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Last to Drop iPhone Wins $10,000 Challenge in Hawaii! **Worst Idea** Matt and Rebecca

Last to Drop iPhone Wins $10,000 Challenge in Hawaii! **Worst Idea** Matt and Rebecca

– Sign the contract
– Sign it man. – Sign the contract!
– Sign it right? – All of this– – I’m not signing the contract. – Rocky, sign it! – Oh my god. – All of it will be done if
he just signs the contract… – Rocky, where are you going? – I’m not doing it, I’m
going to go downstairs. – C’mon… – Welcome back to the Matt
and Rebecca channel, right now we just found a black box
that says that everything can end right now if Rocky
just sings the contract! We just want to have a fun time
in Hawaii right now, right? – You guys, I just had an idea… – [Daniel] What? – Rocky’s down there, what
if we create a fun challenge? And if we win, he signs the contract? – It’s like we’re tricking
him to have a fun time, but instead we’re actually going to get him to sign the contract because we’re going to win. – [Daniel] Right. – If he loses he has to sign the contract. – You know what, I say FaZe
Rug and Familia Diamond do the last to drop your phone… We all have our phones here in Hawaii. – Oh yeah… And Morgz did it too! – Yeah, so if we just hold it over and if one of us wins then Rocky will have to sign the contract. – [Matt] Okay but we can’t
start off with that, we have to start off with another challenge that’s going to be fun maybe like with that- – Oh like Morgz nights, they do those too. – Exactly, maybe like a paddleboard? – We’ll do the last to drop
your iPhone wins and what we’ll do first is we’ll
do a paddleboard challenge and the first to fall
gets a penalty and then the next one and the next one, you know? – So the longer you stay on,
maybe you get other advantages. – The better it gets, exactly. – Oh… – Okay so smash the thumbs
up button you guys so we can get Rocky to sign
the contract that the GMI gave us, we all signed
it we just need him to. It’s crazy, I don’t know why they want him to sign it so bad. – I’m not signing it, I’m not signing it. – [Matt] It’s okay, we’ve moved past it. – Yeah… – Yeah finally, okay yes. – [Matt] It’s time for some fun. – Okay so we thought we
would do a fun challenge. – [Matt] The fun challenge is last to fall off the paddleboard. – Okay I’m always up for a
challenge, but like what’s in it, what do we win what do we lose? – Well… Ten thousand dollars. – [Matt] Ten thousand dollars! – I’m in, let’s do this! – After that we might
do another challenge… – Yeah we might just add it in. – [Matt] Yep, just keep on going. – Let’s do it, if I win and ball I’ll just make ten thousand dollars. – Yep, let’s get back to land
and don’t forget your phone. – Oh, okay. – [Matt] Yeah, you’re
going to need your phone. – Okay I’ll grab it.
– Yeah for fun, okay. – Let’s do it, let’s go. Finally you guys want to have some fun. – [Group] Yeah… – All right we are back on
shore right now and we are getting ready to play
the last to fall off the paddleboard wins… Rebecca you’re going to sit out this one. – Yeah I’m going to film
this for you guys because I’m the one that came up with the rules. If you win first place you get to have this rubber band for the next round… The next round which we’re surprising you with Rocky because
this is a fun challenge. Yep, second place gets a
water proof phone case. – Yes.
– Cool. – Because of the next thing…
– Yep, yep, yeah. It’s a surprise and then
the first person to fall off the surfboard gets nothing. – Nothing. – So, okay.
So smash the thumbs up button if Rocky’s going
to win this challenge. – Okay
All right you guys I guess you have to bring this out. Wait where’d Rocky go… Oh no there’s Rocky. Wow Oh my god. Okay, ZamFam so you guys know
that first place will get a rubber band to hold,
second place will be a water proof case and third
place will get nothing. Obviously you guys, Rocky
does not know that we’re doing the last to drop
the iPhone wins yet. We just need to get him
through this challenge which he thinks is just a normal fun challenge. So, okay, I’m just filming. How’s it going guys? Hang on! – [Rebecca] Oh my gosh… Is Rocky off yet?
I mean are you guys… How’s it going? C’mon you guys. We need, we need Rocky to fall you guys. Smash the thumbs up if you
think Rocky’s gonna fall. He’s off!
He’s off! Rocky… – [Rocky] Hey did I win
ten thousand dollars? – Uh no, not quite. – We’re going to try to stand up next. – [Rebecca] Okay. – We’re standing up now okay. – Do it, do it. – Three, two, one… – [Rebecca] So Rocky you didn’t win ten thousand dollars, right? – No I didn’t win ten thousand dollars. – [Rebecca] But it’s not
over yet, right you guys? – We’ve got another challenge. – [Rebecca] Yes we have another challenge. – So much fun. This is so much fun. – [Rebecca] I know it works out great that we have another one. – Yeah.
