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LCD & LED TV Repair – No Picture No Image & Blank Black Screen Flashlight Test – Fix LCD & LED TVs

LCD & LED TV Repair – No Picture No Image & Blank Black Screen Flashlight Test – Fix LCD & LED TVs

In this video we will be looking at how to
troubleshoot the common symptom of No Picture on your TV screen in LED and LCD TVs. We will
be using the flashlight test to help with the troubleshooting while determining the
problem. This flashlight test will show how to identify
if you have any video appearing on the screen and whether or not you have backlights. Within
this test, we will show how to determine if the problem is a bad t-con board, bad main
board or bad backlight inverters for LCD TVs or LED driver for LED TVs.
Most LCD TVs are made up of a main board, a t-con board, power supply board and backlight
inverters. Some TVs have one backlight inverter, some TVs have two backlight inverters and
some have the backlight inverter built into the power supply board.
Most LED TVs will have a t-con board, a power supply board, a main board and an LED Driver
board. Some LED TVs will have the LED driver board built into the power supply board.
If you have no picture on your screen, the first thing we will want to look at is to
see if we have backlights or not. You can do this in a few different ways. The first
is by looking through the back of your TV and seeing if you can see white lights shinning
through holes on the panel. You can do this a few different ways. The
first is by looking through the vent holes on the back cover of your TV and seeing if
you can see white lights shinning through the holes on the panel. Be sure to turn off
all the lights in the room. As you can see on the screen, we can see the backlight is
on through the top vent on the TV. If it is too difficult to notice if your backlights
are on or not, with the back cover still on, you will need to remove the back cover of
your TV and look for the light shining through the panel.
Here is what the chassis looks like with the back cover removed and the backlights working.
Once you have determined if you have backlights or not, you can then move on to the next steps.
If your backlights are working, but you have no image on the screen, that means the problem
is either the t-con board or the main board. Next, you will want to see if you can hear
audio. If you cannot hear audio, try and remember if you had audio immediately after the TV
image went away on the screen the original time. Or you can also cycle through the inputs
to see if you can hear any audio on any of the inputs. For example you could connect
your cable box to your TV and try to find the input for that cable box knowing that
it would be sending audio to the TV. If you do have audio and you do have backlights,
I recommend starting by replacing the t-con board as that will be the fix, the majority
of the time. If you definitely have no audio and you do have backlights, then the problem
could either be the t-con board or the main board. You will need to replace each board
individually to see which one fixes the problem. If you do not have backlights, you will want
to turn all of the lights off in the room and get a flashlight. Apply power to your
TV and press the menu button on your remote to pull up the menu on the screen. You will
not be able to see the menu until you shine a flashlight on the screen.
You may need to twist the flashlight and try different angles to be able to see the menu.
As you can see on our screen, the menu shows up and you can even read the AV1 on the screen.
This shows that the TV has no backlights, but the image is showing up on the screen,
thus our inverter and LED driver is bad and our T-con and main board are good.
You can see on our screen that I can turn the menu on and off and the image appears
and then disappears. At this point you will want to replace the inverter or LED driver
or the power supply if it has the inverter or LED driver on it.
So as a brief overview, if your TV does have backlights and has audio, I recommend replacing
the t-con board first. If your TV does have backlights but does not have audio, then it
is either a bad t-con board or main board, and each board will need to be replaced individually
to see which one fixes the problem. If you don’t have backlights, but you see an image
on the screen with the flashlight, that means that your main board and t-con board are good
and that you will need to replace the backlight inverter or backlight inverters on your LCD
TV and the LED Driver on your LED TV. Thank you for watching on of our many tutorials
here at If you have any further questions regarding your repair, simply post
a question in the comment section below or call our award winning customer service team
at the number on your screen. We strive to learn and share new TV repair tips everyday.
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  1. Thanks for watching our TV repair video! Due to YouTube policy changes,
    we are no longer answering tech support questions in the comments
    section. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you need additional tech
    support, please visit or contact your local TV repair shop.
    Good luck and let's fix your TV today!

