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Leaked info about new iPhone 7

Leaked info about new iPhone 7

I don’t mind the government spying on me.
I’ve got nothing to hide. Well, if it keeps America safer, I’ll he happy
to give up my rights. You trust the government. So why not help
them monitor you with the new NSA iPhone? It comes pre-loaded with apps from the
NSA’s trusted partners: Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Apps like “Look At My Bank Account”,
“Here’s My Medical Records, Y’All” and “My Deeply Private Shit For The NSA To
Check Out”. No hard to decipher “meta-data” here
slowing the NSA’s hunt for terrorists. With the NSA iPhone your every call is
instantly listened to by a government agent. …and I was all like, no way, I’d never
wear those shoes. Ew. Well, gotta go. Bye Courtney! Bye NSA agent! Um…bye. By the way, how are you? Uh. Good. How’s your family? Never mind,
I already know. Yes, you do.
It feels good to fight terrorism. The NSA iPhone’s camera runs 24 hours a
day so agents can watch you at all times. If you accidentally place it where the
camera can’t see you, don’t worry: the NSA iPhone can move on it’s own! Oh! Hey, NSA! Keeping America safe by,
um, looking at my soapy genitalia? Our NSA iPhone is like a part of
family! The NSA iPhone. Coming soon!

60 thoughts on “Leaked info about new iPhone 7”

  1. Looks like we have an Iphone fan here! haha! It's not about the Iphone Kim Cole. It's about the info that are available for government's use dear! LOL

  2. I don't have a choice but to cheer for this because I honestly don't like Spartans idea. Looking forward for Round 5 then!

  3. NSA, are you actually finding any terrorists? I know you'll see this post, so is treating innocent people like criminals and invading their privacy even working for you? you need to tell us if you do find any psychos or terrorists so you can at least justify pissing all over the 4th and 5th ammendments.

     and by the way, any terrorist with half a brain knows not to talk with other terrorists where you can see and hear them. either way, good luck to you… you'll need it for the real criminals.

  4. This is it. The votes are in. The 2013 ADA Sport Champion and the team that walks away with $10k prize is

  5. I am from Venezuela (and I am texting from my country xD) but NSA scares me. They are spying the US citizens like they were terrorist and the entire world… NO THAT IS FAKE. Seriously? tell me about the PRISM projecta and CIA spying all around the world ._.

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