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LG 328BG Tracfone from WalMart. Best Burner Phone?

LG 328BG Tracfone from WalMart. Best Burner Phone?

Hey guys! Eric from CheapAssReviews and this week we’re gonna be talking about the LG 328BG Tracfone from Walmart. So yeah. Let’s do that. [Popping Sound] [Donkey Sound] I recently wandered into a territory mostly
unknown. I had had a really busy week and things weren’t going my way. The house was a hot mess,
uh stuff was left out, the dishes … psft. .. the dishes. And then my Nexus 5x smartphone
it wouldn’t make it past the boot screen.. Things were awful. Haha, so would have just been a typical Friday, except the Mrs. and I were going out of town for a wedding. So I needed to get a phone so she could contact me should a dinosaur emerge from the earth and eat half the bridal party. Long shot but possible, or so she said. This is the story of how I acquired that phone. The LG 328BG. Like I said, the phone wouldn’t boot. So my phone carrier said they’d send me a brand new one free of charge, except it wouldn’t get here in time. It would get here eight hours after I’d
already left… Now that’s high drama! The wedding was in Chico California so I did what any red blooded American would do and I headed to the Chico Mall to save my problems. I first tried Verizon store because I did have the Moto E that I reviewed in a
previous video. They strung me along for five mins taking all my info and then casually mentioned it would be 35 dollars to activate, 40 for a month-long plan and then they also wanted my left shoe. No explanation why. That was too steep a bargain so I went to ATT, Metro PCS, and Sears and it was much of the same. Either the cost was too high, they wanted too much money, or the phone and data plan would be too expensive. That’s when I decided to head to Walmart and get a Tracfone. As you know the cheap runs deep here at CheapAssReviews and I felt at home with the florescent lighting 50 feet overhead and the scuffed linoleum under foot. I think that’s enough back story, let’s talk about the phone. Now it’s rare that you hold something in your hand that is lighter than it looks. Cotton candy, a bag of air, a feather, the LG 328BG. They all are very light in the hand. If you like the feeling that your phone could be blow away at any moment, this is the phone for you. Then again if you carry your phone in your purse, or your pocket, this could also be the phone for you. The phone has buttons. There’s 23 of them in all and you can press them and they do things. The ‘End’ button for example turns the
phone on. This one on the top left unlocks the phone if you then touch the top right it’s a real great user experience. Now the highlight of most modern cellphones the screen. The screen turns on. One feature that I loved about this phone is that it makes phone calls. Sure the person will sound like they’re at the end of a subway tunnel and yelling into a speaker phone, but that’s usually enough to get the jist of what’s going on. If you’re buying the LG to go on a trip down memory lane. This is the phone for you. It’s definitely reminiscent of phones fifteen years ago. I only used the phone for during the trip for three minutes. Total. So that’s 42/3=14 dollars a minute. Not quite as bad a long-distance call on the Concord, but pretty bad. But I was able to send Mrs. CheapAssReviews some very important texts such as “R u here lol” And “Lol buring up out here :)” Not my best work, but also not my worst work. Uh yeah 10/10 would buy again but only to stave out a fight. Thanks for watching my video on the LG 328BG Tracfone, if you want to call me, I’ll leave the number in the description cuz I’m not going to use the rest of these minutes. Probably won’t pick up, cuz you terrify me, but I’ll listen to the voicemails and if you want, you can like the video Subscribe, you can do whatever you want. I’ll see you next Thursday.

29 thoughts on “LG 328BG Tracfone from WalMart. Best Burner Phone?”

  1. Cheap Ass Review, I like your video on the LG328BG one thing you didn't touch on was how to shut it off to save the battery and shut the lady up… LOL…

  2. thanks, QUESTION!!! can you upload music> is for my 8 year old son for after school to communicate with me and i was just wondering if it can be used as an mp3….thanks

  3. Well, I came to this video hoping to find some elementary user instructions on this phone. I have never had a cell phone, and a person (one of several) insisted that I be the recipient of his cast off phone. But the instruction book print is so teeny that I cannot read it. Not even with my reading glasses. So, I came here, hoping to learn things other people already know. I punched some buttons, hoping things would be self-explanatory, but all I did was go in circles, then menu to menu, and I have no idea what I am doing, what the buttons do, where they will take me and why, etc. So, my search continues for some instruction. This is one reason I never got a cell phone. No one I know who has one has ever offered to explain any of it to me, even though I have asked. I guess, like a computer, you fool around with it until you burn up a month's worth of minutes, and teach yourself, huh? Or, you look on YouTube and hope you fall over some instructions…….

  4. MetroPCS cost to high? Your doing it wrong LOL. Port in $30 WHOLE month of service AND you get a FREE phone even currently now one even having a 1080p screen.

  5. I believe you missed the whole concept behind your title which is I used a,”burner phone.” You should have explained how you can classify that phone, as a burner phone? Thumbs down and no subscriptions. Could have made a shorter video by getting to the point as well. Wow.

  6. What personal info of yours is needed to get this phone up and going? Can I look up your cell number and find your name and address, like you can regular cell phones with plans????

  7. i can't figure out how to text on it. I press the "2" key and the letter "b" will not come up even if i press it twice. I don't understand how to use the text feature and no info in the manual.

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