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LG G Flex 2 Screen Repair, Charging port fix, Battery replacement video

LG G Flex 2 Screen Repair, Charging port fix, Battery replacement video

Today I’m going to show you how to take
apart and fix almost everything on the LG G Flex2. It’s a fairly long name but it’s actually
a pretty simple phone to take apart. Once you remove the back cover you will see
that there are 13 phillips head screws. I will link all the tools that you’ll need
in the video description below as well as replacement parts for this particular phone. There are 13 screws that hold the back plastic
panel onto the back of the phone. Once you remove those screws you can just
grab the little plastic and lift it up. It’s held on by a series of clasps; you’ll
hear those pop off as you remove the back cover. Here are the little connection points for
the power button. And then here is the water sensor. You can see it’s white on one side and red
on the other so if it gets wet the red will bleed through onto the white. For the rest of this project you’ll need
a pry tool. You don’t have to buy the sexy green one
if you don’t want. You can always use a plastic knife or your
fingernails if you’re super cheap. But I will link these in the video description
below as well. Here is the speaker. It just rests on top of the charging port. It will pop right off since we already took
out the screws. You can see the gold contact points there
as well that just rest against the charging port. Remove the antenna cables; they’re just
little wire connectors that just pop off the little gold connection. And there are two Phillips head screws along
the charging port as well that you’ll have to remove. Take your non-marring pry tool and lift up
these little waffle connectors. They are like little Lego pieces; you just
unsnap them from the board. And there’s one big one up here on the motherboard
as well that you can unsnap and then unstick from the battery. It’s held on by just a little bit of adhesive. Once everything is disconnected from the charging
port you can go ahead and lift that off from the frame of the screen. The charging port also has the headphone jack;
you can see that attached to the side as well. And the microphone is down there as well. I will link these in the video description
so if you ever need to replace them they are fairly easy to replace. Here is the battery. Go ahead and lift up the top connection to
the motherboard and then the battery should come out. There might be a little adhesive holding it
onto the motherboard as well. I will link replacement batteries in the video
description. Here are the top parts of the antenna wire
cables. And then there’s some ribbon cables up along
the top as well. The first one was the front camera. Here is the rear facing camera; 13 megapixels. And then we can lift out the motherboard. There are no screws or anything else holding
this down. Pretty straight forward. You can see the dual SIM card/SD card slot
that’s soldered onto the main board, so that’s not replaceable, unfortunately. And on the back you can see the processor
and a few other components. Here is the vibrator motor. You can see it’s got these two little gold
springs on there that just rest up against the motherboard and that’s how it gets its
signal. Here is the 13 megapixel rear camera that
I’m lifting up out of the green frame. You can see that it has the optical image
stabilization there on the side. Here is the front facing camera; just rests
inside this little slot. And then we have the ear piece as well as
the front sensors. So here is the screen itself. So if you break your screen, whether it’s
just the glass or the LCD, this is the part you want to buy. It comes with the frame that holds all of
the cameras and the motherboard and the battery. It’s a much easier repair than trying to
replace just the glass or just the LCD. I will link this part in the video description
as well. Now I’m just replacing the front camera,
putting back in the vibrator motor and the rear facing camera; just fits down in its
slot. Motherboard gets tucked back in and underneath
the ribbon cables, and pull out the wire cables so they’re not stuck under there as well. And you can see that you just line up the
gold connector right over the little circle and then pop it back into place. You’ll hear a satisfying snap as it gets
pressed down on top of its connection. You’ll know if it’s connected or not. Here is the battery; just tucking that back
into its little slot on the frame and plugging it into the motherboard. If you want to be super safe you might want
to plug the battery into the motherboard last, but it’s not a super big deal whatever order
you do it in. Got the charging port screwed back into the
main frame. And getting these antenna cables tucked back
into their grooves. If they’re not tucked back in, the back
casing won’t fit perfectly over the screen. Get the charging port plugged in with the
three connections that are on it; One on the motherboard and the other two that are down
below the battery. Make sure those are pressed in and then you
can take the rear speaker and then clip that down into place as well. You’ll hear it snap in. Pretty straight forward. Getting the rear plastic housing placed back
over the phone as well. Snapping it in all the way around. And before I put the screws in I’m going
to make sure that the phone turns on and that everything is working correctly. The screen is looking good. I’m going to flip it back over and put all
13 screws back into place, and then the back cover goes on. If you have any questions leave them down
in the comments. I do try to stop in regularly and answer as
many as I can. If you like this video hit that thumbs up
button. And don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks a ton for watching and hope to see
you around!

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  1. So I have a bootloop Problem, but could it also be a Problem with the Flash storage, because it is starting new frequently and starts to get hot. Or is this just an battery issue

  2. Hi jerry my lg flex is not showing sd card on storage do you know any solutions it is runing runing android 5.1.1 maybe it needs mashmellow or what ..pleas write me back

  3. I have battery problem, the new one worked for a year. I bought new battery from amazone, changed and worked for a month, and same problem happened again. the phone is of no use since few years, just a dump just because of poor battery…

  4. hi, i have an LG flex 2 but with a problem. it doesn't turn on, it doesn't show LED when charging. It does draw power when i plug it in . maybe a faulty charge connector ? or death motherboard ?
    thanks in advance

  5. hey sorry if im late but do u know the solution for bootloop on this device? its har to believe how a great phone in therms of hardaware have this issues, someone people says its hardware others says its sofware optimization idk what to do

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