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Korean Sentence-building Practice: 전화 (= telephone)

Korean Sentence-building Practice: 전화 (= telephone)

Hello. This is Jooyeon Park. Today’s vocabulary word is “전화 (telephone)”. telephone to call on the phone I call. I am calling. I am calling my friend. I am calling my friend but he doesn’t answer. I am continuously calling my friend but he doesn’t answer. I’ve been calling my friends for 10 minutes now but he doesn’t answer. to call Did you call me? Did you call me earlier? Why did you call me earlier? the phone rings, a call comes in You’ve got a call. You’ve got a call from Seokjin. You’ve got a call from someone named Seokjin Jin. international call international call charge I got a big international call charge. Who is the call from? Who was the call from? From whom was the call? Bye.

19 thoughts on “Korean Sentence-building Practice: 전화 (= telephone)”

  1. Basic forms are 전화하다 and 전화오다. 전화하다 means to make a phone call and 전화오다 means to have a phone call. Basically you can conjugate with these two words about call! in addition , 국제전화 means overseas call and 누구전화예요? means whose call is it? Good video for call!!😀

  2. i really love her. every lessons she teach i'm always actively listening to her. her voice is so cute. thank you for this.

  3. I enjoy watching these videos. Her voice is soothing and I'm surprised I can understand what she says^^I'm learning so much from you!

  4. You all wish u got a call from seokjin (2:53) 😂😂😂👏🏾

    Also thankyou again TTMIK ur videos r so helpful 감사합니다 😊

  5. I think you should add English subtitle or when you speak in korean i i think it is best if you translate in english specially for those person who is starting to learn in korean

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