  2. Westinghouse DWM40F1G1. Sound, but no picture. Flashlight test shows no image. Looks like a single combo board, no separate power or Tcon that I see anywhere. Inverter is one long strip across the bottom.Version no. TW-75701-S040S. Thanks!

  3. I have a Dynex 42 inch LCD TV and had it maybe 5-6 years and I have audio and picture but no backlight. If I shine a flashlight on the screen I can see that part of the program still playing and the TV plays normally but without the backlight.

    Capacitors on the backlight inverter?

    I'm going to get a new TV tomorrow and take the Dynex one to the shop and see if I can swap out a few caps and see if that solves the issue.

  4. My tv is glowing like it’s on but when I go to change the the mode it’s on like smart tv or tv and all the other stuff. It’s on but I can’t see stuff

  5. It will say smart tv at the top and I can Change the channel modes like hdmi and smart cast. But when I change it it just keeps glowing

  6. I have an HP laptop with windows 10 and I have a Polaroid TV tlx-04240b, the computer recognizes the tv through hdmi and I can see the tv menu screen as well as input options…but, the tv screen remains black/blank when hooked to the computer.

  7. I have a " Old " HITACHI 53UWX 10BA.
    I get sound " NO PICTURE " also when i play a " DVD " i get a picture w/ No sound. The picture is in " Black & White " i need some advice & answers. Help !!

  8. 4:54 "If your tv does have backlight but does not have audio, then it is either a bad t-con board or mainboard.." Wait, does the t-con board have anything to do with audio? I thought it controlled image only…

  9. Sony kd60x690e
    Originally had the 6 red light blink, tv would come on for 2 seconds and display SONY then shut off. I originally replaced the main board which didn't repair. Next I replaced the TCON board and the Power Supply which still didn't fix. Finally I replaced the LED backlights which were all dim now the backlight works fine and the TV doesn't shut off anymore, however there is no image on the screen, but sound works.

  10. Plz help me it's 55 LG screen is black but has sound when I hit the top of the tv it would turn on some time plz help

  11. I loved this video. It was very well done and I became a subscriber because of the professionalism and knowledge that was provided in this video.

  12. hi i have an issue with my Hisense 50H7GB tv, the tv can turn on and it will show the hisense logo, then the Hisense Smart circle animation but it’s dim, and nothing happens after, the screen is black like it’s turned off and there’s no sound (idk if i’m on the correct input to hear anything), and weirdly it will turn off if i press the menu button twice (idk if that’s something normal with this tv) i would love to hear what y’all think it is my email is [email protected] thanks!

  13. My flat screen tv brand is hier. I just black when i turn on but when i try flashlight test i can see a picture

  14. I have a Sony KDL-40R38OB tv. Picture goes black every so often. I have to smack the back of the tv for the picture to come back. Sound is on and indicator light green. Is it the main board?

  15. My TV has blank screen but there is sound…. It's an LG 60PB5600 flat-screen the model is 60PB5600 – TA

  16. Has power. Did the flash light test and you can barely see the screen. Insignia NS-48d510NA15. Had the TV for two plus years now. Never had a problem until today. Still have sound

  17. Westinghouse Smart Led 50" WD50UK4550. All of a sudden the TV wouldn't go on. The light remains Red, whether I press the button on back of TV or the remote. I even tried moving the power cord to another outlet. I've had this TV only 6 months. No problems before.

  18. Ok so according to your video it would be my tcon board is bad. I have a 55 inch Samsung flat screen TV how much would one cost me and how can I get it

  19. I have a Samsung TV. 10 years old… . When power up as usual the cable voice comes on the Samsung logo appears then goes black. I can see the lights on the back of the set. Should I just get a new tv?

  20. We have sony bravia tv, it has audio when i turn it on, but no display. I can see that the screen is on bcause the screen turns from back to kind of grayish, but no display on screen. Usually when i turn on the tv, i would see the sony logo. There will also be colored lines visible that goes away after a couple of seconds. I will be checking for the backlights in a moment, i just wanted to know if there’s something i can fix myself before paying someone. I tweak alot of electronics as long as i have good instructions.

