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LG 6632L-0627A Backlight Inverter Boards Replacement Guide for LCD TV Repair

LG 6632L-0627A Backlight Inverter Boards Replacement Guide for LCD TV Repair

TV Repair Made Easy: The highest quality,
lowest priced TV parts and a mission to make you happy! LG 6632L-0627A Backlight Inverter Boards Replacement
Guide for LCD TV Repair Welcome to TV Repair Made Easy, brought to
you by Visit to search the hundreds
of thousands of TV parts in our inventory. WARNING! Please make sure that your TV is unplugged,
and that you are protected from static electricity. There are various ways to eliminate static
electricity, but the most common way is to use a grounding
wrist strap. Take photos and notes often to help remember
the location and orientation of the parts and wires. And feel free to pause and backtrack through
this tutorial as much as needed. To be best prepared to replace the Backlight
Inverter Board inside of your TV, you will need the following materials:
A pair of latex gloves. Your replacement Backlight Inverter
Board. A pair of needle-nose pliers. Both a flat-head and phillips screwdriver. And a cup to hold all screws, clips, and any
other small items. So let’s get to it shall we? Locate your TVs identification label and take
note of the brand name model number, serial number and model code if present. Unscrew and remove the back cover. The Backlight Inverter is a part of your TV’s
LCD Panel Assembly. Backlight Inverters are connected to the panel
via small wires or lock into a series of small slot connections built into the panel. The Backlight Inverter is mounted to the back
of the Panel close to the left edge, and can be hidden under a metal or plastic cover. Carefully unplug all wires by hand. Unlock the wire connectors by squeezing the
tab or tabs and gently remove the wires. Be sure to keep a firm grip with both hands. Unscrew and remove your bad Backlight Inverter
Board from the chassis. The part number for this item can be found
printed on the board. Search your part number on
to find a compatible replacement. Click on the search results to view important
product specifications. Verify that your original board matches all
requirements noted in the product description prior
to purchase. Insert all screws to secure your ShopJimmy
New Backlight Inverter Board to the chassis. Reconnect all cable and ribbon connections. Return the back cover to its original position
and secure all screws. This ShopJimmy replacement Backlight Inverter
Board does not require any manual configurations in order to function. Simply plug in and power on and your TV will
function as if new. Thank you for watching one of many tutorials
here at! If you have any further questions regarding
your repair, simply post a question in the comments section
below, or call our award-winning customer service
team at the number on your screen! We strive to learn and share new TV Repair
Tips everyday. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and grow
with us! Share our videos with your friends, and help
us spread the savings! And don’t forget to hit that Like button! Free Technical Support: Call 1(877)881-6492 The Backlight Inverter Board shown in this
video is a replacement for the following LCD TV models:
SANYO DP32640 SONY KDL-32BX320 Top Common LCD TV Problems for bad Backlight
Inverter Boards: No Backlight
Has Audio But No Video Dim Video (Back Light)
TV Turns On, Backlight Inverter Immediately Turns Off
Buzzing Sound From Backlight Inverter Transformers Smoke / Burnt Components On Backlight Inverter

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    If you need help repairing your TV please comment below the ShopJimmy video or feel free to send us a YouTube message. Please include your TV model number and the symptoms or issues your TV is displaying. The more details you can include the faster and more accurate our response will be! You may also call our customer service at (877) 881-6492!

  2. Dear shopjimmi, I have an lg37lf66. Well the tv screen went black, so I opened it and found 2 broken condenser in the power supply and 2 in the backlight. I fix this two and the tv started to work for an hour or so. Then the image would flicker and eventually go black. I have found that one of the black chokes in the tcon was not working, infact was very hot and by touching it it would work perfectly.

    After using it for a bit it, the tv made a noise and now the tv is always black ( sound is ok)

  3. Please help me.. I have also a video of the old behaviour, but now is completely black anyway…

    I was thinking to buy a new t-con, but I would like to know if it is the right thing to buy, otr by playing around I have broken something else.

    Thanks you so much in advance


  4. @simone cuomo – I would recommend watching our video that shows how to test your TV problem with a flashlight. Testing this will help to reveal whether the issue is the backlight inverter or the main board. Simply go to our channel to find the flashlight test video. I will also send you a youtube message with a link to the video. Thanks and please let us know if you have any further questions!

  5. I am trying to removed the 6632L-0470A/0471A boards from my LC420WU5 and the ribbon cable does not seem to have a mechanism to open it. Any advice?

  6. @Leon Boomershine Is there a small tab that can gently be flicked up with your finger and then gently remove the ribbon cable?  Feel free to post a photo or video on youtube so we can see what your are having trouble with.  Thanks and please let us know if you have any further questions!

    i have a LG m3201ce with a problem .when you turn it on and look very closely you can see  the picture but there is no brightness.i believe it is the back lite invert-er .it is almost identical to the one in your video.could it be a problem with the power supply not feeding voltage to the back-lite invert-er ?.can you help

  8. Hey ShopJimmy, im trying to troubleshoot a lg 32ln5300-au. Its get sound and can barely see a flickering image without needing to use your "flashlight" trick . With the back panel off, I see a single lonely blinking diode/led (not sure). The 3 boards look very clean so I'm not sure if its the LEDs themselves or there diver or what…where should I start??? Thanks

  9. Acoustic solutions lcd42761f1080p I have sound put no picture. Did your test with the touch on screen and can see a picture. But no can not see any white lights at the back when cover is of. So did what your video said and replaced the backlight inverter and I still have no picture. 6632L-0481A. Lc420WU-PPW-EE42VF-0 REV1.6. Thank you. Brian. [email protected]

  10. my SONY TV, plasma, doesnt show any image, however, there is backlight on, and sound. 

    changing this board will fix problem?

  11. My LG TV becomes black but with sound. I can still see image when shine a flashlight on the screen. when I turn on the TV, I can see the logo for half second and it gone. what issue could it be? TV model is 55LA6230-TB.AAUULH.Thank you!

  12. I have 2014 lg 70lb7100-uc. tv is on with sound but picture goes black. i can turn off and then on to get picture for a few minutes then goes black again.. I used flashlight to confirm tv is on and can see images. do i need inverter or main board

  13. Hi ShopJimmy, My TV is a RCA Model SLD40A45RQ, SN : 5407-SL40A45-A103145 , The issue is that it turns on and then turn off a few seconds after. I've replaced the power board and the main board that I've boguht from your store with 2 years warranty. What can be my issue? The inverter? Please let me know Thanks

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