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LG G4 Overheating FIXED Heat Sink Installation Boot Loop Repair Turning On Off Stuck on LG Logo Dead

LG G4 Overheating FIXED Heat Sink Installation Boot Loop Repair Turning On Off Stuck on LG Logo Dead

Have you been experiencing the dreaded bootloop
problem plaguing all the LG G4 smartphones? Does your LG G4 constantly turn itself on
and off or get stuck on the LG power up logo? In this video we’re going to show you how
to strategically install a few heat sinks to keep the processor running cooler hence
keeping your phone from overheating and causing the phone to boot loop. So stay tuned!

64 thoughts on “LG G4 Overheating FIXED Heat Sink Installation Boot Loop Repair Turning On Off Stuck on LG Logo Dead”

  1. I have seen your adress in the web site, can i sent you my LG G4 Logic board to repair?

  2. Dear friend at CellularDR. I would like to thank you. I'm now travelling in Japan and my G4 has decided to go into "bootloop" on my second day here. I've been trying several methods to save my phone but nothing worked for more than a few minutes. (Tried the freezer and hair dryer, the disable cores and everything I found.)

    Today, I wanted to give up and just buy a G3, in order to not waste too much time while travelling. But they are all sim locked here. So, I decided to buy some thermal paste and pad and whatnot. Tried to put it only on the two chips you mentioned. Still no reaction (not even bootloop). Tried to put it on smaller chips and at the bottom. Same. Then… the magic happened. My phone started! Can you believe it?

    According to CPU-Z, it has been 31 minutes. I don't have any data left as I erased everything in a desperate attempt to save my phone, but I'm just happy to see my phone alive. I'm afraid it won't last long though, as I couldn't start it right away after "repairing" it (I tried for 10 minutes until the magic happened…)

    Or… Could it be that it takes some times until the contact is good enough between the thermal pad/paste and everything, like a few minutes? As for the temperatures, it's around 30°C right now. I don't do anything. Sounds good but…

    Do you think it should be alright? I'll be sure to come back and tell you what happened. If I would live in the US, I would happily send you any phone to repair. Thank you again and… let's hope for the best :))

    (Now, I'm going to stop it, insert my SIM card and hope, again :D).

  3. Would it improve cooling to add tape on top of the processor first? Seems your method creates a gap/divot in the tape above the processor (see it at 13:00 in vid), resulting in poor heat transfer to the frame, because there is no shim or tape on top of the processor (like how you applied tape to the memory chip) creating a gap. Can you clarify?

  4. Is it a good idea to add thermal paste on top of the copper tape in order to transfer the heat to the frame?? Thank you

  5. I received my copper tape yesteday and applied this heat sink method. I´ve been monitoring the CPU temp with CPU-Z app and I can see a decrease in temperature between 5 and 15 celsius. I also noticed that the temperature drops faster when it gets hot. Previously when I played Mario Run (for example) It went up to 60+ celsius, now it keeps between 55 and 45 degrees. I also noticed with this game that the boot time is slightly faster than before, probably because the chip is cooler. I applied a double layer of copper over the frame instead of one, making sure that it touches the main chip, everything else I did it just like the video shows. My conclusion is that this method really works! I have used thermal paste before (wich I had to clean thoroughly) and I can assure you that this is the way to go. Thank you Cellular Dr!

  6. I believe all LG phones are having this problem. I've had my G3 for about 2.5 years and mine started the bootlooping about 2 months ago. Doesn't do it when plugged into charger.

  7. I can't believe how LG did this poorly!
    My G4 isn't working. And it is all that because they didn't care
    to make their extra care for their manufacturing with Quality Control.

    Thank you for this video.

  8. Can it fixed / use with thin Thermal pad/tape Conductive Adhesive in order to transfer the heat to the frame ?

  9. I can locate the proper equivalent internals on the LG V10 and perform this process? Any tips specific to the V10 vs this model? Thanks!

  10. LG is one of the leading cellphone manufacturers in the world & still is, why can't they figured out this (over heating issue causes bootloop) themselves before putting their devices into production (not only G4, V10 & even still occurs in it's next generation like G5 & V20), it is LG's negligence to over look & not rigorously test their products like other OEM's. Bootloop actually happened to my LG device on 2 occasions, & 'til today over heating plagues it for simple task like photo browsing, watching Youtube videos or even just surfing the web.

  11. Hello, I was wondering if it is a good idea to buy one of these phones today since they are pretty cheap up here in Canada and do this mod to prevent any problems? Any help would be appreciated.

