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KFC Made a Phone?

KFC Made a Phone?

Of Eleven different herbs and spices and cooked a finger lickin good affection Okay with the guys colonel Keaton here and this video is so lit, it’s extra crispy No joke. KFC, The crispy chicken masters. They made a smartphone, I happen to get it I gotta know more. This right here is a KFC Smartphone, and I got to give a huge shout out to “” if you guys want to check out their site links down below For actually hooking me up and getting this phone This is a China only exclusive the fact that I got one is super crazy So thanks to them And this is insane because this phone is supposed to Resemble and commemorate and pretty much celebrate KFC being in China for thirty years. They made a phone about it I gotta check it out and know more and I actually checked out a pepsi phone No joke Pepsi made a similar phone to what you’re going to see in this thing. It’s the same thing in China It was awesome that video is lit Let’s just hop on into the box like Kentucky Fried Chicken made a phone like thanks Church’s chicken so much for sponsoring this video I really appreciate it, KFC would have loved it but no worries. So this is the box It’s not every day I get to check out a phone from a fried chicken place like that is Insane. On the side you can see the 30 year, the Colonel-space himself colonel Keaton up and here We got a code not even going to scan that I just want to be surprised And the seven this is actually the upgraded model. It cost me around like a hundred sixty bucks Which is so cheap for what you guys are about to see I haven’t seen it yet, let’s just do it, so… Okay, it does not smell like fried chicken I just had to try it. Yo I’m excited I’m so excited. Alright colonel come on colonel open the box. Yo no way No way, we got a scratch-off ticket like a lottery ticket to win some I think free chicken. That’s either a hundred thousand free pieces of chicken or something if you live in China I’m gonna scratch that off and just tweet it if you want the free chicken code Oh! Yo, here’s the phone. Oh my God no way Yo this looks so sick! This phone is just too hot, I’m afraid I’m going to get sun burns. Your boy’s Got some sunscreen here, sweet so let’s just put a little dab of that on Oh and it even smells like fried chicken alright we are good. I’m not gonna be getting sunburned at all in this video Yo this phone Is actually so sick! It feels amazing! Yo! This is like the best buy ever for the price like a hundred and sixty bucks! Alright we’re gonna check that out in a second They must have put a KFC sticker in here like the apple sticker the phone looks like an iPhone 7 plus No joke. Yo alright we get the power adapter Alright… Alright that’s it. Got your fingerprint reader Yo! This looks so great Headphone jack they got everything included alright let’s just turn this on Oh my it says KFC finger-licking good. Alright it checks out you know it’s not a fugazi phone This is a real deal from KFC. Oh my no Way it says 1987, to commemorate colonel, KFC and Huawei. Alright I don’t know if you guys can see this too Well but I’m doing like the setup. It says you can setup from like an Android device or whatever. I met a phone clone What’s the phone Clone? I got the phone all set up. Luckily I took chinese in high school so this was no problem. Got KFC app. Would it I’m gonna just, you know what, I’m gonna agree Okay, it, it sounds good. Yo Can you order can see from this app? Of course you can I took Chinese in high school, of course. Yes Yes, you can! I have no idea and the more and more that I’m looking at it It resembles an iphone so closely, not just any iphone my iPhone 7 plus. The apps look So similar to my iPhone 7 plus. You’re probably saying okay, yeah sure whatever let’s go into settings What? [Mumbles] What? Like I’ll go into my settings here Do you see how similar this is? Not just that okay, when I hit the home button, if I can and I flip it over It’s red! This is the red iphone that I made but it’s like the colonel knew Colonel Keaton was getting the KFC phone. You guys know I’m not spec guy I don’t really care too much about specs. For a $163 you get so much stuff three gigabytes of ram, a Micro SD card in there, and I just learned there’s only five thousand of these KFC phones made which means there’s only four thousand nine hundred and ninety eight of them left You know what I’m saying? Let’s just check out the camera, I want to see how good this phone is What is? Okay sure! No! How good is this camera? Let’s see Colonel! This camera is amazing! Yo, you’ve killed it on the camera! From Crispy Chicken a crispy photos What? Enable perfect selfie to make yourself even more beautiful What are you trying to? Alright I’m just going to enable it and see what this is about Please take a side photo What does it mean please take a side photo? Please take a photo of yourself looking down. What? What does this mean? This is me alright smooth [Laughs] You can tweak how your face looks I’m gonna whiten my face That’s why I have sunscreen on to keep it this way Alright now I got a tan. Now your boy, now your boy’s been out in the sun a little too long. Honestly Thank you so much Popeyes for sponsoring this video. Well you can Modify your face like the modified chicken out there in the world. This is awesome. Yo, what is that? What! Look at my eyes! Colonel! Thank you so much Raising Cane’s chicken for sponsoring this video. Yo, I don’t even look myself What happened to my face? You know what we’re saving that, that is truly how I look. The colonel has done it. He’s created the perfect Selfie and the perfect chicken. From what I can tell the only things that like have KFC on the phone are the back here, it says KFC, the wallpaper and then this KFC chicken Ordering app which I know is actually true in China [I don’t really know it all]. Did KFC put a health feature on this phone? I think they did Alright, if I shake the phone That was three, the steps are going up Shout out to the colonel for keeping your boy healthy. The last thing that I wanted to check out is the speakers on here Looks like an iphone so it probably sounds like one too. Colonel Sanders actually made an album in 1967 I got it here on Youtube so we’re gonna test this out. Tijuana Picnic Alright, you’re too slow colonel Yo this is loud This is a fire album. Yo your mixtape colonel it’s going to be insane you got to drop it You dropped the phone, no one thought that was going to happen This is amazing! Comparing the KFC phone to the Pepsi phone. Yo these are the greatest things ever that I’ve ever checked out for a phone I know that’s probably going to change they feel not the same height this one’s definitely heavier, because it’s bigger But this is insane like Pepsi made phone, now KFC! Burger King, McDonald’s You’re up next Shoutouts! I want to give a huge shout out to King Koala and 5-Seconds for having my Notifications on. If you guys want a notification Shout out turn them on and let me know in the comments so you guys don’t miss my next video. Subscribe so you Don’t miss when KFC drops another product like this This is crazy, and tweet me at Techsmartt if you guys Want this free Chinese chicken I hope one of you guys gets it. It’s going to be insane. I’m gonna stay Crispy, peace No joke like this is actually from YouTube Yearbook. YouTube I’m gonna write hags snapchat me what you write in a yearbook, hags, have a great summer, what’s good?

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  1. THIS WAS HELLA COOL TO CHECK OUT!……Now…Why Did Pepsi Make a Phone?

  2. Me: what phone you got
    Friend from china KFC finger licking good phone new limited edition what about you
    Me: i phone 6

  3. the problem with this kind of phone is its goof at first but after the long run the phone slows down and becomes crap

  4. I don’t like how he just throws things or drops them on the table aggressively just bc he has a lot of money good for u but it is very disrespectful, no hate I just don’t like that but besides that I like ur vids man keep it up.

  5. How u say kfc is the king of fried chicken but have Popeyes on your table and church’s chicken on your tv in the backround

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