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LG G4 Tear Down, Screen fix, Phone repair video

LG G4 Tear Down, Screen fix, Phone repair video

In this video I’m going to show you how
to take apart and fix a couple things on the LG G4, one of LG’s newest smart phones coming
out in 2015. This one has the leather back with the center stitching. Go ahead and turn
off the phone first. Remove the back cover. Pop out the battery. And then you’re left
with 11 screws to take off from the back housing. And then I found that it’s easier to grab
along the center of the battery hole and the edge of the phone to start pulling away that
back plastic plate. You can just unsnap it from the edge of the phone and the whole thing
will just come lose once all those screws are out. Pretty straight forward. This phone
is actually pretty darn easy to take apart; nothing is glued down or adhesived like the
Galaxy S6. You can see these little gold contact pads that just kind of rest on top of the
motherboard. That’s how the power buttons and volume buttons communicate with the motherboard.
The bottom part of the bracket also snaps off. This is how you replace the loud speaker.
You can see the loud speaker segment in this bottom section and the gold contact place
that just sit on top of the motherboard. LG’s a big fan of those; they always have been.
Here is the buttons, the volume buttons and the camera lens. Pretty straight forward and
easy to replace. If your camera lens gets scratched or broken it’s pretty easy to
pop out and pop in a new one which is nice considering that the camera lens is easy to
scratch. Here are the buttons ribbon cables. You can just pop those out and replace them
with a new one if needed. The ribbon cable for the screen just snaps up like a little
Lego piece off of the main board. Be careful with any connections or chips down around
on the main board, you don’t want to pry up on those when you’re lifting up on the
ribbon cable connections. The motherboard just pulls away from the plastic frame of
the screen. And you can see here the contact points I was talking about earlier. Here’s
the SIM card slot (that is not replaceable), battery connections, and the charging port
(not replaceable either). You can see the back here as well. You might be able to do
it if you had some micro soldering tools but that’s beyond the scope of a normal person’s
capabilities so we’re going to skip over that. Here is the front facing camera and
the vibrator motor which is pretty small in my opinion. Usually with phones and even watches
they are a lot bigger than that. Here is the rear facing camera. 16 megapixels. Capable
of recording in 4K. It also has the image stabilization chips that you can see on the
side of it. Here is the earpiece. I’m going to lift off the little ribbon cable first;
it has some more of those contact points we were talking about earlier. And something
else I found interesting is there are these little contact points on the side of the motherboard
that just clip in next to the headphone jack. And that’s how the headphone jack communicates
with the motherboard. So here’s the screen. It’s a combination of the glass, digitizer,
LCD and plastic frame. If you are going to replace the screen you have two options: one
is to just buy the glass and LCD combo, or buy it with the frame, which usually ends
up costing 10 or 15 more dollars but will save you hours of work and frustration. So
if you’re going to do a screen repair make sure you buy the screen with the frame included.
You will thank me later. Put back in all the components. Got the vibrator motor, the rear
camera, the front facing camera and ear piece all placed back in; making sure that it lines
up with the little pins on the side. And then when you’re placing the motherboard back
into place make sure you lift up the ribbon cables of the cameras so they don’t get
caught underneath the motherboard. There’s only three to worry about so it’s not too
bad. And make sure the motherboard slips inside of the plastic clasps at the top and the bottom.
Just kind of press it in. You’ll hear it click into place to make sure that the motherboard
is secure. Putting the button back together. I put the center button down first, just kind
of eye balling it, and then the top layer just clips down over the top of it. And then
press it a couple times to make sure that everything’s clicking and you don’t have
anything stuck underneath there and it’s all cleaned out. And try not to touch the
inside of the camera lens either if you go to replace that. That will make it so that
your pictures are blurry later on. I’m going to clip the back frame back together. The
loud speaker is connecting to the rest of the device. Making sure that the ribbon cable
for the screen is clamped down to the motherboard. It’s kind of like a little tiny tiny Lego
piece. It has a bunch of little fins that just clamp down onto the motherboard. So you
have to line it up perfectly and then just clip it down. And you’ll feel it snap underneath
your fingers as it clicks into place. Getting the back housing pressed into the frame of
the screen. Getting the battery back in there. And then I’m going to test it before I put
the screws back in. Now the back cover’s in place. I’m going to go ahead and give
the phone a try…and everything works. If you have any questions leave them down in
the comments below. Don’t forget to “like” if this video helped you. And don’t forget
to subscribe. Thanks a ton for watching. Hope to see you around.

