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Jon Dorenbos’ iPhone Trick and Magical Gender Reveal

Jon Dorenbos’ iPhone Trick and Magical Gender Reveal

All right. Rock and roll. Rock and roll. Let’s do it. OK, here here’s the deal. I need to borrow a cell phone. So yours or tWitch’s? I don’t have a cell phone
on me. tWitch, you have one? tWitch, you got your phone? Yeah, I got one. Yes, this is cool. tWitch,
we gotta use your phone. OK. Yeah, probably not a good idea. Here we go. All right, we got these
bags, and here’s the deal. Ellen, it is your
job to keep an eye on tWitch’s phone in this bag. OK, now here’s the deal. We’re going to put
the phone in the bag. But tWitch, like I said
earlier, this is probably not going to be a really good idea. So we’re going to do this. Set it down nice and gently. We’re going to kind
of crumple this up. And Ellen, it is your
job to watch this bag. All right. I got these wood blocks. And these feel like a phone. They weigh the same as a phone. They’re going to
go in these bags. So it’s kind of like the
old Three-card Monte. You know what I mean? But when they did
the Three-card Monte, they would take them like this. And then they would
kind of do this move. You know I mean? Yeah. All you had to do
is keep an eye. This is even better. I came up with my own move. It’s like this, and you do
this, and then watch this one. Then you do that move. So now, it’s really going
to screw some stuff up. So Ellen, all you gotta
do is make a choice. Which bag do you not think
tWitch’s phone is in? This one. Are you sure? No. OK, should we go with this one? Yeah, let’s go. All right, perfect. We’re just going
to. tWitch, sorry. [STOMPING] Perfect. OK, Ellen. We got three bags left. We got three bags. And actually, you take
your hand and go like this, and you mix them up. Go. You just kind of
like, spin them. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then– OK, cool. OK, so there’s three bags left. And you don’t think
it’s in this one? I don’t. This is great. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going
to introduce to you right here the water torture
chamber of death. This is good news. This is really good news. I’ll tell you why. Wood doesn’t sink. So guess what. It was wood. See, I knew that. Thank you. I knew that. Good. OK. Ellen, we now have
two bags left. Right. I’m going to give them one
little shake like this. My hands are a little wet. I don’t want to touch them. OK. Which one do you not think
tWitch’s phone is in? tWitch, which one? This one? You know what? You know, I believe
in you, Ellen. I believe in you. Don’t believe in me,
because I don’t know either. All right. Yeah. This one. Are you positive? No. We’re going to take this one. We’re going to walk over here. Ellen, walk over here with me. OK. You’re going to have
to put these on. I’m also going to put these on. Ladies and gentlemen,
this is my favorite part. I’m going to introduce to
you the shredder of death. Dun, dun, dun. And then, tWitch, all
we’re going to do is this. And Ellen, be careful
and stand behind me. This is going to get dangerous. Here we go. Hopefully, this works. [MOTOR RUNNING] Uh oh. I don’t see– I don’t see wood. I see– OK, Ellen, follow me. That’s OK. Because we have a bag. I’m a magician. So open that bag
and show everybody that tWitch’s phone
has been unharmed. You made the right decision. Open the bag. Pull it out. tWitch, this
is going to be so sick. This is not– This was all you. I literally did nothing. I can tell there’s no– You can just open the bag. Look. If we just open it. I’m just– I can– It’s so awesome. Hold it up. Ba da da da. This is when the music– [LAUGHTER] I got a gift for you. I got a gift for you. I tell you what. Do me a favor. And I just want you
to open that for me. Can I take these off now? You look great in them. I think it’s a good style. OK. Yeah, I’ll take them. All right. Open that up. And then what do you see inside? Well, there’s a hatbox,
and a ribbon around it. Lift it up. OK. And this is completely tied. Yeah, and then do me a favor. Untie it. Uh huh. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. This is going to be cool. Untie it and then
I’ll take the lid. OK. And then show
everybody what you see. Oh my god. Check it out and show it. Hold on, hold on, hold on. We gotta to make sure. Hold on. We got to make sure
it’s tWitch’s phone. I love that. tWitch, I’m giving
you your phone. Call your phone right now. But Ellen, notice this. Can you open that? Can you open that case? I’m sure I can. Can you open it? I thought I could. That’s weird. You can’t open it. It’s sealed shut, and displayed. And so everybody can see this. That is tWitch calling
his phone right there. This is tWitch’s phone. Now hold on. This is going to be great. Look, I prepared– It’s sealed. I can’t even open it. Take that. Grab that. All right. OK. And then put these back on. OK. Put those back on. OK. And I’m going to take these. And then step over there with
