95 thoughts on “Keep your Google Account safe”

  1. i think there who trying login to my account .how i can retern my account ,i need again my account thanks

  2. Your directions on this page:
    on how to delete old messages suks! I have 10 years experience as a network admin
    and the "filter" that your directions produce when I create a filter to delete stuff older than 9 years old is a filter
    that will delete everything!!! Admit it, Google does very little other than EVIL. You are in the extortion business and nothing will be acceptable to you until you extort money from me for more storage space.

    It is going to be fun watching Google fall when the anti trust actions start hitting you. Millions of injured customers like me will be supporting your total dismantlement.

  3. I really enjoy most of what Google has to offer but I recently got some incorrect advice from Google help & I was without access to any of my apps as in permissions a parental control had been added without any communication to me Google play account & apps I'm disabled and almost 60. I have no children of an age that it would pertain to and very few. Teen age nieces & nephews that have access to my phone I finally found someone who knew about permissions android phone I'm not quitting them yet we are all fowlable for we are only human I hope this feedback was helpful

  4. i have an account and it was locked by sicurity question and i forgot this answer and my phone cant start even i remeber this what can i do i want to call google on phone to ask some questions

  5. I got a notification that someone tried to use my password to get into my account and I was so scared. I got it on my computer and the next day witch is today this morning I looked at my gmail and Google told me someone tried to get to my account, so I immediately changed it. Hopefully they don't find out the new password…

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  7. Amazing Google does not let you know that another device is attempting to logon to your account. And BLOCK it, until you verify it from the device you setup
    the account.

  8. google is awesome, it is far better than that of microsoft search engines and other search engines. love you google

  9. Google account team are very awesome thanks to Google account team, I love Google and learn from them.

  10. I am suspended for no reason I just put at my dads account aka my old account that I was 9 and poof banned! 🙁 and I end up to use my moms account

  11. Can someone access your gmail account just by knowing your last password and the day you made your gmail ?

  12. hello Google how i can get the security setting codes when some one want to login my account without permission

  13. My account got stolen a year ago meybe you can still help me

    A guy see my email but does not know a password and he try to sign in to email recovery and there's a thing pop in my phone screen and said r you trying to sign in and I didn't read it and I click yes and he have my account now and he change all the account recovery n

  14. Hi I loss my mobile and I can not hadled my Gmail account because I don't know password and for forgotten password I have don't mobile no but I connect the recovery Gmail address to my other Gmail account then send code my other Gmail address his account can't recover one line flash there account protected by security hold why?

  15. Hello,
    Please I need help I have a bad guy was changed my password but I recovered my password and I upgraded my Google security account, And once I want to put the recovery phone the Google don't recognize this is my account so what I can do because I gived my account for this scamer but I recovered it this is my channel I recovered it and gived it Thanks for responding 😁.

  16. Yep the video was excellent thanks very much Google I know I can trust you to show me the way …. thank you thank you ….Chum

  17. I don't know anything about computers at all I have been attacked and he is still in my accounts playing with everything

  18. Hi google I want help from you I forget my password because I reset the mobile and I didn't add any recovery kindly help me to recover my account

  19. Hello, good activities on Google products online, all over Worldwide. We like you webinar lectures online, all over Worldwide. Thanks.

  20. There's probably hackers here in the comments trying to hack into commenters accounts that aren't protected

  21. চমৎকার গুগল একাউন্ট সুরক্ষিত রাখার জন্য প্রয়োজনীয় একটি অ্যাপ্লিকেশন।

  22. Thanks for watching this video. just call (+1-888-507-2003). if any issues related gmail password change then you need to just contacted on this number.

  23. If someone knows my email, how can I change it or it doesn't works? I want extra security on my email! Someone enter always on my google account and I want extra security!

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