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  1. Hello ! My question is about the screen and only the screen, I´ve purchased this: . Can you please tell me If I would be able to replace only that part? I guess I need to heat the screen and then I will be able to remove it, without opening the hole cellphone. If not would you explain me how? or If I need to buy something else? Maybe I need to cancell this purchase in case you say is not the correct. my phone is from a friend that I´m trying to help LG G4 H815. Thanks in advance and thanks for the time you took to read this!

  2. Jerry, today all of a sudden the screen on my LG G4 went black and only lights back up when i use my thumb to put pressure on it a little above the LG symbol on the screen. I've already replaced the screen once by myself about a month ago, would you have any idea of what issue i should be looking at once i tear down the phone again? I appreciate your time, looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks!

  3. what should u do if the Lg phone screen is coming on but nothing pop up. when i push the power bitten it come on but nothing show thanks u if u make a video

  4. My phone comes on but the screen is cracked and it not reacting to touch. Is there something else wrong other than the cracked screen?

  5. Hi Jerry, first off great video i made sure to thumbs up and subscribe!

    Are you by any chance familiar with the bootlooping issues some g4 owners are having?

    The consensus seems to be it is a hardware issue (a loose connector) and i was wondering if you had any insight on the issue

    I purchased an international version of the g4 on ebay and lg doesn't seem to honor the warranty here in the US for repairs

    Thanks for any info and here is a link to the article if you have time:

  6. Hey Jerry, I stay in Canada. My LG G4 screen broke and I didnt fix it because it still works fine. Anyway it seems as if water got into the bottom part of the phone and there was this red point of light and a burning smell. I quickly removed the battery and tried drying the phone with a bowl of rice. Please what do I do next?

  7. Hello Jerry. I followed your instructions to replace my broken display screen on my LG G4.. The device worked fine with broken screen, but I have replaced Moble and IPad screens and felt I could handle this repair. That being said…
    I purchased the complete screen with bezel online to ease the repair. After completing the repair, thanks to your excellent instructional video! The display works after repair, but there are a couple issues.
    1. When display times out I should be able to tap screen twice to bring it back up. That does not function every time. I then have to press power button on rear of device to bring display back up.
    2. When I receive a call the screen displays incoming caller info and I can answer call normally. As soon as I answer, display goes dark no matter what position and the only way to bring display back up is to press rear button. Seems I did not complete a perfect repair! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  8. What about the front facing speaker anything for that? my LG is making a weird rattling noise when i make calls any help?

  9. Thanks. Just replaced my wife's screen in a matter of minutes with your help. $53 part from Amazon compared to $200 Sprint deductible.

  10. I had a problem with my G4 where it went into a restart looping and they told me its a motherboard problem and all they will replace it with a new one. now I don't care about the phone as much as I want the data from the internal storage (the files and photos). if there is anything you can help me with I would really be thankful 😩😩😩

  11. I dropped my LG4 in the pool the camera on the outside works but no the selfie what do I do …do I have to have it replaced?

  12. hey nice video!, i was wondering if the screen in the discription is , the original screen made by lg. If not is it virtually the same? thanks

  13. im planning to replace the lcd of my lg g4 dual sim and i found a combo screen+frame assembly online but its for single sim variants.. will it work??

  14. Hi Jerry, nicely down, I am a surveyor my LG4 fell into a march a got soaked and within a second got off and never got on, phone is two weeks old and I dried it with hear dryer and it looks new but became sleeping beauty and never wake up??? any help?