that, because I come prepared. Because Ellen, that is
absolutely sealed shut. We’re going to actually
crack this thing open. Now, tWitch, this
is technically– I just feel– –the only part– Yes? This is technically the only
part that we didn’t test. So Ellen, back up. Yeah, you don’t want
to try to slide it in. I’m hoping that
this doesn’t crack– Just slide it off right now. I’m hoping it doesn’t
break your phone. I know. But we actually
got to crank this. Oh. Yeah, hold on. Ellen, back up. This could get real– hold on. There. Oh, OK. Ellen, come here. Watch. There’s a phone in that case. Right. Hold it up. Walk it over to tWitch. tWitch, your phone
is A-OK, baby. [APPLAUSE] There it is. Yeah, buddy. That was so crazy. My man. Dog. Ellen, great job.
tWitch, your phone, baby. First of all, you have a way of
people at home winning money. Tell everyone how. I’m so excited. So you gave me this opportunity,
Dollars From Dorenbos. We show up at your doorstep. We make dreams come true. And this is the best part. They know that when I show
up, their problems are solved. So I’ll be your Dollars From
Dorenbos any day of the week. All right. Wonderful. That’s exciting. I love when you do that. Me, too. All right. And you have very,
very exciting news. I do. Am I saying it, or you? You’re saying it. I’m having a baby. Yeah. Yeah. [CHEERING] And we’re married. Yes. So, we are. We’re having a baby. I mean, the fact that you
have gone through everything you’ve gone through. Gone through heart surgery,
everything, and come back. And now you’re having a baby. I’m so happy for you. Life is magic. It’s a great day to be alive. I’m so happy for you. Thank you. All right. So do you know
what you’re having? Because it seems like
we’re going to find out. So my wife and I did our
own private gender reveal. And what we did is
we went to the place that I proposed to her. And it was just us two. So nobody knows
what we’re having. So I’ve got two napkins here. We got pink and blue. And we’re going
to tell everybody. I guess. Our family, too. They’re probably like, really? You couldn’t just tell us? Pick a color. What do you think we’re
having, a boy or a girl? I don’t know. What are you guessing? I think– You got to pull a napkin. Which one do you think? I know. Oh, drum roll. [DRUMMING] I think you’re going
to have a little boy. I’ll give you one more shot. Drum roll. I think you’re going
to have a little girl. Now do me a favor. Open that napkin up. Open it up all the way. All right. I actually want you
to take that napkin and rip it in half so
it’s in two pieces. All right. Yep. And I want you to
hand me one piece. OK. OK, and you’re
going to do as I do. So take it and rip
it up like this. And rip it up like this. Rip it up into little pieces. Man, my wife and I
have learned a ton. And we’re bringing a baby into
this world, and we can’t wait. But guess what. It ain’t easy. For those of you that have kids,
just prepping for it is hard. But this is what I love, Ellen. We’re going to
have a little girl. And that little girl’s going
to grow up in your world. And you’ve changed this
world piece by piece, slowly and surely. Are you right or left-handed? I’m right-handed. Put your right hand out and hold
this little piece right there. Like that. Kind of pinch. Yeah, yeah. And then take your other
hand and put it on top. Mm-hmm. Watch. [FINGER SNAP] Pick your hand up. She’s going to
grow up looking up to a woman like you who brings
us all together piece by piece, bit by bit. And this world hopefully
will be a beautiful place with our little girl following
your lead, just like we all do. Oh my god. I love this woman. I love you. I love her. Oh my god. And I’m having a little girl. You’re having a little girl. Yes. She’s a lucky little girl. Thank you. I’m so happy for
you and Annalise. And she’s a lucky little girl. She’s going to have
just such great parents. So really, congratulations. You can see Jon March
16th at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida. Go see him. He’s unbelievable. Every time you’re
here, I’m blown away. And you were a football
player, and you’re this good. It’s crazy. All right. We’ll be right back.

100 thoughts on “Jon Dorenbos’ iPhone Trick and Magical Gender Reveal”

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  2. this is racist they should not be saying that the gender is a girl and they shall let the baby choose its own path/gender. i am so dearly sorry ellen and the baby but i am afraid to say that i will have to unfollow this cooperation. i have loved watching your videos but i have had enough of these accusations and harmful actions.

  3. This dude just makes me happy. Loved him on AGT and love seeing him here. Wishing him and his family nothing but joy.

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    It's good social thing you did for wrestler boy who had accident in past .. liked it.
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