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LAST TO DROP Wins iPhone on Inflatable Water Slide in Backyard! (Game Master Spy in Real Life)

LAST TO DROP Wins iPhone on Inflatable Water Slide in Backyard! (Game Master Spy in Real Life)

– It looks like a mystery
package of some sort. Hey ZamFam, it’s Rebecca and if you came from Stephen’s video you guys saw that we were
doing spy ninja training in this giant inflatable water slide. Right now it is deflating
and we just saw a mystery box of some sort get dropped with a parachute. I don’t know if its from the game master.
– How are we going – To get down? Go grab the mystery box – Okay.
– Go! – Look out! – Ahhh! – [Both] Whoa! – [Rebecca] Hey guys, look! Open the envelope first. – [Stephen] The envelope? – In the detector briefcase,
I need to open my envelope, so let’s take this inside. – It’s a new challenge. – ZamFam, look at that
inflatable water slide, look how big it is. It was deflating. – Turbo-cop helicopter,
big Turbo-cop helicopter. – [Matt] What? No no no. We gotta go in. We gotta go in. – Envelope, we gotta
start the next challenge. Go go go go go. – Open open open. – [Matt] Open it up! – It says I can’t, I have
to open the envelope first. So I need to go into the
Adventure Detector Briefcase and get an envelope. You guys saw that Stephen won the Ninja Training Adventure Challenge. – I won with the fastest
time, so that means woop woop I’m in the lead on the Island Adventure Challenge. Oh! Oh yeah, that means I get to
wear the necklace for today. Oh, you know what? Let’s open the envelope. Let’s figure out what
the next challenge is. – There are the notes. Which one should I pick? – [Stephen] Pink. – Pink. – [Matt] Rebecca’s wall is pink. – I love pink. – Open it, open it, open it! – Oh whoa. There’s two!
– Two! – I’ll do this one
first, it’s the smallest. You had fun ninja training,
now it’s time to get cool. Turn it 90 degrees and try not to drop your iPhone into the pool. – [Stephen] What!? – Do we have to risk, putting
our iPhones in the pool? – No, no, no. – [Matt] Becca you’ve
done this to me before. – I did this with a do not
push the wrong mystery box. I had Matt with his iPhone and I pushed his iPhone into the water. It said, “You had fun ninja training” which means they know
we did ninja training, but we had this briefcase way
before we did your challenge. – So what does that mean? – I don’t know, somehow they must’ve known what envelope we were gonna choose. Maybe they knew because
I love the color pink that I would choose this envelope. – [Matt] Oh, and Stephen likes red. – We chose it. – Okay, so what’s the challenge?
What are we supposed to do? – [Rebecca] Complete each round
and total score for winner. – Okay, well let’s go move
this thing 90 degrees. – Wait, wait, you guys! – What? – It says open the envelope first. We opened it. – [Matt] Oh, we gotta open up the box! – Let’s do an unboxing,
and see what is inside. – [Matt] What is it? – Oh my God! – Is that what I think it is!? – [Stephen] What is it? – It’s an iPhone! – An iPhone. – Whose is it? – It says, “The winner will need this. “turn on after the challenge.” We can’t even turn this on yet. – Don’t turn it on. – Leave this here. – Let’s go do the challenge. – You guys, how are we
supposed to move this giant inflatable water slide? – They are really heavy,
I’ll tell you that. I think if we– – Shhh. There’s someone here. Someone’s moving it. – [Matt] Hold on, hold on. – [Stephen] There’s definitely
somebody back there. – [Matt] Who is that!? – [Stephen] Duck, duck, duck, duck. – Hey Matt, what if he’s
working for the quadrant? – [Both] What’s the quadrant? – We’ll tell you guys later, or maybe it’s part of
this Adventure Challenge. Since my challenge said
move it 90 degrees, they knew we couldn’t
do it ourselves, Advent. It’s a guy to help us have fun. – So he’s good? – Yeah! – [Matt] Can we talk to him? – Is that Mr. Advent? – [Matt] Why didn’t he introduce himself? – Maybe he’s the one setting