Great. – So for this next challenge
we are doing the last to drop your iPhone wins ten thousand dollars. – All right, we are back
up in the hotel room right now for first place,
Daniel lasted the longest on the paddleboard, so you
get this littler hair tie. – That was kind of luck.
I was lucky on that. – Yeah, that’s what we think.
– I’ll take it, I’ll take it. – Second place, I got this right here. Which is gonna keep my phone water proof- – [Rebecca] In case you drop it… – In case I drop it. – [Rebecca] But you guys,
we are ten stories high. This is a really big
drop, your phone will be destroyed if you drop it. – Look at this, I got it right here. – And Rocky, unfortunately
you got last place… – Did I? Did I? Did I?
– [Rebecca] You kind of did. – So you don’t get anything. – Okay, so I just have to
hold my phone, I get nothing. – Nothing. – [Rebecca] Nothing. – But we’re not going
to hold them in here, we’re going to hold
them out on the balcony. – Oh, well you know, I’m
the strongest guy here, so no problem. – You’re not worried,
you’re not concerned? – Nah, I got this. – [Rebecca] Okay but
just know if you lose, you have to sign the contract Rocky. – So what’s on the other
side, if I sign the… If I lose… – If you win you don’t get to sign. And we won’t bother you about it anymore. – And you win ten thousand dollars. – Okay there we go. Look I’m the strongest, ten thousand dollars is a lot of money. And I’m not worried about it,
so I’ll take that challenge. Challenge accepted. – All right! Give us a
thumbs up right now if you think Rocky is going to
make it through or one of us are going to win, either way
just give us a thumbs up. – I could really use those thumbs up because I do need to win. – C’mon let’s go outside. – [Rebecca] Okay, wow you guys. Are you ready this is ten stories high. – I’m ready.
– Oh my good. – [Rebecca] Wait, looks
you guys, look at this. Okay look at this view and
then look what the drop is. Matt, there’s water right there! – I may be dizzy. – [Rebecca] Wow, you guys I
feel like this is the highest that anyone’s dropped their iPhone’s from. – I think we’re about 150 feet right now. – 150 feet.
– Wow. – Wow. – I would be embarrassed to be you guys to drop your iPhones… – Oh really, look at this
advantage, look at this, look at that, look at that. – Look at this right here, look it. Oh I dropped it, now I
didn’t it’s on a string. – Look at this right here. – [Rebecca] Are you guys ready? – Oh I’m ready…
– Yeah. – [Rebecca] Okay last to drop the iPhone wins ten thousand dollars. Three, two, one, hold it out, wow. – It does make me a little nervous. – I’m really nervous right now. – [Rebecca] Yeah, this
is a big drop you guys. – You guys made me put
my phone in the pool and now it’s hanging out over 150 feet… – That’s true.
– I just bought this phone, just like a month ago
and it was expensive. – [Daniel] I’m getting
tired all ready kind of. – [Matt] Arm’s going to hurt. – I’m fine. – [Rebecca] Your phone is
definitely destroyed if it drops. Like, there is no chance. – I’m not even phased. – [Rebecca] How are you guys doing? – I’m just more like
thinking about any of the other guests that are like, what are those guys doing up there? – I know, they’re just like, yeah… – Hey, Matt, I think there’s
a bee on top of your head… – No, no, no. – [Rebecca] Matt don’t drop
your phone, he’s tricking you. – My arm’s getting a
little tired. Oh my god. – I’m just concerned that,
I don’t want them to find, I don’t want to lose what’s on my phone. – Yeah wait a second.
– Wait. – Remember it went in the rice earlier, and he’s like don’t look at my phone. – I didn’t, I didn’t. I have so many photo’s. – If Danny is the first
one to get out of here, comment down below if you
want to go over his iPhone. I think we need to look
through his camera role. – What?
– Yes, yes, yes. Yes Daniel, if you want us to trust you. – I got nothing, I got nothing to hide. – Let’s look at it right now. – Hey you guy’s arms are kind
of dropping a little bit. – Okay so now we are upping the stakes. You guys have to close
your eyes, everyone has to close their eyes. Are you good? All right you guys, on three, two, one, eyes closed. – Seriously I already had my eyes closed, because I’m falling asleep
this is such an easy challenge. – Oh brother.
– I don’t like this. – Who’s touching me? – Hey, hey. – What’s happening, what’s happening? – Who touched me?
– What’s happening? I don’t know what’s going on. – [Rebecca] How’s your arms doing? – It burns. – Rocky?
– No it feels good. – Man, guys-
– Rocky has a good advantage. – [Rebecca] C’mon. – [Rebecca] Okay, now,
it’s been a while now I’m getting kind of bored,
I need Matt and Daniel… I mean any of you to
really win this challenge. So the next thing is to switch hands. – Watch this you ready? – [All] Oh! – [Rebecca] Matt!
