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Let’s Make an Exploded View iPhone! – in Shenzhen, China

Let’s Make an Exploded View iPhone! – in Shenzhen, China

100 thoughts on “Let’s Make an Exploded View iPhone! – in Shenzhen, China”

  1. Because I already know you're going to ask: 430 CNY ($64 USD) in the markets. You can buy them online for a bit more. Blue one: Yellow one: (affiliate links) Or search for "iphone test jig" "STT Speed Test" or "Mijing speed test" on Amazon, eBay, or Aliexpress.

  2. I hope Android has that, for those geek guys who wants to mod their hardware (Overclocking, putting fan just like a PC. etc..) But the way how Android phones are very saturated with so many devices and OEMs nowadays, it seems too impossible and very unlikely.

  3. I see a future where the Strange Parts brand is a gateway into Shenzhen, for parts and products and all sorts of random stuff. Possibly with the far out plan of offering a digital catalog of vendors' items, and serving as an "internet Shenzhen".

  4. Hey Scotty! Has there always been ambient music ( when you're talking )? I'm hard of hearing and it can be a little distracting. Keep up the awesome videos!

  5. Love your vids! Want to be like you someday making things i want or everything tech related ♥

  6. I’m pretty sure it’s for fighting duds and counterfeits. You can take it to the store and plug the items in before buying them no?

  7. i find it really cool how you are essentially an "expert" on iphone now, (probably moreso than the Genius employees) simply by wanting to do a mod, that led to the next mod, to the next one, next next next…. upgraded literally every aspect of your phones now, and i find that VERY cool.

  8. is there anywhere explainded what happend with your living place (House/Appartement)?? @strange Parts

  9. It looks creepy, like trepanning of a skull when a person plays the guitar while the surgeon picks at his brain

  10. Anyone looking for a cheaper largely comparable option for testing resistance or voltage should take a look at Union Repair for the Qianli iBridge. It’s available for more models as well.

  11. Lol your voice went all froggy when you spoke Chinese. Ah ni tai yo chu de lao wei. Just use your normal voice buddy

  12. I do hope everything goes well, one outside looking for an editor is that you don't need them to be in country, one option is to transfer the video to someone and with them via either we chat or whatever video chatting Application works. This is what I've been doing for the last two or three years.

  13. I do hope you have fun visiting your family, US and China are two countries I would love to visit. And if you take religion and politics out of the equation I'm told most of the people are quite nice

  14. Could you put the screen of a computer or another screen with the card and everything that has an iPhone?

  15. Is it possible to give an old ipad running an old version of ios a new processor etc, allowing it to run ios12/ios13

  16. hey love u bro thank u for all that, i've a question do u can use a other phone like samsung mi.. huawei and others, that's will be good i think ??

  17. Can you perform an Iphone 6s camera upgrade? Putting a really good camera inside 6s? Better than XS ?

  18. Would like to see an antenna modification! So we can see how we can get better reception. I know 4G modems exist. But mobile phones can make phonecalls. That cannot a 4g modem do.

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  21. Me gustaría que convirtieses un teléfono en un proyector y que no pierda la función de ser un teléfono

  22. I think u r doing great job finding these stuff and making vedio. A very big thumbs up for you.👍👍

  23. How to make an exploded view iPhone. Strap a stick of dynamite to the iPhone and light it. Stand back and watch it explode. Look at your now destroyed iPhone. And voila! You have an exploded view iPhone!

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  25. At first I thought he was gonna make an EXPLODING phone, I was about to recommend Samsung, then I take another look at the title…

  26. Sou brasileiro e gosto muito de seus vídeos! Meu sonho um dia ter em mãos um smartphone feito por você.🤗

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  28. If i was you i would really like to cover this piece in nicely way, but i can't afford it so do it instead of me on camera xD and i'm pretty sure it will become a very fancy product on Strange Parts!

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