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LCD TV Repair – No Power, Power Supply Common Symptoms & Solutions – How to Replace Power Supply

LCD TV Repair – No Power, Power Supply Common Symptoms & Solutions – How to Replace Power Supply

I would like to say that if you are having
a problem with your TV be sure to check the model number first. The model number appears
in this little box over here. Every TV is different, this is a Sony LCD TV but you will
see the model number and serial number over in a box like this. The model number are very
important because that is what will help you to identify what parts are needed to repair
your TV. If you are having a problem with your TV, please feel free to comment in the
comments section below this video or send us a message on YouTube with your TV model
number and the problem that you are having. This way we will be able to help you diagnose
the problem and suggest a fix. So the first thing you are going to want to
do is make sure you have unplugged your TV from any power source and that you have also
grounded yourself properly. Next you will want to take out the screws in the TV that
are holding the back cover on it. Every back cover of at TV is different but most are help
in by screws and can be easily removed. So we have removed all of the screws here on
the back of the TV, now we are just going to remove this back panel.
One thing to consider is that not every TV is going to be the exact same. So not every
TV will just have these four main parts some may have more and it may have less. Some of
the parts might be connected, where you might have backlight inverters and power supplies
on the same board. There are typically two different levels of repair for TV parts. You
can open up your TV, find the board number and then look up that board number to find
a replacement part or you can take your board and try and repair it at the component level.
At the component level you would be testing different components on the board and making
sure that they work. The first board we are going to look closer
is the power supply. Now the power supply again, takes in power and distributes it throughout
the TV. So the first thing that could go wrong here is that the TV set will not turn on.
If you are not able to power on your TV the first thing I would do is double check that
the outlet works. Try plugging something else into that outlet and be sure that it turns
on. You could plug in a clock, you could plug in anything, but just be sure that the outlet
works before you start taking your TV apart. If the outlet works and you are still not
getting power to your TV, then you will want to take a look at the power supply. Power
supplies will have a fuse on them. You can check the fuse to see if it is blown and if
it is you can try replacing that and plug the TV back in. If the TV powers on and the
fuse stays good, you should be set to go. If the fuse blows immediately after plugging
the TV back in then you will have another issue on the board that is blowing that fuse.
If you are going to try and check you fuse on your power supply, sometimes it can be
a little bit more difficult. Some fuses are ceramic and you would need a meter to test
that fuse to see if it is bad. Some common things to look for on these boards
are blown capacitors, where you will have a capacitor like this that has become raised
at the top or is leaking fluid. Again, just a reminder that if you have any
issues with your TV and you can’t quite figure out the problem, feel free to comment below
this video in the comment section and try and be sure to include your TV model number,
possibly the serial number and any symptoms or problems that your TV is displaying. If
you do not want to post a comment below the video, please feel free to send us a YouTube
message. The more information that you can provide to us about your TV issue, the faster
and more accurate our response can be. Thank you for watching one of our many tutorials
here at If you have any further questions regarding your repair, simply post
a question in the comment section below or call our award winning customer service team
at the number on your screen. We strive to learn and share new TV repair
tips everyday. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and grow with us, share our videos with your
friends and help us spread the savings, and don’t forget to hit that like button.

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  1. Hi, My TV is a SONY Bravia KLV-26t400g and its backlight is flickering after that it turn off with 2 time red led blinking.

  2. Sony Bravia model. KDL-46EX600 my question is. can I use a HDMI port instead of the TV antena connection. I dont get any channel from the TV tuner

  3. hi i have a logik LCD TV ,Model : LK-C32H78, The problem is that it does not it cant set on hiwever the red light that shows that power is there is on, please help me

  4. how to repair fukuda FLED2201C no image..have red light on the power and if you turn on the tv it has green light but after 1 or 2 seconds it will back to red light snd my tv still no image full black display

  5. Hi I have a Samsung tv UE55B7020WW. It was working fine then switched off and now won’t turn on , the standby light flashes when I unplug and plug in but then goes off nothing happens to the screen though please can you help

  6. Hey i know this is an old post but if you might be able to help me. I have a hitachi model number 53SDX89B V9J005679 that isn't giving picture or sound but the power light comes on and the green lights inside come on but the red light that says PROTECT LED is flashing. Thank you

  7. I have an LG LCD model 65LB5200 ,,,,,,,,serial # 4085WMN09967,,, power light will come on and turn green when powering on with remote but no sound or picture and remote or tv power button will not shut tv off , the light stays green, sometimes it will come on and play as normal and operates correctly and remote works

  8. Hi there i have a Phillips LED model no. 55PDL8908S/12 and it will not turn on the power led flashes 2 times and then 2 times again all the time is this Mainboard or power supply board? thanks in advance best regards René from Denmark

  9. I have a pansonic th 50px80u when i turn it on it just keeps clicking on and off i tried to count the blinks but they just never stopped , is there a ballast for this tv ?I believe i had this problem several years ago and that is the part that was replaced , i have searched for on but maybe they are calling it a different name

  10. Hi, my Panasonic TX48CX350B TV comes on, but then goes into standby mode at varying intervals, from 40 mins down to 1 min. Would this be the main board as the Standby light stays on so must have power. THANKS, Mark.

