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LED TV Repair Tutorial – Common Symptoms & Solutions – How to Repair LED TVs

LED TV Repair Tutorial – Common Symptoms & Solutions – How to Repair LED TVs

Before you begin your repair be sure to unplug your TV
from any power source and properly ground yourself. We have already removed the back cover of
our TV, but you will want to remove all the screws connecting your back cover to your
TV and then simply remove the back cover piece. Over here we have the main board. The main
board controls your TVs inputs and outputs, this main board is connected to the backlight
inverter/LED driver via this ribbon cable. Right here we have the backlight inverter/LED
driver. This is what supplys power to turn on the backlighting for the TV. LED TVs are
basically the same as LCD TVs with one real exception, the source of illumination for
the screen and the board that drives that illumination. LED TVs use LED backlights as
opposed to LCD TVs which use CCFLs, cold cathode fluorescent lamps. The screen though on an
LED TV and LCD TV are the same. This TV has two power supply boards. Here
we have the G7 power supply board, this provides power to the backlight inverter/LED driver
via this cable. The two power supply boards are connected to each other right here. The
other power supply is called the G6 power supply. The G6 power supply connects to the
main board and to a power saving switch located on the outside of the TV. That goes to the
switch, this connection here goes to the main board. Now we have already removed the cover for
our T-con board right here, but this LED driver also has a cover. Here is what the T-con board
cover looked like originally before we unscrewed it. So if you are doing any repairs to the
backlight inverter/LED driver or the T-con board, you will need to remove the covers
for each of them, before you replace the board. Removing the covers can be simply done by
removing the screws that hold them to the panel. The T-con board actually takes the
image and sends it to the panel which makes it show up on your screen. You can see the
T-con board is connected to the LED driver/backlight inverter here and then connects to the panel
via these cables here. One of the most common problems with an LED
TV is that the TV will not turn on. If your TV will not turn on and you have no power
on your TV, that is most likely a problem with the power supply. Here are some common symptoms that LED TVs
can show that could be a bad main board. If your inputs are not working and you have no
signal from the HDMI connection, the tuner connection, the RCA connection or any of those
connections etc. That could be a bad main board. If your TV has no audio. If your TV
set restarts on its own while powered on, that could be a bad main board. The LED driver
is similar to an LCD TVs backlight inverter, so the most common problem here is that you
wouldn’t have lighting from the LED driver. So your TV would turn on, you could have sound
but you would have no image on the screen and no backlights. Once again, you could use a flashlight and
run the flashlight test on your TV. We will put up the link right now on the video for
the flashlight test and you can learn how to determine with a flashlight if your TV
has back lighting or not. If you find out that your TV does not have back lighting this
would be the most common problem here, the LED driver. Some common problems with the T-con board,
is that if you have no picture on your screen but your TV does have backlights and sound,
that could be the T-con. Earlier we said it could be the main board, but the T-con could
also be at fault if that is the symptom. You could also have colored vertical lines on
your screen or half of the screen is missing the picture. Those would both be symptoms
that could be a bad T-con board. Thank you for watching our LED repair video. Thank you for watching one of our many tutorials
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  1. Thanks for watching our TV repair video! Due to YouTube policy changes, we are no longer answering tech support questions in the comments section. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you need additional tech support, please visit or contact your local TV repair shop. Good luck and let's fix your TV today!

  2. My sharp tv model LC-50LE275x model. my problem is we watch movie with my family and suddenly the tv picture is out or the show is out but only sound we heard from it. day after i try ON the the tv was no picture and sound..any help for this is appreciated. thank you.

  3. Hi,
    My TV turns on and then will turn off after a few seconds or minutes. The light on the front of the tv indicating power also goes out. If I unplug the tv and wait a few hours or day the tv will turn back on. However it will turn off again on its own in a few seconds or minutes. Any idea what the issue may be?

    Model: 47D450-UA

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