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LG 5G Touch Screen Digitizer Frame Replacement Repair

LG 5G Touch Screen Digitizer Frame Replacement Repair

I’m Cheryl. I’m Carol. We’re here to help… (swords sound effect) UFixee!!! Make sure you’re on the line. Okay, okay. Welcome to our new YouTube channel. (Smile) What are we going to fix today today? (angels sound effect) Today, we’re going to fix my friend Krikit’s (cricket sounds)…LG 5G phone. The phone took a dive (makes explosion sound) and the screen is shattered. We need to change the LCD… digitizer screen. (water droplet sound) We’re going to do this today with a… I just saw some spit spray. ha ha ha. (Umbrella opened). Ha ha ha. What is this for? Talk now. Singing in the rain. That’s what we’re gonna do All right. So, I hope it’s helpful to you. And you. Cheers! Maybe you can, like, cut and paste or splice. Yeah, cut and paste. Okay. [REPAIR TOOLS NEEDED STARTS HERE] Today, we’re going to fix my friend Krikit’s phone. (cricket sounds) Apparently, it had a collision with a dog. (bark bark). She only had it a week. And…(glass breaking) she has cracked screen. So, we’re going to be replacing the glass and frame assembly. Not just the glass because that’s much more difficult to do and it will not, necessarily, seat on there properly. The frame assembly comes with this glass. We really just need a couple of tools for this. I have a lot of tools because I do this stuff. But you can order it from eBay or Amazon. Usually, you can order some kind of little kit. Let’s see. (opens kit). You know, little screwdrivers, a thing that looks like a guitar pick type thing and a little suction cup. Mine are from various kits. (looking for her tools) I’m not really all that organized. (finds tools) That’s it. You’ll need a small Phillips screwdriver. The size on this one says number 00 x 50. You might need a little flat head screwdriver. I’m not sure. Also…or, some kind of pry tool that’s really thin. A paper clip if you don’t have a SIM card removal tool. Possibly one or two guitar picks. A magnet if you’re prone to losing screws. A suction cup to get the digitizer screen off. And also…(opens magnifying glass). [REPAIR JOB STARTS HERE] So basically, we’re going to start the repair the first thing you need to do is make sure it’s turned off. And, this one is an LG 5G phone. And, I think most of them are the same as long as it’s LG 5G as far as getting the part. I’ll include all the links to the part and the tools at the end of the video. Make sure it’s off. This one actually has a little button on the side. If you push this button, the battery actually (kind of wiggle it a little bit), the whole battery comes out. This this is a really nice. Also, like I said, this little paper clip… I’m just going to bend it out a little bit. There’s a little tiny hole in the side right there. If you press this paper clip in there, the little sim card holder comes out. The next thing on the bottom you have two little screws that you’ll be using the Phillips screwdriver to take out. So, we’ll just take those two out. I’m going to put my magnet over here so I can put screws on the end. I mean these things are so small and they fall. So, just put it there (the screw on the magnet. This other little screw here. And then, this is where you kind of want to use your pry tool. You have to be careful. I mean the screen’s already damaged. But, you don’t want to damage anything else. So, take your suction cup, kind of press it on there and it sort of lifts it up. This whole front part comes off. So, if you just can pull it up to get an edge, to get under there. Maybe I’ll just use this (guitar pick) to kind of get under the edge. See how it pops out? Go all along the edge and the whole thing comes out just like that. So, now the next thing that you’ll be doing is you need to take the logic board off; and, there’s six screws that hold this on. You’ll be using the little Phillips screwdriver for that. (Unscrews six screws). Okay, so you have some little connections here. Use something plastic don’t use metal on these. And that’s just are the plugins for the logic board. There’s a little speaker and a camera. You’ll be reusing those on the new. (opens box) This part, my friend ordered on eBay. I think it was about 65 dollars. But, she said the repair would be like 150 or 160 dollars. So, she’s still saving money. So now, we’re going to take the little components that we took out of the old housing and put that in the new one. It actually has this little blue stuff here which I guess is some type of glue. It creates a sticky surface for this to stick back down. There are these really tiny little tabs right here. And you see how this has holes in it? That needs to line up. So, when you press it down make sure you kind of line it up with those little tabs. Here we go. You just kind of press it down that way stays stuck down. It looks like there’s another piece down here as well for the logic board to stick to it. It just makes it a little tacky so what you’re putting down there stays there. It looks like there’s a little glue piece for that too. Now, we want to put the speaker back in. Okay, now we want to put the camera back in. Now, it’s time to put the logic board back in. Make sure you lift up the little disconnect right there. It should line up and kind of, sort of, snap into place. There are tiny little tabs here that line up. So, don’t force it. Just make sure they’re lined up. Then, it will just kind of snap back in place. Let’s go ahead and put the screws back in. Most of these little screwdrivers you get are kind of magnetized. A good way to put a screw in is before you start screwing it clockwise, go counterclockwise. And, it kind of drops it… drops the threads in. It keeps you from cross threading it or stripping it. Time to put the little ribbons back in there. And you just kind of move them around. They’ll snap in when they’re in place. Again, don’t force it. They’ll snap into place. That’s a camera as well. There, make sure it’s locked in its little slot. That’s when you set your phone to reverse the photo and it’s looking at you instead of what’s in front of you. Snap it into place. Make sure they’re in. That’s pretty much it. Now, we just have to put the back on. There’s a little screen protector. Now, we basically have to put the front on to the back and it’s a little easier if you put the top in first. Kind of line it up. This will be one of these things you just basically have to snap back in. Just go around look at the edge make sure it’s flush all the way around. And, then you know you got it in there. Just want to make sure that you put the right screws in the right place. Sometimes if you have a lot of screws, some phones have a lot more screws, you might want to write little pieces of paper where they went and put the screws on the top so you don’t forget. Okay, we’ll put the SIM card slot back in. And, now the battery. So, we’re going to go ahead and power it back on. It looks like we’ve had success today. This phone is a little bit simpler than some of them and it’s much better to replace the whole case – the frame that comes with it rather than just to take the glass off because when you’re taking a glass off then you have glue and you have to have a heat gun and everything to do it properly. So, there we go. Krikit’s phone is now (cricket sound) fixed. I hope she has a protective case to put on it. (chuckles) Looks at phone. . Looks at phone again and up at camera. Ding. [END OF REPAIR] But wait… Please click like and subscribe to our new YouTube channel. Because we want to help…UFixee!!! [OUTTAKE] Ha ha ha. Okay. It’s your line! You try…oh yeah. That’s right. Okay, you go ahead. Ha ha ha. I just sprayed. Ding! THE END (Really) you

9 thoughts on “LG 5G Touch Screen Digitizer Frame Replacement Repair”

  1. This is a great tutorial. I changed my own screen and I'm a first time DIYer. Please note: it is SUPER SUPER important to take the little rubber gasket out from the proximity center housing at the top of your phone. It looks like a little set of eye balls near the very top of the phone by the speaker. It looks embedded in the phone, but it's not. If you don't do this your screen will turn black everytime you pickup a call. I don't see that mentioned in this video. Took me an hour of searching the internet to figure out.

  2. Nice job on the LG G5 (be careful, it's not a "5G" but a "G5" :)) display replacement. You mentioned the two little tabs that have to line up with the little holes in the flex, which wasn't noted in a couple of other instructional videos I watched on the topic.

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