up all the challenges. – Should we go talk to him? – Um, I don’t think so. I think we should just stay in here. Wait, it looks like he’s done. – Alright let’s get our challenge done before we run out of time. – [Both] Let’s go! – Look how big it is and
it goes into the pool now. – [Grace] Into the pool! – That means that we
are going into the water with our iPhones. – With our iPhones. – ZamFam, smack the thumbs up button if you guys love water slides like we do. For round one, it is Grace verses me. We have to slide down and
climb out as fast as we can. First one to get out wins. – Yep! – [Matt] Comment down below
who you think’s gonna win. – Go, go, go! Climb, climb, climb. – Oh my gosh – [Matt] Who’s gonna get out first? Whose gonna get out first? Rebecca! – That was like a ice plunger. – ZamFam, if you commented my name below, thumbs up your comment and
now it’s time for the boys. On your mark, get set, go! – Go, go, go. Go, go.
– Go! Go! – Go, go. Whoa, whoa. Here we go. Three, two, one, go. – [Rebecca] Woo! Stephen! – I won. I was out quick, I don’t
like cold water at all. – If you commented Stephen, share thumbs up your
comment cuz you were right. For this next round, you
guys remember when I did the try not to sink
challenge and I had a boat, and I definitely sank. Well that boat is still in the water at the bottom of the pool right now along with four Hawaii clues. So for this round, you have to slide down, get one of the Hawaii clues,
and get out as fast as you can. But we’re gonna switch things up. It’s sis versus bro. And it’s Stephen Sharer versus
his sister, Grace Sharer. You guys ready? – I’m ready!
– Okay. – [Matt] Go, go, go! – Oh my gosh, this is so crazy. – [Matt] There goes Grace, there goes– – [Matt] Oh there’s Stephen! – Ah! – [Matt] Who do you think’s gonna win? Who do you think’s gonna win? – [Rebecca] Grace! – [Matt] Grace wins! – Oh yeah! Woo! – That was deeper than I thought. – That was so hard, my eyes were closed. I couldn’t see anything. – You guys, if you commented Grace in the comment section
thumbs up your comment, cuz you were right.
– Yeah! – Now it’s usband versus wife battle! – [Matt] Let’s do this! – Husband versus wife
in three, two, one, go! – [Stephen] Go, go, go, go, go. – Oh my gosh. – Oh, who’s gonna win? Who do you think will win!? – Ah, I’m stuck. Oh my god. – [Grace] So far Rebecca’s in the lead. – [Stephen] Who’s gonna win? – [Grace] Who has it? Who has it? – [Stephen] Oh Rebecca
got one. Matt got one. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go. Ohhhhh! – I’m so tired. – My chest is full of water. – I have no idea how were
gonna do this with our iPhones. – [Grace] Oh! – So we have one more
round until we figure out the overall winner with our
iPhones going into the water on this gigantic water slide. So round three is the coconut
water balloon challenge! – Oh!
– Oh yeah! – What were gonna do is
we’re gonna slide down the giant water slide and if we throw it into
this hole we get one point, if we throw it into that
pink bin we get two points, and if we throw it into this
tiny box, we get three points. Are you guys ready? – Yeah. – So I am gonna go against Stephen because we have not gone
against each other yet. – Comment below who you
think’s gonna win round three. Stephen or Rebecca. – [Matt] Woo! – Alright! Can’t believe we do this! – [Both] Three, two, one, go! – Oh my gosh! – Did they really get it? Oh no, I missed it. – You guys, comment below
if you think that counts cuz like we hit it.
– I didn’t see what happened. – Did they hit it? Do you guys know? Let us know where Stephen right now. – I don’t even know what happened. – Let’s see if Grace
and Matt can do it now. Stephen, who’s phone do you think that is? – [Stephen] I have no idea. – If you guys know whose phone it is, comment below inside that mystery box. Oh they’re about to go! – [Stephen] Oh they’re