  15. @Jerry: My LG G4 from verizon screen cracked but still functional. I found this product online.
    Wanted to check if this is the one that is required to replace the screen (with the frame :-)). Kindly suggest.

  16. Can anyone help? I accidentally dropped my phone in water, and took it back out. My phone still works, it still turns on and everything, I get calls and texts, but the screen is the problem. From afar the screen looks perfectly fine, but when you try to swipe or do anything on the phone, nothing happens. I don't know if I have to buy a new replacement screen or not, or if something else is wrong. Basically all I'm asking is if anyone can tell me if I should buy a new screen or not.

  17. i successfully changed my shattered screen using this video and everything works perfect now, except for the headphone jack. it was fine before i replaced the screen. what could i have done wrong?

  18. Hi Jerry, I love your job :), I have a question my Tmobile g4 motherboard got the loop of hell, and needs to be replaced is out of warranty, any tips where I can buy the mother board??? at a good price, will be worth it?

  19. Hello Jerry, I'm having this problem with my LG G4 where it launches apps on its own (literally moving on its own) . It gets more annoying nowadays. What do you think is causing this and is there a DIY that you can suggest?

  20. I seriously hate this phone! mine gets so hot while using certain apps and then will turn off if I don't hold it in front of the a.c.

    A few month ago I had it plugged in and then it shut off on me and was stuck on the LG g4 screen and wouldn't turn on. got it replaced with my insurance.. But then it happened again last night. and bc my screen has a small crack in it, the insurance won't cover the manufacturer problem!! this phone is shit!

    But thankfully for you, I might replace my screen in my own (for hopefully cheaper than the 200 they want for it) and then bring it in to get the manufacturer problem fixed.

    where can I but the screen with frame? do you have a link to a site you got it from?

    thank you for your help!

  21. Had my G4 for two weeks now. It fell down 1 feet and the screen cracked… No other damage anywhere, not even a scratch. I'm pissed off that the screen broke with such a light drop…

  22. Watch out! I followed this video to the tee and ended up with a very quiet phone (the external speaker is fine) that would go black when making a call such that I couldn't hang up, hit the speakerphone button, use the dialling pad, etc… 🙁

    There are small, black, rubber gaskets for the phone speaker and the proximity sensor. They aren't included in a lot of the OEM replacement frames (watch out for listings that say "no small parts"). You need to ensure that you cannibalise them from the old frame onto your new replacement one.

    Read this thread for more info:

  23. hey , jerry , the link u provide to buy the screen isnt able to ship to my country , can u recommend another one for me , as you're the only youtuber i can trust . pls reply asap.

  24. Hey Jerry, I found one thing missing from your video was that you do not mention about removing the headphone jack which is one more component that needs to be ported onto the new screen from your older screen.

    One more thing to take a note is that not all the vendors provide the rubber proximity sensor holder (I am not sure what term to use here). This is a small rubber insulator that houses the 2 sensors for the proximity sensor. The distributor from where I received my LG G4 frame didn't have this part and I started facing issue when I made a phone call. The moment I made a call, the screen used to go blank even though I had not placed the phone on my ear. I returned that piece and asked for replacement but found that the new replaced screen also had exactly the same issue. On searching on the net I found that there was an insulator kind of thing in the frame that my frame distributor did not supply with the LG G4 frame that caused the proximity sensor to think that the phone was held close to the ear all the time and used to turn off the screen when ever I made a call. One porting the rubber insulator from the older phone my issue got resolved and the screen behaved the way it should.

    Thanks to your video. This is the second time your video helped me to replace a part of the phone.

  25. Replacement screen says "genuine high quality part" – exactly what about it is genuine? It's a 3rd party replacement…

  26. hello sir …. some glu is enter in my lg g4 top side beneath of screen glass near fron cameral.
    how can i clean it??

