince me ? “You just published a story on insta 2 minutes ago” I’m getting him crazy You know why I’m happy ? Cuz I’m making a f*cking c*nt without race loosing his time “On keyboard” haha what is this expression He’s on keyboard, it’s coming, wait he’s on keyboard… “Yeah but with an another phone”
“Well, connect with the another phone, lol. ” So which will be the next excuse ? I think It’ll be as much believable than me when I was forgetting to do my homeworks when I was 12 “Not now I’m in competition, after” He’s tiring me as hell ! To do this they take the guys with the worst improvisation of all time, it’s incredible ! “Competition of what ?” “Gym ? lolll.” Hey I just stoop to his level It’s clearly people who are in another countries “Goodbye.” They really don’t like jokes ! Between Vatican and gym they can’t take anymore You tell him there’s a gymnast at Vatican, it’s done, he kill himself Folks it’s the end of this infiltration inside a scammer netword and especially of people very very blinkered Like the video if you do, I tried to talk about it while enjoying Don’t fall into the trap of people who want scam you while usurp youtubers ! Most of the youtubers are now certified of networks and if they aren’t they will never give you some things… Shut up Squeezie, Shut up ! We will never give you something in exchange for codes it’s impossible ! In any case, on Instagram, on YouTube, on Twitter, anywhere on internet don’t click on weird links, on kind of giveaways, it doesn’t exist, nobody do this I’m sorry for all the ones who fell into the trap of these c*nts, but it serves as a lesson, it won’t happen again, we need to see the positive part Even me if my mother had accepted this they, BIM, she would lost 50 bucks ! Anyway, the message is passed, I will take my cheque from the FBI and see you soon ! They all caught you dumb, you won’t have any cheque. Allright, new video, hello I got fired by the FBI.

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