  11. I have a Vizio E420i-AO that shorts out the MOSFET QP801S on the power supply board p/n 0500-0614-0300 and then blows the fuse after only 1 or 2 minutes of power on time. I have replaced the MOSFET pn MDF10N60G and with the main board connected and the LED strips disconnected the MOSFET and fuse wont blow, I have tested the no load LED output voltage from the power supply and get about 94 volts and 134 volts, I am not able to test the loaded voltage as the MOSFET and fuse wont last that long.
    Should I replace the LED strips?

  12. I replaced the right side Master and Slave inverter boards on my Toshiba 55HT1U because they were fried at the connector. I also replaced the power supply board and the Main board. The only way I can get my TV to turn on is if I unplug the power cable that connects the right inverter board to the power supply board. AND if I disconnect the ribbon cable on the left inverter board that connects both inverters to each other. I havnt connected it to my cable box yet because I am not sure what to do. The tv seems like it works fine now but how can that be with one of the inverter boards not connected to the power supply board? What do you think?

  13. Do not attempt to repair Polaroid TV powers supplies (mainly the 3200 series and similar). Replacing caps won't help, they are destined to pop because of poor design of the power circuit. Cyrix was the only hobbyist to actually design his own power supply, which interstingly, assured immortality to his Polaroid TV. In short: manufacturer defect. The PSU will die within weeks or months of repair due to flawed design.

  14. I have an LG 65” tv. Model 65UH5500. Serial #606SWEL28876. My tv went black while watching. Would not power back up. The on/off led comes on for about 5 seconds….then blinks twice. The tv was purchased in September 2016. Not old enough for major issues.

  15. I have a element TV model #ELEFW 605 serial #F1400228480008415 stays in stand by won't turn on with power button or remote did unplug worked for few minutes and then went back to standby and won't come out even unplugging been unplugged for a week still same thing

  16. Model # 55H5C it's a Hisense led lcd TV. Can't get the TV to turn on. The red power light is on but nothing happens when we push the power button. We've checked the outlet and it's good….

  17. Hello, I have an LG 42la6208. When I turn it on, I see the LG "Life is Good" logo for about 2 seconds, and then the screen goes black, and the TV turns off. Do you have any ideas on what this could be?

  18. JVC Model # LT-50A330
    50 inch. TV comes on and displays fine for about 20sec but displays goes out black while still playing with sound. Repeat, unplug, still same results

  19. I have a Westinghouse EW40T4FW with no power. Checked outlet. Powerboard Canway KW-PLE400201A. I would like to check the fuse, but I don't know what it looks like or how to test it. I do have a multimeter and would like to try. Thanks.

  20. My HitChi tv HD1080 screen is stuck on Language select. Woke up this a m and it was this way. Watched it ok last evening before sleep. Any ideas? It's 14 years old.

  21. Hi sir , I have a samsung tv about 3 yrs old,model no: UN60KU6270F, S/N: 066M3CCHA09567E, version No : EA01. It has completely no power at all , I have check it in side but didn’t see anything burning, the fuse is ceramic. Please let me know do I need to replace the power supply board ? If I do so where do I buy it? And how much is it costs? Thank you.

  22. Dynex DX-LCD32-09……no power, no lights, nuthin' after a power outage, I am going to try replacing the the power module…….only around $20 replacement

  23. Sylvania LCD model LC420SS8 suffered complete power loss suddenly, (tv is a 2008 model) fairly educates with electronics, fuse is intact, no clearly.blown capacitors…

  24. I have a 60uh7700 one day as it was playing just turn off, wont power back on already try unplugged it waited over night next morning try no luck used other outlet no luck took the back panel in search of a fuse but couldn't find it is an LG paid 1000.00 two yrs ago any suggestion

  25. I’ve 37 inches Sharp LCD TV and I haven’t used it for a couple of years. Today I’m trying to use it again but it offs automatically after running 10-15 minutes and it ons automatically. What could be the probable issue? Kindly help me.


  27. was watching tv on a jvc jlc37bc3002 and all of a sudden it just went out and tryed pluging it in to another outlet and still no power?? whats wrong???