– You’re so scary. – Okay I’m switching… – Try it again, try it again. Try it again. – No way. – [Rebecca] Switch hands, Daniel you have to try and
switch the rubber band. – I switched it…
– You got it. – I got it, see I got it. – [Rebecca] Okay, Rocky what
about you? How are you going? – I already switched
hands, I’m doing good. – [Daniel] Oh my god he is. All right guys, ready for this… – [Daniel] What are you going to do? – Do it, do it. – That is so scary.
– Stop, stop. – [Rebecca] THat’s not funny. – I think you should keep doing it. – No, no.
– No. – I don’t think you can do it again. – He doesn’t thinks he’s, challenging him. – [Rocky] Let’s see, do it again. – [Rebecca] Go Matt, go. – It’s wrapped around
his wrist, he’s fine. – I’m totally fine. – Okay well do it again then. Matt can’t do it, he can’t do it. – [All] No! – [Rebecca] Matt! – [Daniel] It hit the
water, it hit the water. – [Rebecca] Are you serious, Matt! – It hit the water. – I’m out!
– [Rebecca] I told you… I told you not to do that. – No, but your phone is
destroyed, you need to go… Maybe it’s okay Matt. What did it go in the water? – [Daniel] In the water. It splat right in the water. But he has- – [Rebecca] Keep your
arm up, keep your arm up. – You know what? Maybe
I’ll buy you a new phone with the ten thousand dollars. – [Matt] Oh my gosh, Rocky! But that’s my ten thousand dollars! Guys, do I go get it right now? – [Rebecca] Matt go! You lost the- – I can go right now? – Yeah, go.
– Hurry. Maybe you just wait down
there too for Daniel’s phone. – [Rebecca] No, oh my gosh you guys. Matt’s phone, is he – I’m freaking out now. – [Rebecca] There’s no way that Matt’s phone’s going to be okay from that. – Now, that stinks. – [Daniel] Oh they’re grabbing it. – [Rebecca] Stop, stop. – [Daniel] Rebecca, they’re grabbing it! – [Rebecca] Stop. Matt,
Matt, Matt, go get it. Go get it. Oh my gosh,
they’re getting Matt’s phone you guys, look at that. Look at that you guys, they see his phone. – [Daniel] They got it! – [Rebecca] They got it! Matt go down! So Daniel, it’s up to
you and Rocky, obviously. So, up and down ten times, one arm. You’ve got to life the phone up and down. – Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Look Rocky’s not even- – Are you getting tired? – My arm’s kind of hurting right now. – You should just give
up because I’m fine. Like I could do this all day. – Text, you’ve got a text.
– [Rebecca] You got a text? What does it say Rocky?
– It said, oh you know what? I’m out.
– What? – Yep, I’ll sign the contract. – [Rebecca] Wait, are you serious? – Yep, let’s go. – What, I just won? – Yeah it’s fine, you won. – We’re done?
We’re sure? – Yep, I got a text, so… Let’s do it. Yep, let’s go. – Rebecca, what, what just happened? Guys, guys, what? He got a mysterious text
and all of a sudden he wants to sign the GMI contract? – It makes no sense. Hey, but what’s your text? – I had, nothing. Where’s the contract, you
guys have been wanting me to sign this contract, you
should have it right? – Yeah, no I definitely, uh… – Wait for Matt, or? – Yeah, I guess, I guess this, yeah I guess we’re a little… – Do you have a pen?
We’re going to need a pen. Well how do we get the contract? Like, I mean, there’s got
to be some way that the contracts going to be, how do we… – Are you kidding? All of this and you
don’t have the contract? – No, no. We um, we do… – [Daniel] Yeah but the
letter said that like, it’s all done if he signs the contract. But do we have a contract? – Yeah but I thought
that you had a contract? That you just didn’t sign. – No I didn’t have a contract. – [Daniel] So weird. – I ran away. – Maybe I’ll just right
something down and you sign it. That you agree to it, and
then the GMI will know that and that’ll be good, right? – [Daniel] I guess. – I could just get some
paper for now, and at least then we have his word that
he’s going to sign it. – [Daniel] Sure that will work, I guess. – Great. – [Rebecca] Okay let me find a paper, let me see, I have a notebook. Here, here, here. – [Daniel] Okay, I guess that works. – [Rebecca] I sign, right Daniel? – [Daniel] Yeah, just I… – I agree to sign the GMI contract. – [Daniel] Contract, yeah that’s good. – Are you sure?
Like Rocky, because… – [Rocky] Hey, whatever you
want, to sign up anything… – Yeah, okay.