  12. Thanks for the video! What is the thickness of the Precut Copper Heat Sink Adhesive that you sell for the LG G4? Thanks for your reply!

  13. thanks sir for the video will this work if the phone already have the boot loop issue. i got about 5 pieces of h810 with the boot issue

  14. Question about the copper tape, you have the specifications? (what type, purity, etc) i bought a lg g4 and i will do some little gaming sessions with it (mostly psp emulator) so i think i will do this fix the first day i get it to evade the boot loop problem.

  15. Cutting the yellow thing that is on top of the chip breaks something? or its in that color for something

  16. Unfortunately, most people are not going to attempt this. If you bought your G4 from a carrier, LG will probably fix it for free. Check with LG before you attempt this.

  17. CellularDR thanks n cheers for u valuable video! i have did what u done on d video but it heats up again n goes off! i can turn on device after heat goes down! one important thing my wifi is not working on lg g4 button is blinking! plz can u help me

  18. Hi, i'm from Germany. Where can i buy the copper tape? Do you ship to Germany? Or can i get the tape on Amazon or eBay instead? Many Thanks!

  19. Hello, I bought the Heat Sink Kit from you and received it recently. My G4 has been repaired by LG, it has got a new motherboard on warranty. I would like to install the Heat Sink Kit now for the prevention. Should I stick the copper foil on top of the foil used by LG or should I remove it first and stick the copper foil directly on the cooling plate?

  20. I have to say that this video has made me love my G4 again. Even with the most demanding video game processor is reasonably warm. Also, when i am on LTE it is not that warm as before. Thanks a lot for this video! Regards from Serbia.

  21. Hi, awesome video, very informative. I just ordered the copper tape but is only single sided foil. It will do the job as a double sided tape?

  22. I have a problem: My battery gold connectors were getting black etc. And the phone would shut off unless plugged in. When shut off without plugged in. It'd keep tryong to turn on and it would boot loop in a way. So I replaced the battery. And the battery still drains extremely. Apps have normal usage. The bootloop issue was already fixed by lg last year. Any suggestions?

  23. Nice celullar DR thanks for the share, i had use the aluminium tape + thermal paste in the top of aluminium paste that eork perfectly, after i check the thermal sensor there cooling down to 35 degree celcius 👍 youre legend

  24. I used an aluminum foil in my LG G Flex2 and it gives a good results CPU temp with CPU-Z decrease in temperature about 10C THANKS for u bro but which is better aluminum or cooper if cooper not found

  25. Hello, itried to buy your 5.90 usd package of copper heat sink, but it seems like you dont sell to mexico, do you know where can i buy your copper heat sink in mexico? i cant find any, but the usual wich is liquid

  26. Will this help in case of boot loop issue for quite some time? By the way, video is great and you are too 🙂

  27. Now I am assuming that this will fix an LG G4 that's already exhibiting the boot loop/over heating issues?

  28. BTW: Who's the yutz who had the huspâ to give this vid a "Thumbs Down"?
    …whoever it was, that guy's a cretin…

  29. Hi….my LG G4 died completely and it seems i will have to replace the motherboard….so after replacing and applying this heat sink will stop it from ever bootlooping again??

  30. I did the mod, however the screen wont come on. I hear the boot. I hear Txts, come in, and I hear the ping of gmail updating…. but no screen. I was very careful used a plastic spudger, and am fairly tech savvy….. Google seems to point me to a bootloop error, but I hear it. Could you advise please? TIA!!

  31. I'd be tempted to just clean the cover properly and put some dielectric thermal paste on each chip, then once the cover is back on, put some paste on the cover to transfer the heat into the frame.

  32. Tried this 2 months ago and its been working amazing! I did some extra things to make it last longer. 1 Use a heatgun to reflow the ic chip (Then check to see if it works)…. 2. Put copper tape on the emmc and ic chips like in the video….. 3. Unlock bootloader since I have the Tmobile version its easy….. 4. Flash a modded TWRP with that only uses 4 cores instead of 6 cores….. 5. Flash a custom rom and a boot.img that has ONLY 4 cores and disable the 5th and the 6th "Big cores". And now the phone idles around 20C and with apps like twitter or IG it gets to around 45C max and cools quickly after exiting the app. WAY better than before when it was getting to 35C idle and 65C+ when using apps. I also stay away from super demanding apps like Snapchat and Games. I do use snapchat but only in 4 minute intervals as it heats up the phone quickly. But its been working good for 2 months constantly.


  34. cellulardr please help me i also have lg G4 h811 and it will not working for me i think board got short circuit what should i do?

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