  28. Hello. I got a problem with my sony tv. Model number is 55hx823. So i have checked the bridge rectifiers, diodes, fuses resistors and so on. Even changed the chip 7 leg through hole mounting. No standby voltage whatsoever. I can not figure out what else to check. Help would be appreciated. Thank you

  29. Hi.. I have a Sharp Aquos , Model #LC-60LE600U…. When I turn the tv on (unplug and plug back in, remote won't work on it), the light indicator comes on, quick flash on the screen and then the tv shuts down after a few seconds.. Can you help? Thank you..

  30. Television Model # Philips 32FPL5332D/37. Symptoms of problem. 1. TV blue light come on in lowwer left corner but goes out and is replace with yellow code light flashing six times. 2. Power to cord is good. 3. Voltage across Power Supply fuse reads 50 volts and the fuse read okay. 3. Checked Power board for blown Capacitors, found none. 4. 2.5 and 2.9 voltage available at pins 1 and 2 of the main board plug going inot power supply. 4. Couldn't read 12 volts coming back into Powersupply from main board. 5. Noticed: You are out of Power Boards and main boards for this unit. Need to know if there is a kit for the main board for this TV set. 6. Couldn't find any software updates for this set on Philips Web site. I'm hoping that this set isn't to old. I was able to get the set to turn on one time, after that it won't turn on. While it was on it had an excellent picture. Thank you.

  31. My 65in sony bravia x90c turns on says sony on screen for a second then goes black….no sound no picture and the power indicatore at the botyom of the tv doesnt light up at all….PLEASE REPLY its only a yr old and its making me crazy

  32. hi, blapunkt 40 inch tv 40/2331-gb-5b2fnkup-uk. stand by light is on but wont turn on via standby button, used to take many attempts but now will not turn on at all. Any ideas please?

  33. Hi Jimmy,I'm Ricky from Singapore.Having a Philips Model 47PFL6008H/12, Serial FZ1A1341023971.When I power on only a little red light on and blink and off blink again. Please let me know the problems. Tq.

  34. My laptop was plugged in via hdmi to TV and wire was slightly knocked both laptop and TV turned off tv light comes on but stays red like its on standby and laptop just charging light comes on and does nothing

  35. My LCD TV has a weird problem. I see the 5v standby signal from the SMPS going to the logic board, and the logic board sends PS_ON signal. But i do not see the backlight enable or backlight pwm signal. Any suggestions what could be wrong? It seems like my smps is okay.

  36. Hi.good day.i have a Sony bravia kdl-w654a, my problem is my tv automatically shot down and didn't open again at all.i hope you can help me.thank you

  37. I have a SonyKDL52X3100 and over night it would not turn on. There is no LED (stand by light). I have opened it and there looks like there are 3 orange coloured boards (GF2, DF4 and DF5). I am trying to test where the power is failing with my multimeter but can not find the 3.3v (or 5v) standby section. Help please.

  38. Hello I own a Toshiba LCD TV MODEL 20HL85.

    My tv’s issue seems to be coming right where the DC IN goes plugged into.

    Depending how the connector is placed it cause the television to begin to blink sort of a strobe blink. I usually have to sit the and mess with the connector until I get it to sit at a good angle to stop blinking.

    Once I have that angle I tape it down, only to have to repeat this process again in 15-20 min

    I strongly believe it’s the AC adapter I wouldn’t have a problem replacing it but I would hate to buy a new AC adapter and not have it be that.

    What’s your guys opinión?
    Is there any way I can replace just the tip of the AC adapter?

    Or maybe a universal one?

  39. Hi, I have a Sharp 40 inch TV Model No: LC40d68UT and the red power light is continuously flashing. I have tried to power up by pressing the input button and channel down button together to get any error code but nothing happens other than flashing red power light.

  40. My palsonic tv won't switch on, it's TFTV5535DT. Is there a fuse somewhere that I can replace? I can't find any components that look damaged, what else could I do?

  41. Tv brand is a element model ELEFW40C series H1401298510003384 tv was on working fine then it just died no red stand by lite push power on tv or remote nothing happens verified the outlet is working

  42. Vizio s4251w-b4 surround sound. Sound bar suddenly stopped turning on. I enjoy troubleshooting electronics and prefer to pinpoint the exact cause of problem. the soundbar is taken apart. I confirmed via multimeter the board is getting power but do not know where to go from here.