  21. My tv turns on, makes that sound of turning on, thens shuts right out. And during the entire time, there is nothing displayed, heeeellllppp

  22. Thanks for Video, It helps many ways to diagnose the issue, I have slightly different issue here, My TV works fine with Audio, Video for 15 mins then I see red light blinking and it never turn on. Where could be the issue?

  23. Hi, my Hisense LED TV brought 8 years ago, has no picture but normal sound. I check on the TV, no blacklight, no image when flashlight on the screen. Can you comment what's happening? Big thanks.

  24. Hey, I have a similar problem to this. Sound is working but no picture. Picture can be seen very faintly. TV is an LG 55LB561V. So I watched your video and stripped the back of the tv to see what the symptoms are. What I found is the backlight LED's are flashing on and off. This leads me to believe that the T-con and main board are both ok. Which leave the power supply/inverter board, or the LED strips themselves. Could you please give me a little advice on what you think might be the issue? Thanks in advance.

  25. LG 47W5600 TV has back lights, Sound but the screen is black. If I understood your video then the first place to check is the t-con board. Where can I purchase a t-con board and is the cost prohibitive considering the age of the TV vs just buying a new TV with all new parts?

  26. My tv would flash on really fast and then turn right off (the light not the screen) i replaced the power supply board and now i get a very dim logo on the screen. Can you give me advice on my next steps. My theory is the power board went out and took something else with it. It is a vizio e50-e3

  27. TCL Roku 55in tv
    Model# 55FS3850

    Tv was softly injured. Left side has partial picture showing at the top of the screen along with vertical and horizontal lines. While viewing, there's evidence of a small crack that can't be felt from the outside of the screen. The right side of the tv shows a blank white screen due to me touching the flex cable ribbon for that side. Is the injured side fixable being that a corner of the injured side (left half) is still showing a partial picture?

  28. thanks very much for the video i think i solved the problem with my RCA tv have sound but no picture so i tried the flashlight trick and could see something so i ordered the part i need on new egg it was only
    20 bucks for the led power supply board so now i will have a TV again 🙂

  29. My issue is that I have no lights in the back of tv but I have audio it is a insignia tv the model is NS 32D201NA14

  30. hi got blaupunkt model bp5040uhd 50'' power on use torch i see picture but no leds working just blank screen which part need get work thanks.

  31. Vu 32" led tv display is good but only few dots are visible. Video can't be seen. Audio visible. Please help.

  32. @shopjimmy My LG UHD4K TV screen is black but there is sound.
    Awhile ago, I noticed a point of impact in the bottom right hand corner when the tv was on. Then a black line throughout the vertical of the screen. Then it just went completely black.
    There was still sound.

    I haven't turned it on in months. It's been sitting there. Please help.

  33. i have a sharp lc-52le830u that has one short blink and one long blink code i have changed the poweer board and t-con boards but still have the issue please advise thank you

  34. Quick question.
    Vizio E420i-A0, LED tv. I have no backlights, but I do have picture when using flashlight to see it. I see main board, TCOM, and power board. I don't see a separate LED driver. I just replaced the power board (thinking maybe LED driver and power board are integrations) and same result. Is the LED driver hidden somewhere..?

  35. I have a Vizio 55" led model# 550vse   The screen comes on just for a second & then goes black! The audio works! I tried the flashlight test & I do not see anything! Any help is appreciated!   Is it the led driver? or the other board? I am wondering which component/board might be the issue? Thank you…

  36. LG425820, ISSUE: blank screen, from close I can see the screen very very low broghtness

  37. I have an RCA TV Model # LED50B45RQ I have audio but black screen, I have done the flashlight test and can see the images from the tv show moving on the screen in a dark room. All I see when I take the back cover off is the Main Board Green and Power Board Yellow and a long skinny board running across the bottom of the TV it's Green also. What board do I need to replace to get it working right again, please?

