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Join the CPR Cell Phone Repair Franchise Network

Join the CPR Cell Phone Repair Franchise Network

**Upbeat introduction music plays as CPR Cell Phone Repair logo fades in** **Voices of conference attendees fades in as CPR Cell Phone Repair logo fades out of screen** **Conference footage plays as upbeat music continues** **Upbeat music plays as question appears on screen saying, “When did you become a CPR franchisee?” “I think I signed my franchise agreement in March of 2012.” “I bought in early 2013.” **Question appears on screen saying, “Do you plan on opening any other stores?” “I think I’d like to have one more store, I have three stores. Obviously continue to operate as the area developer in the Knoxville market.” “We’re currently in the process of opening a second store and we have a third license
to open a third store.” **Question appears on screen saying “Why did you choose CPR?” “I said wow, this is something that’s new, it’s not a mature market, and almost to me it was like wow this is almost like rewinding
the clock and getting in on a Subway franchise when they first started, but
look at where they are now. So I said maybe this is an opportunity similar to
that.” “When I first started looking at franchises, I really wasn’t in the financial position to really go that route, but I was just really drawn by the concept.” “When we just opened doors, we had a CPR technician from corporate office
present for a week or so assisting my technicians and making us comfortable and service customers that second week.” “It was helpful to have the training of how
to sell, how to manage the business and even for the techs, they learned a lot of
things that I never heard about. All the tools that they gave us
for handling the the SEO and pay-per-click, that’s wonderful because
if we try to do it by ourselves, we won’t have enough information to get
the optimized results so it’s very very helpful.” “I went out and did the training
and brought my lead tech with me to do tech training. Subsequently we’ve sent two people to
ongoing training, both of them went to the sautering class and both of them
enjoyed it quite a bit. Both of them came back and immediately
engaged in sauter work and more complex repairs.” “One of my major concerns about any franchise was the support that you
received from the franchisor, and with CPR there’s very few days that go by that we
don’t have something that comes out or whether it’s marketing or whatever it
might be, there’s always constant touch points.” “What you need, you get. And that’s
real important in a business where we’ve never been in before and know nothing
about until we came into be.” **Question appears on screen saying, “What has been the most challenging component of owning your CPR business?” “It took me some time to find good people and good technicians who can handle difficult repairs because we do not just do screen repairs, we’re a full service shop; so once I found people who I can trust and who are very technically advanced, it became easy.” “I think the most challenging
component of owning my own franchise is it’s really been a couple things. One has been
adjusting to being my own boss. When you work for a large company, you’re being told
always what to do, you know what your goals and initiatives are, how you’re going to
get the biggest bonus or you know, the biggest
commission, and you drive towards those. You know, owning your own business you gotta
tell yourself that stuff. It’s great that CPR has been able to provide that guidance as
well.” Question appears on the screen saying, “What has been the most positive component of your CPR experience to date?” “The most positive part of this business
is making people happy. That’s why I like to be in a store because people come in, we fix the phone, and they are ready to hug you because you helped save their phone, save their pictures, save their day. And that makes me super
happy.” **Question appears on screen saying, “What information or advice would you share with someone looking to join the CPR network?” “Don’t be afraid to ask for help, I think a lot of people want to help, want to see you be successful. Now you’re all one team regardless of who the owners are, so support each other.” “Do your due diligence is probably what I recommend to a potential franchisee, and feel comfortable with the decision you’re
making. I traveled across the United States a lot so I got to see a lot of
CPR locations before I signed on, so I got to see what I was getting into, and I
enjoyed what I saw.”

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  1. Hello. sir
    my name is sachin gilbile from india.
    sir i like ur company,and very much interested in cell phone reparing…. right now i am geting mobile reparing training…so i want to start my own shop in india.

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