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John Legere & Binge On with Now 100+ Providers | T-Mobile

John Legere & Binge On with Now 100+ Providers | T-Mobile

Hey, there. I’m back we’ve got an awesome
update to the Un-carrier move I love talking about. So I wanted to share it personally. Oh, and let me introduce Kriston
Pumphrey from DPAN.TV, The Sign Language Channel. But we’ll get to all that in a second. We’re here with some big news. We’re amping things up again. Today, we’re adding 16
new providers to Binge On, from big names like ABC,
Disney, FX, FOX NOW, and National Geographic TV to some
services that might be new to you, like Seek, 2btv, Shalom World,
and, of course, DPAN.TV, which is kind enough to help
me translate my video blog into American Sign Language today. Isn’t that cool? And with all these new providers,
we’ve hit a major milestone. Today, just eight months after
launch, more than 100 video providers now stream free with Binge On. We cover everything and
have something for everyone. Just look at DPAN.TV, who for
the past 10 years have made it their mission to make music accessible
to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. This is an awesome service. They also make news available
through DTV News, where they sign current events. Imagine the number of
people that will now watch their videos
because they don’t have to worry about using up their data. And there’s no wonder why we’ve
more than quadrupled our Binge On providers this fast. Binge On is not only open
and free to all services big, small, and anywhere in between,
we made it easy for providers to participate. But just to be sure, we asked them. And in a recent survey to
providers, 100% of them said that Binge On’s
technical requirements was straightforward and
easy to comply with. You can’t go wrong with
that type of feedback. And unlike Dumb and Dumber, we
actually work with our providers. We didn’t create a [BLEEP]
proprietary or competitive service that no one asked for and, frankly,
no one really [BLEEP] cares about. [CLEARING THROAT] I’m looking at you, Verizon and go90. And the impact Binge On is having
on these providers is very real, especially for smaller providers. In fact, one of our specialty providers,
OWNZONES, saw close to a 60% surge in the number of customers
using their service. And many have actually seen
T-Mobile customers stream two times the number of hours as before. I’m calling it the Binge On effect. But the point is Binge On is a win. It’s a win for the content
providers we team up with. And it’s a win for
customers, who’ve already streamed over 765 million hours of video
without burning through their LTE data bucket. Look, we do data differently
at T-Mobile because we’ve built our network around how our
customers actually use their data. And we listen to what they want. And with today’s announcement, you
get unlimited streaming from over 100 of your favorite or
soon-to-be-favorite video services. Not bad, huh? So check out our updated list of
providers online because remember, we have no plans to stop.

43 thoughts on “John Legere & Binge On with Now 100+ Providers | T-Mobile”

  1. T-Mobile kicks ass! I was a loyal Verizon customer for over six years I switched to T-Mobile and I have haven't looked back!

  2. You guys are doing a great job I'm proud to be grandfathered in with you
    Oh and John just wanted to give a small update on what's happening at Verizon is that people are going to be terminated from their grandfathered unlimited data plans they got a notice on their phones they'll be cut off by August 31st and at this point there monsters I'm sorry that's terrible what there doing I think we as a company should help those grandfathers customers from Verizon to get a discount on our new unlimited high speed data plan if there interested again it's just a suggestion because I think it's awful of what there doing and like you said all they want is more money and that's %100.00 why there cutting people off and I think it's not ok as a suggestion we should help those grandfathered users from Verizon and that could also bring a lot more customers over to T-Mobile 🙂 again it's a terrible thing that there doing that and as a company we should help them out

  3. One more thing John the difference is with t mobile you really are caring for people and trying to not just make a huge change in wireless but also people with families friends and have everyone fell great and special in their own way and doing the best as company including you and that no one is better then anyone else 😉

  4. Yea man I was with Verizon for about 10 months I averaged about $320 a month for 3 phones. 10gigs each. tmobile I have 5 phones 10 gbs each $205 a month and never worry about overages. it's crazy to be a Verizon customer

  5. Now all you guys need to do is add a cell tower in my neighborhood and you guys are AWESOME! I had the opportunity to make a claim to request one with customer service. I really hope you guys hear my situation out because I get dropped bars and calls daily.

