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Jio Phone F220B (and other): problems with OmniSD after the update? The solution is the DOWNGRADE!

Jio Phone F220B (and other): problems with OmniSD after the update? The solution is the DOWNGRADE!

Lyf Jio Phone was the first KaiOS device to spread widely on the market, making KaiOS the second most popular operating system in India. Another record for this device was the introduction of WhatsApp and originally the diffusion of more applications at the time exclusively for JIOSTORE, a fork of KAISTORE but lacking the official applications available on other KaiOS devices. Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2, divided into over 20 different variants scattered throughout India, do not have functioning debug codes. All they need are tools to work in EDL mode, flashing a patched data partition (which can allow the development tools to run) or directly pre-installed OmniSD. Recently a user reported that it is possible to downgrade on the Jio F220B model, since the last update prevents the installation of OmniSD and the sideload of third-party apps. He said:
“Jio does not update the software version. Jio sends patches of the already installed kaios 2.5 version, so no problem in downgrading any jiophone model. Jio is a very dominant company. So do not trust them. Don’t think about receiving access to hotspot in a future update. The useless apps will not be removable in every new update (in January it happened to WhatsApp, in August it happened to JioHelpLine), so a new basic update does not mean anything in Jio. Stop updating your Jio Phone immediately “. On the BananaHackers website, using some links on the JioPhone page, in the DEVICES category, you will be redirected to different websites and in a preset search on the DuckDuckGo search engine that you will have to fill out using your model, as in this video. You’ll also find other new guides to install
OmniSD. The page link is in the description of this

11 thoughts on “Jio Phone F220B (and other): problems with OmniSD after the update? The solution is the DOWNGRADE!”

  1. В обновлению там есть файл для OMNISD который его ламает. Смените название и все. Перед установкой выключите телефон, вытяните флешку куда апдейт загрузился и удалите его. Далее ручками обновляйте


  3. Yes.
    When Jio Phone was launch it had hotspot feature in settings App.

    But Jio Removed this option by Software Update.

    I never trust jio.

  4. Hey, can you plzz tell me how to downgrade the firmware? I went to Tt24 Time's channel as u suggested, and there I found that if you dial *#*#0574#*#*, a weird log window opens up. Thats all I know. Plzz help me.

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