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Jio Phone OS and other “legal” forks of KaiOS: Killing the TRUTH!

Jio Phone OS and other “legal” forks of KaiOS: Killing the TRUTH!

Once there was talk of fighting the digital
division. This at least has always been the battle horse
of KaiOS. In some ways the spread of this operating
system on devices that are easy to access even to lower market segments, including within
it high-importance applications such as WhatsApp, has given its excellent results globally. But KaiOS has not faced a problem that, however,
prevents the growth of its software, its applications and its services: the phones branded under certain telephone
operators! Let’s take a pure KaiOS device, with its integrated
KaiStore. The KaiStore, like the official firmware releases,
can globally bring together services and performances that only the official development of this
operating system can bring, thus reducing the digital division. Currently there are some devices in wich the
manufacturers have prevented certain certain privileges. GerdaOS is accused for the simple fact that
it is a custom ROM that decentralizes the official release of KaiOS. But some manufacturers have shaped the heart
of KaiOS even before we, BananaHackers, did it with GerdaOS, obtaining their own advantages. First of all LYF, with its Jio Phone. A different App Store, which takes the name
of JioStore, with its own services, the obligation to use is the Jio SIM, updates that prevent
any access for the installation of third-party apps, without counting the official website
of Jio with his section for “Developers”, which with these releases literally prevent
any future developer from being able to test his applications on his phone. The penultimate update dates back to January
2019, just in time for the elections … the last one arrived just in time to prevent aspiring
third party developers from providing something different to their people. Surely games or applications in common use
… but perhaps Jio wanted to prevent the risk of introducing on their devices applications
that provide real news and documents that could make the population more aware of what
is happening in the country. JioOS is a fork of KaiOS, just like GerdaOS,
with the only difference that automatic updates arrive, but to prevent its users from using
all the apps that Jio does not want to provide, for reasons that only it can explain. I therefore call on the developers of Jio
to clarify their anti-democratic actions. At the same time, some Alcatel devices sold
in the United States have problems that must be taken into consideration: Alcatel MyFlip by Tracfone does not have tools
that can allow the sideload or at least replace the damaged firmware in case of problems,
differently from Alcatel Cingular Flip 2 from AT&T that, on the other side, is still at
version 1.0 of KaiOS, without the necessary APIs to make Google services work, for example; Doro 7050 is sold in the United States but
without the KaiStore and without the various applications that make a stock version of
KaiOS really special in the field of mobile phone operating systems. GerdaOS can certainly be a wrong solution
for those who want to get more benefits from the official KaiOS releases, but please, be
honest with us, on behalf of the millions of customers who rely on your products, because
preventing certain advantages increases the digital division! If this is what you want for your customers
then the customers themselves will respond to your actions. Freedom is a right. In the case of software it’s a choice. Thanks for your attention. Ivan Alex HC administrator of BananaHackers.Net JOIN THE REVOLUTION!

7 thoughts on “Jio Phone OS and other “legal” forks of KaiOS: Killing the TRUTH!”

  1. Dear team
    Can you make the updated trick to install third party apps. And having ability to delete some system apps because jio phone is always lagging because of bloatware.

  2. including Kashmir issue was clearly unnecessary… Jio imposed ultra restrictions on JioPhones because they want total control, so that no user can ever unlock sim slot and take advantage of other telecom operators… Jio are bastard, they consider Jiophones as their personal assets even though its the users who own the phones… also the restrictions on Jiophones has nothing to do with Internet censorship of Government, govt only banned Porn and Piracy sites, JIO needs to be sued as they are doing illegal things are against government decision of Net Neutrality and freedom of Internet…

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