  6. Thank you for setting up sign language interpreter and I'm actually Deaf uses 6gb data plan only for 35 dollar. I was totally stoked. I'M T-Mobile customer and have no complaints with service. it is much better than greedy company AT&T and Verizon. Price are they care about. Go T-Mobile will not be stopping!

  7. We have 5 lines on our account two of them have unlimited high speed data. Why can't I activate binge-on only on the other three lines so my family could use it?

  8. Fuck tmobile bullshit ! …. I have been a tmobile for almost 9 years, and i have this bullshit binge on turned on . half way into my billing cycle i always get my internet throttle. Especially with youtube ! . What the fuck is the whole point of all this shit if you still slow my internet speed and throttle it ?!

  9. I have 1 unlimited data main line, a tablet with 6 GB of data and a phone for my elderly parent with 2 GB of data. Ever since Binge On, I don't max out my tablet data and I watch Netflix and YouTube a lot. Thank You @JohnLegere and @TMobile.

  10. just switched from Verizon to T-Mobile for the binge on and low monthly payments. no regrets, made the right choice. T-Mobile gives me more bang for my buck.

  11. I love John because he's not a CEO in a stiff suit just a regular guy who knows how to run a company and actually listens to his customers keep up the good work never change!

  12. I am so pissed. I have been a Metro PCS customer for years and years. All of a sudden they were bought out by T-moble, ok, no big deal, happens all the time. Then T-moble starts putting out all these "extras" for their loyal customers. So, obviously, I assumed that included me, my girlfriend of 17 years and several of my friends. Were they big prizes, NO, but they were nice to get some kind of loyalty prize. Then come to find out for some arbitrary reasons, me, my girl, and none of my friends are considered "loyal customers"!! LOL, well, thanks for the introduction into this seemingly based on a roll of a dice class system.

    Yours truly, Jason B recently changed to Brandi B on the phone account…

  13. Can you guys please have a $35 plan on prepaid I want to see 1GB of data and unlimited talk & text… i do use Wi-Fi

  14. I've been a customer of T-mobile's since 2008. In June I had a line added to my account fraudulently. T-mobile allowed this to happen and after the fraud department (supposedly) looked into it, determined that the additional charges were valid and would not do anything further for me. I, as a "valued" customer, am now investigating the incident myself and doing all of the leg work for this company's mistake. I am being told by every customer service representative, supervisor, and manager that there is nothing further they can do for me without a police report. In order for me to get this police report, I need further details. T-mobile would not provide me with the name of the employee who added this line to my account or any other details which would aid me in this investigation, even though they are accusing me or someone on my account of adding this line. When I told the most recent customer service representative that I knew she could at least provide me with the date of this incident, she replied with "well, then why don't you have it?", in a very rude and demeaning manor. I have literally never had a customer service supervisor of ANY company talk back to me, especially when the fault is not mine. In trying to figure out the issue on my own, I decided to call some of the lines that the person in possession of this new, fraudulently added line were making. You don't need a criminal degree to realize that there is something very wrong with this situation, as every single number I've tried has resulted in a robotic-like voicemail. The calls are being made, mostly, to Atlanta, Georgia (somewhere I've never been and know no one from), various parts of New York City, Texas, New Jersey, and Virginia. The calls are, for the most part, all 1 minute. I don't know many people using personal cell phones to repeatedly call the same number for 1 minute at a time to various parts of the country. It is quite clear to me that this is fraud and I should not be charged for this. I am outraged at the negligence on T-mobile's part. I am incredibly disappointed in the lack of care, support, or help from any of T-mobile's employees. I would greatly appreciate T-mobile stepping in and taking responsibility for the incident and coming to a quick remedy, as it is clearly a huge scam that I want no part of. Sincerely, Disgusted Customer

  15. i mad at the t mobile hotspot on the mobile phone. i dont understand for unlimited data. do i need a new phone or hotspot device to have better quality? this for T mobile CEO!

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