  43. i have a Hitachi LE55A6R9 – it just stopped working last week unexpectedly. there was no power outage or surge. i can't get a picture at all but the power light still goes from red to blue when i try to power it on. i can even hear the roku home page making its signature noise, but no picture

  44. Can a "pinhole" in a resistor be the cause of my TV turning on / off and not staying "on" ? (Red light, stand-by mode, I guess)

    Model : Panasonic TC-L50EM5
    BOARD : TNP4G532
    Resistor : R7305

  45. I have a Samsung un60j620dafxza version eao3, 60" we replaced all 3 boards that we just purchased at shop however it still does not turn on:(

  46. model number: 47LA6200-UA and the S/N:306RMGC22799 this television logo flashes or blinks on and off. if a blu ray or movie plays eventually if stops playing and eventually starts up again playing the movie. I figure I need a new power board, but figure I ask before purchasing. red light flashes on/off under the logo on bottom of base of the television

  47. I have TCL LCD TV model LED 40E5800. Standby lights is on but the monitor still in black even if you set the standby to on.

  48. I have a tv that comes on and that's it. The cable/antenna part broke off so, I ordered another part, put it in and now the tv just comes on and that's it. The screen is all black, no buttons work, the remote turns the tv on but the tv won't do anything.

  49. Hello,
    Sony xbr55x810c
    Getting enough power to light bottom display, but not enough to boot or engage screen display. Power light dims and shuts down after about 8 seconds.

    I did get lucky one time after multiple attempts at powering on, and TV came on FULLY booted, which seemed strange seeing as I must've tried resetting by unplugging about a dozen times. Anyhow, eventually I had to turn tv off, and since then, I haven't had any luck getting it to work.

    At one point I noticed the red light blinking 8 times. I attempted to reset, but still no luck.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  50. I have a 42 inch Philips the TV power switch does not work power switch comes on but there is no picture sometimes the picture comes on and sometimes it don't otherwise it's completely black I did get it working once a TV work great for over 48 hours then when I went and I sold it to a friend of mine she took it home and then it didn't want to work at all basically was back to the same thing as started out with could you please tell me what's going on with it

  51. My TV comes on and stays on for 5 to 10 minutes then goes blank. I unplug the cord from the power supply. Plug the cord back to the power and it comes ON again then goes blank again a few minutes later
    model RCA LED55C55R120Q the power board # RE46HQ1640-2013005

  52. I have a SHARP AQUOS LC-52D64U
    There was a power outage and when the power came back the tv didn’t turn on. I’ve unplugged it and plugged it back in (and tested the outlet, which is fine). No indicator lights are on at the front of the TV.

  53. hi i have an hitachi 40hxco6u number v13co1583 it will not turn on by switch or remote seems like theres no power,could you please advice thanks neil

  54. l have a jvc 32 inch model no.LT-32N330A…serial no. 2013.0149. lt went off whilst watching and can not come on..

  55. I have power–enough to make the power light to come on, but no picture. Vizio 47" Smart T. V. Model #E470i-A0

  56. I have tv of AOC.. serial no. is GARD5JA002064.. Suddenly the tv get off automatically and now its not switching on i mean not gettin on.. my plug is ok.. and one thing I found that my every point is getting phase like cable connection point, the audio-visual points which are in red gree blue and white in colour i tested it with my taster. What to do?

  57. I have a vizio vo47l fhdtv30a, I was playing a game and I heard a pop and my power in my tv went out and I won't turn back on. What do I do?

  58. I have a 50 inch vizio that wont stay powered on for very long nor will it turn on with every try, ide say once about every 3 to 4 days. Ive tried all power cycling tips, im looking for some more ideas, serial number is ltmwpljq4666333 model #e500i-b1. Thank you

  59. Hey Jimmy I have a TV a Sanyo TV he does not want to turn on I hear a buzzing noise I’ve got no power light that comes on I’ve got standby voltage and I am I’ve got the 5 V that’s required but when I go down to the eight and nine pin that saying 12 V I’m not getting 12 V there if you could help me I would gladly why are you some money or do whatever is needed it is a model hold on one second it is a Sanyo model number DP32642

  60. I have a Vizio Model # E550I-B2 (serial # LWZ2PPAQ3405544) that gets power as the power indicator light is on but I have no screen OR sound. I do not see any blown fuses or capacitor, so do I need to replace the power board only or is this a multiple item repair?

  61. Hisense 50H7GB1…. My tv wouldn't power on but if I bend the power cord at the port and wedge a piece of cardboard to push against the power cord at the port it will turn on? I replaced the cord already.

  62. I have jvc lcd tv model number lt-32ex19 with serial number 13470509. It turns on but turns back off seconds after. I would appreciate it if you could tell me what's wrong with my tv set?

  63. 40 inch Samsung tv blown fuse and burnt mosfet. Replace mosfet but no poweror standby power. i get 152 DC volts off bridge rectifier output

  64. I have a Panasonic TC-L42E50 serial number MB22790042 that will power up for a couple seconds then shut off. The red power light will slowly flash continuously but nothing happens. During the short power up time there is a squealing sound then it stops when the screen goes blank. Any suggestions?

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