  38. I have a un60fh6003f Samsung has video with flash light test but no light what would I need to replace and if so do you carry the part

  39. My vizio e500i-a0. Is no picture and the screen is flashing. And i can see picture only when is flashing and it those every 2 seconds. Where i can start to diagnostic .
    I see the back lights flashing every 2 seconds
    Thank you

  40. Hy. My problem is that the backlight stop but the sound is still working and…here comes the real problem. After a while, the backlight will turn on for an hour or more and…stoped again. I don t know where the problem could be. I think i have a capacitor problem…because if the inverter or led are broken, the light will not be good from time to time. Any solutions? The tv is samsung 43j5500

  41. I have a TCL 65" TV Model Number 65S405TDAA. I did the flash light test so I thought that ordering the LED Driver Board, from, would be the way to go as it shows from your video. I just replace the part and it still has the exact same issue. Is there something else that I should try? I tried to do a factory reset. I tried leaving it unplugged. I tried the TCL reboot. I have sound and everything, it is just extremely dim like it shows in your video using the flashlight to see the image. I guess I can try replacing all the boards. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. FYI I noticed that the board part number was different than the original, but it said that it was a replacement match on the site.

  42. Ok so I have Audio only an can't tell with back on it have back lights but funny thing is I was clickingthough I puts on remote cause I thought I had no veido or sound an all sudden get the sound of tvwith nothing hooked to it just pluged in
    Scrambled sound so what to do next ? Im thinking to take back off see if got back lights

  43. Technika – 50f22b-fhd.
    When I switch it on, I have a faint "TECHNIKA" logo/writing then it disappears and I have a blank screen. I have changed both power boards, but still get the same result.
    Please help!

  44. I have a vizio d32x-d1 smart tv. power comes on but screen is black, in the dark you can see the netflix logo in red, when using a flash light, but no backlights,,, any idea before I pitch it in the trash lol

  45. LG 65 inch flat screen first day HDMI ports wasn't working wasn't catching the signal got those got to take now now the TV turns on but has a black screen got sound but a black screen

  46. I have a Samsung UN46D6000SFXZA while watching the screen went blank and no sound. I did the flashlight test and the picture shows up underneath. I think for what I have watched that the power board is out. what do you think is the suspected problem and fix. I am a DIY person with lots of soldering experience.

  47. so on my Vizio 55" the flashlight test showed an image. I replaced the slave inverter… now no image at all. Do I need a master inverter as well?

  48. 55 inch LG LED TV. Sound but no picture. Flashlight Test shows video menu. I followed your recommendation and changed the Power Supply/LED inverter board but it did not fix the problem. Any suggestions?

  49. Hello, I have a question. I have Sony kdl 46nx720 that shuts down after 30 minutes of use and has red flashing 8x . From what I discovered that means main board. But also when I plug in tv to restart sometimes it will sometimes I have to do it several times to get to come on. I just want to be sure as to how differently is the red flashing?

  50. So we replaced all boards and still no picture but there is sound. I have a tcl year bought 2017. Any help will be appreciated.

  51. What happens if I don't see any backlights or the screen menu using the flashlight? The only light that turns on is the red stand-by one. Thanks in advance

  52. I have an RCA rtu6549 tv.
    Have black screen. When I turn tv on I see the backlight come on then will go off (flash) .
    I do not see a board for this. Is this built in to the power supply board.

  53. Hi I got a Samsung ue55es8000. I've checked to see in the dark if i can see the backlight at the back of the TV. I cannot see anything. I've also checked with a flashlight if i can see any picture at the front, i cannot see anything (also done in the dark to be sure). I do have sound. What do you think ?

  54. Samsung un60j6200 – I have this TV on my patio with a Roku streaming device. When the TV power is OFF, the Roku menu can be seen with a flashlight and apps such as Netflix play with sound. As soon as the TV is powered on, the image goes away and cannot be seen with the flashlight and the screen is completely black with no sound or menu functionality.

    Most of the videos I’ve watched address the flashlight test with the TV on, but none discuss being able to see video with a flashlight and the TV power OFF.

    Any ideas?


  55. Does the Westinghouse LD-4055 have the LED driver and inverters built in to the power board or are they seperate?

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