  27. Great video! Keep up the good work! One question though. What is the reception antenna? I've got problems with 3g signal, which leads to not being able to receive calls, while on GSM/WCDMA/LTE network regime, although 2g and 4g work perfectly fine. Only WCDMA won't receive signal at all. Wonder if its a software or hardware problem. Tnx in advance.

  28. Hi! I'm having the vertical line problem with my LG4 and I was told that I needed to fix the flex cable connecting the motherboard and the screen. How exactly would I go about this? Do I submerge it in alcohol?
    Side note: My phone also presses random things on its own. Thanks for any help!

  29. Hey Jerry. I like your videos. But now need help: where can I get original cammera lense gor G4 and battery


  30. what's the link to purchase the LG g4 screen and frame that you had used in the video? shops quoting 180 for them to do this 15min fix

  31. hi i take a screen withe fream but i have problem withe call sensor it's turn off the screen auto when i call the phone and i don't know why

  32. my phone just didnt turn on screen does not have one scatch nor crack on it i brought it to one of those repair shops and she told me bought it cud be the motherboard

  33. right to the point and not too long! great video hope I never have to fix my phone but I now know how easy it is to take apart! woo LG!

  34. Thank you. I was looking for information on the screen, now I know which assembly to buy. Very good video covering all the components. You saved me a ton of money!

  35. Great breakdown… I have water damaged lg g4 H815 and a fully working H810.. Is it possible to swap h815 components into the H810 to make it an H815… is it just the motherboard that needs swapping?

  36. One of the reasons why I bought this phone: It is so easy to repair! (replacing the battery, camera, display/LCD, …)
    Really good work, LG! The environment is going to thank you. Hopefully it will survive the next 3 – 5 years! 😀
    Very good and precise video, though! Keep going on.

  37. i have some issue with my lg g4 , , how to repair the bootloop problem ,
    you''re doing a great job , keep going

  38. If your lcd screen is still working with just only the broken front glass, you can get it fixed for a very reasonable price:

  39. hello bro I m haviwlg g4 h8181n model and its display is damaged I want to confirm whether lg g4 s h815n or h812n models display works on h818n complete display with touch

  40. My Touchscreen of my g4 is not responding anymore .Wheres the Conector for make the Touchscreen work? Anyone know? do i need to Clean anything below the platine/board to fix this issue? Or maybe replace a part?!

  41. anyone know where to get a screen with the frame as for a reasonable price in
    Canada? the link that is in the description has been sold out forever

  42. I just broke my camera lense and this video helped me a lot. Only paid like $5 for it and it's extremely easy to replace. Hardest part was finding the screwdrivers. Thank you.

  43. it's 2018, and sadly this is still my daily driver phone. I love it, but it's begging me to let him die. The images itself burns to the screen leaving "ghost images" all around, and average performance decreaced a lot. Sadly i dont have the money to buy a new one ):
    Well, you probably arent going to read this anyway, since is a very old video, but I really love and enjoy your channel. Cheers!

  44. Very clear verbal directions and video. Took me only about 15 minutes to change my cracked screen. Thanks so much!

  45. I have one of those and when i shake it on both sades it sounds tht something is moving inside but the phone works normally what is it pleaaaaaaase answer me

  46. wow, thank you very much zach, you sir saved me over 100 euro for the replacement. your video gave me confidence that i could do it myself instead of spending 130 euro for replacement. thanks to lg it only took me about 15 mintues.

  47. Thank you for the clear and thorough guide. Replaced my screen and digitizer and was having issues with the earpiece and referred to your guide to make to make sure I was doing it right and wasn't going to break it. 3 years old so it just needed some patience. Subscribed and liked. Thank you

  48. thanks very much for the video. it gave me the confidence and info to replace my screen. there were also a couple of rubber seals that needed moving too but your video was great. cheers!

  49. Hello jerry,
    Is there any way to solve the bootloop problem i am currently facing it with my lg g4? and also the phone when it was alive gets super hot while watching youtube videos

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