– It doesn’t even matter. Whatever it is, I’ll sign it. – Okay, awesome, oh someone’s… – Somebody’s at the door. – [Daniel] It’s a delivery. – Oh, well that’s… – [Daniel] Did you order? – Oh, that, well that’s weird I had no idea that was here. – [Rebecca] Let me set
this down really quick. – You want to set it right there? – [Daniel] I don’t know
what’s happening here. – [Rebecca] Okay, thank you so much. – [Daniel] Do you know? – No, I have no clue. – [Daniel] There’s coffee and
a fruit plate, that’s nice. – Maybe in celebration we
all drink some coffee and have some fruit before
we sign the contract, what do you think? – Okay but look, there’s only three. – [Daniel] No, there’s only three though. – Yeah but let’s do this,
in celebration I’ll have some fruit you three have some coffee, let’s celebrate and then
we’ll sign the contact. – Yeah, okay, yeah deal! Perfect. – [Daniel] Sounds great. – So, um…
– Let’s wait for Matt. – [Daniel] Okay, he
should be up any second. – What do you think about Matt’s phone? Do you think it’s like
shattered in pieces? – Yeah, ZamFam, comment
below if you think Matt’s phone is destroyed, there’s
a chance it couldn’t though, I mean it was ten stories high,
but he had the phone case. The waterproof one, and I
think it landed I the water. – I hope it’s okay,
like no one wants that. – [Daniel] And those construction
workers grabbed it quick. – They were on it. – That is true, that is so cool. Okay you guys, comment
what you think happened to Matt’s phone right now,
and you’re about to find out. And If you get it right you
get to thumbs up your comments. Oh, Matt’s back. – [Daniel] Hey Matt. – Guys…
– Is your phone… How is it? – Oh I didn’t even check. Well it works. – [Rebecca] What do you
mean you didn’t check? – It works guys. – [Rebecca] What, stop, stop! Oh my god. – I think the water broke the fall. – Oh my god, if you guys
knew that Matt’s phone made it with that case in the water, oh my gosh, thumbs up your comment. What that is so crazy, how? – That is a high drop,
I think the water… – How did it make it ten feet… – And I had the waterproof
case in there, so- – Lucky, lucky. – It just like splashed in the water. And then went like, yeah. – Oh my gosh, you are so lucky Matt. You can’t do that again. – You were showing off, – I know well I thought I was safe. And then I wasn’t safe,
because it wasn’t working. – Good news, we’ve got some
stuff here to celebrate. – Oh, the contract. So Rocky agreed to sign the contract. – You did? – Yeah why not? – [Daniel] Out of no
where, out of nowhere. – Yeah but it’s cool,
but let’s do it quick. Before we do it, let’s celebrate. Let’s have some drinks,
let’s have some sugar. – And we don’t have that
contract, but I made– – [Matt] Where did this come from? – I made, um, the room service. – Showed up, I think
they like that you guys are staying here. – Well anyways, we don’t
have the real contract but it says I agree to sign
the GMI contract, so yeah. – I’ll take that, grab your
drinks, I’ll have some um… – All right, what are we,
I’ll just grab this one. – I’m going to have some, yeah. – [Daniel] It seems really convenient that this is happening, right? Am I the only one that is questioning it, – I mean I don’t… – Wait, this is a vanilla latte, this is exactly what I love. – Yeah, here. – [Daniel] I love vanilla lattes. – [Matt] I have the Caram, I
don’t know what that is, but. – The Caram?
– I don’t know. – It says M for Matt. Cheers guys. – [Daniel] Yeah, cheers. – I don’t know, was this you
that sent it, was it your– – Drink up, drink up. – You want a coffee too, or… – With this contract, drink
up, that’s… I got some fruit. – [Matt] You want some of mine? – I got some fruit. – So good.
– Really good. – All right, so why don’t
you sign that contract. – [Matt] Sign up. – I will, relax guys. Seriously, sit down and relax. – [Rebecca] No, we just want
you to sign the contract. – Legit sit down and relax. You guys are so damn… – [Daniel] Does this taste funny to you… – All right I’m going to sign, I’m getting ready to sign here. – [Daniel] I’m going to set mine down. – [Rebecca] I’m tired, hold on. – [Matt] I think that I… – [Rocky] All right, let’s get
ready to sign, here it goes. – [Daniel] I think the
boat, the boat thing… – [Rocky] Three, two, one. – [Daniel] Hey, Matt.
– [Rocky] I just sign it. – Okay, ZamFam, I had to do this. I cannot sign this
contract, I have to do this to protect them, it’s for their own good. – [Rebecca] Matt? – [Matt] Whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. – [Rebecca] Daniel? Whoa, camera’s on. Hey, hey guy’s, where’s Rocky? Rocky, Rocky was here,
there’s fruit right? – [Daniel] The contract
was right here, right? – Wait, where’s Rocky you guys? Rocky, wait we need to find Rocky, Rocky! – [Matt] Rocky. – [Daniel] Okay…

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