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Joji Goes Desk Shopping, “Phones” Drake & Performs with 88rising

Joji Goes Desk Shopping, “Phones” Drake & Performs with 88rising

Like, you know, I like making funny faces You know, I’m a silly guy like if I like, make a..
a silly face like that’s my face You know? But people are like
“Oh like, there’s still a bit of Pink Guy in him ha ha” and I’m like ahh Yeah, I guess there is. But it’s really just me making a face… So I just got a new studio and I uh… To record at, and I needed a..
I needed a desk – to put my shit on, so we went to IKEA Boy, oh boy. I love building shit.
Fun fact: I did I did hear that like IKEA like it had some-
it had something to do with World War II..
I forgot Fuck What the fuck is this You know where I can find like a desk? The desks are… Just do a zigzag A zigzag like So just go through there and come around this way Come back, what do you mean?
Sorry Oh like this way ..ok I grew up in Japan Until I was 18 Just looking at like and stuff like that and just through like internet shit like Ebaum’s world like that was popping back in the day like through that like and And maybe like early YouTube. Yeah, like I was able to really get a good grasp on not only like American culture But like internet culture as well This is like when you want to sit with someone at the desk But you don’t like really fuck with them that much so like it’s like alright like “ stay that way.” I’d say I mean a desk is something you’re going to have for like a long time You know so I’d probably say like oh You’d probably drop the 500 bucks on that.
Around the time I was in fifth grade or sixth grade That was when “A Milli” came out By Lil Wayne and I was like this is fucking cool I want to recreate the beat, and then I recreated it and I showed it to my friends at school And they were like whoa like how did you do this and I was like you just recreate it? And then they were like whoa and then I was like All right, oh, this is nice IKEA business. Let me test it out What’s up Drake? mm-hmm mm-hmm Fuck you
You can keep your $3 million Fuck you. I mean yeah, it was nerve-racking at the beginning, just you know oh like you know what if it’s back You know I think everyone feels like that at the beginning And then you know after the after the first song’s received well, then it’s just like okay well Fingers crossed let’s just keep going Hey, yo Drake Yeah, what’s up? Oh it’s five million dollars now? I’ll think about it Definitely gotta have plants in the studio. Cause it gets musty in there especially when you got a lot of people in there Damn this one’s thicc When we were on the internet 24/7 that also came with like a a vast wide international internet humor.. you know what I mean? so I think we were both able to learn that at a very young age And through that I think we are able to have a stronger connection with our fans Here we are Wow Yeah Whole family portrait
Very nice I’ve never built like an IKEA desk before but I’ve just heard like, it’s difficult to build a desk Okay No They don’t tell you about all the metal parts that are in there like there’s literally just like a bag of it And they expect you to really like dig through that shit, and I don’t know maybe I’m just Inept, but there definitely was a issue there I’m gonna have to flip this in one motion I had to call a IKEA guy to try to get it fixed because it was getting pretty messy the situation Please visit out website where you can check stock availability, download assembly instructions or visit your local store page to get the latest on services and events Agent! Agent How do you build a desk ? How do you build a desk? Everything’s laid out, correct? I mean..
there’s wood everywhere Poor guy..
he’s just trying to do his job Funny guy though a great guy, yeah Fuck this, man, nah, I’m not about it Na that’s too much, I’m too dumb for this shit man It’s not okay Come look at that VVS bust down We are at Terminal 5 Its Terminal 5 right? Yeah, we’re at Terminal 5 doing a show. In Asia, when I was touring there like that was my first time doing like you know really big shows.. I was super.. I was very nervous, but then after like the third show like, you know, it just became..
it became fun Oh, oh dear Ah, thank you *joji* *joji* *joji – will he plays*

100 thoughts on “Joji Goes Desk Shopping, “Phones” Drake & Performs with 88rising”

  1. I don't have to look at the comments to know everyone lost all shit when he mentioned pink guy

  2. Bro building ikea shit is like legos but way worse but I mean at least if you step on the peices they don’t hurt that much

  3. Imagine going to ikea the next day, sat in that chair, and didn’t know that a literal god was just sitting in it the day before.

  4. Wether he likes it or not, Filthy Frank TV was a part of him. And if it wasn’t for that phase he wouldn’t be able to accomplish everything he has until now, he should know how to appreciate all he was, all he is, and all he will be. Either way I view him as a creative jenius, every thing he has done impresses me in a really positive way. I love all his phases and I support his every choice as long as he doesn’t hurt others or him self.

  5. 4:15 Dang his sarcasm there. I'm scared because I would probably dive into his arms and kiss on him if I ever met him. 😂😂 Looks like I have to seriously control myself if it happens.

  6. *Higher brothers walk in*
    My wall:

  7. It’s sad that people keep comparing him to his past “personalities.” Why don’t we just let him be himself?

  8. I think there is too many people that aren't seeing filthyfrank as a character but instead as someone that is like that. And i loved filthyfrank and i still do but he isn't real this guy joji is something more realistic and that means that he isn't as funny, weird and exagerated if you don't like this fuck off please don't come to complain about joji, francis of the filth isn't here, he is as dead as cameron boyce

  9. " And they were like wOaH like how did you do this, and I was like yOu jUsT rEcReAtE it, and they were like WoAh"
    Lol that cracked me up, I love joji 💗❤

  10. 0:00 love when video editor decides it's a good idea to show viewers the side view when the guy looks into the front camera

  11. Man it is hard to see him move on so quickly from FilthyFrank. I like that he became Joji but he seems so different now.

  12. this is the type of video he would have picked on back in the day, i think he should go back to doing some fun stuff again too , just would make him seem more human, the new him is kinda soules

  13. I sort of feel bad for Joji because all his old fans keep wanting him to make videos when he just wants to make music and shit

  14. Why does he play a retarded as a artist, but as filthy frank his intelligent. Like how does he not know its a map in Ikea or his been told to attend a event terminal 5, but have to ask his friend/manager if its terminal 5?

  15. Im so sorry every time I hear him talk abot drake ,all i can think of is when real frank played "drake "for chin chin to to attack

  16. Thank u sorry. I said what I said and I know u heard but I'm sorry. well I felt like a banana pill on the floor and here came all of koopas posies around me. What would have YOU done.

  17. 0:13 the way he said that actually hurts cuz he says that when he makes silly faces people usually think he's trynna come up with pink guy again again but he's not he kind of seems done with the pink guy and filthy frank topic now 💔

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