about to go, here we go! Three, two, one, go! Whoa whoa whoa whoa! – [Stephen] Ohhhh. – I got one! Woo! – [Stephen] Grace, you still
missed! You still missed! – You know what this means right now? – What? – I’m the champion! – No Matt. That means we are at the final round. Round four. What you guys
have been waiting for. I am so nervous right
now because we are going to slide down with our iPhones. If you drop it, you lose. If you don’t drop it you have
to get out as fast as you can. The fastest time wins the overall and gets to figure out what’s
on that phone and whose it is. – Yeah! – Who wants to go first? – I’ll go first. – Okay. – [Matt] Stephens up first!
– Stephen! – I’m gonna use the leg technique where you kick so you never go underwater you just hold the iPhone
up the whole time. I got the iPhone lets do it. – I’m so nervous for him. The counter is on, we are timing it. – [Both] On your mark, get set, go! – Go! – [Matt] Keep it up,
keep it up, keep it up. – [Grace] Oh! That was fast! Oh my gosh. – Stephen, you just
did it in nine seconds. – Not bad, not bad. – That’s gonna be tough to beat and you did not drop your iPhone. – Dry as a button. Well. – Well, it’s a little wet. I’m gonna vote Grace to go next. You got it Grace! – Okay, I think I can beat Stephen. Smash the like button if you
think I can beat Stephen. – [Rebecca] Go grace! Oh my gosh. – You almost dropped your
phone in, it was like. – Yeah, I almost dropped it. – Guess what you got, you ready? – Yeah – Six seconds. – Ohhhhh! Oh yeah. – So Grace is in the
lead, Stephen’s in second, and now it is Matt’s turn to go! – [Matt] Oh no! – [Rebecca] Alright Matt, good luck! – I got my phone right here! – Okay, good. Comment right now if you think Matt is going to be in the
lead after doing this, or if you think he might drop his phone. Three, two, one! – [Stephen] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – [Rebecca] Oh my God. – [Grace] Go Matt! – [Stephen] Hurry. You gotta swim with that one arm. – [Rebecca] Matt your phone’s all wet. – So soaked! – Do you think that you’re
in the lead after that? – I don’t think I am in the lead. – 13 seconds! – What? No! – I still have to go and risk
my phone getting wet too. – [Matt] Alright Rebecca, you ready? – No! I don’t want my phone to be ruined. – [Matt] You got this! Alright, do you think
Rebecca’s gonna do well? – Third place after me. – [Matt] Oh! Three, two, one! – [Stephen] You gotta hurry, gotta hurry. – So cold. Stephen, what did I get? What was my time? – Eight seconds. – Oh no! – [Matt] Grace wins! Go go go go. Get in get in. – [Matt] Close it, close it, close it. – Shut them. Alright Grace, you get to look
and see what’s on the phone. – Oh, there’s a passcode.
Four digit passcode. – [Rebecca] Four digit code, is there– – [Matt] Code anywhere? – Hold on, okay? – What? – There was a four digit code
on that coconut Stephen– – In your channel. – Yeah! – Oh. – We can’t go out right
now, it’s not safe you guys. – [Matt] Did we bring the coconut inside? – No
– No, it’s right there. – No, it’s out there!
You can see it ZamFam. – [Grace] Don’t go out there. – [Matt] It is over there. – Okay, ZamFam, we need you
to go over to Stephens video and comment below the four digit code. There are four numbers on the coconut. – And that fell from the
sky just like this box fell. – Exactly. – The pink key that was out of nowhere. – Yeah!
– Yeah. – Go and comment the four
digit code, there’s four codes, and we gotta get into that phone. – We need it to unlock this phone – So we can figure out whose it is. Thank you ZamFam so much. We’ll see you tomorrow for another– – [All] Island Adventure Challenge! Woo!

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  1. We need to find out the code on the Coconut πŸ₯₯ that fell in my video in order to unlock the iPhone πŸ“± Do you remember what it is?!

  2. You’re so cool

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