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LG G5 Broken Camera Lens Glass Replacement How To

LG G5 Broken Camera Lens Glass Replacement How To

Hey guys, how’s it going? I guess you’re here because you’ve got the same problem I did. I found a nice little fracture all over my camera lens on my LG G5. Now I’ve got a ridiculous protective case that does a great job, there’s no signs of impact on the phone. It looks like it’s just because of the way the square is cut in the middle of the glass it creates a stress point. And mine ended up with a crack that goes straight across one of the camera lenses so I was getting pretty odd effects when I was taking some pictures so I wanted to replace it. So the first thing you want to do, of course, is power off the phone. Once you do that, of course, you want to take the battery out. And that’s one of the beauties of the G5, of course. It’s very easy battery removal. Just go ahead and press the small button on the side here and the battery pops right out. Probably just a safe way to proceed. Now you know, with all the fractures on the back of this thing I was kind of worried about it falling to pieces and going inside the camera. So I decided I would use a hot glue gun to try to help hold things together and maybe even be able to lift the lens out. So you can buy these glue guns pretty much at any of the typical cheap hardware places that you’ve heard of. Mine actually came as part of a paintless dent removal kit which works pretty good. But anyway, so I’m going to go ahead and put some of the glue over each of the lenses. But I’m also going to trail it across the top there where that really nasty little fracture is just to kind of try to hold the pieces together while I’m pulling the thing out. It turns out that the glue, in my case anyway, it wasn’t enough to pull the lens out, but it was nice to have on there because what I ended up doing was I ended up poking through the fracture with a small jeweler’s screwdriver. That allowed me to slowly pull it from the back. A lot of people will try to pry these from the front face which might be fine. You know if you’ve got one of the really slim guitar pick things and enough heat then you might be able to get it off. My experience is you end up probably just damaging the rim around the lens and then you could end up with fitment problems or just aesthetic issues. So, what I did was, because there was glue holding things together, I just kind of poked the screwdriver in, lifted from the backside. You just want to be really careful, very slow. Make sure you keep the thing in one piece. Take your time just tug on it and let the tension slowly pull the adhesive that’s on the back away. Nicely there’s a full adhesive on the back of this thing that helps hold the glass together, too. So between that, and having a little bit of glue on the front, I don’t think there’s going to be any issues. It went very quickly and stayed in one piece in my case. Now the new ones you buy are all the same. It’s just got a little tab. You peel the tab off. It’s got a full adhesive back on it and it fits right in place. And as you can see they come with a protective film and you can just use your fingernail and Get it started and pull it off, and you’re going to be good as new! All right, good luck and make sure you get all the dust out before you put the new one down.

17 thoughts on “LG G5 Broken Camera Lens Glass Replacement How To”

  1. wondering if you can help, i replaced my camera glass recently but there is a haze when using the camera, there isn't any protective film over it and there isnt a haze when i remove the glass. Would it be better to buy another replacement and is it a common problem with glass or plastic ones ?

  2. I can't believe this shit. I've had my phone for like 4 days and woke up with this broken lol! I haven't even dropped it.

  3. It looks like this may be an LG G6 issue as well:

    The same process will work to fix the LG G6 as long as you can find a replacement lens. Since reports are already coming in of the same thing happening with the LG G6, replacement lenses will likely start showing up soon for that model.

  4. After about 4 days with my camera glass being broken, my camera app won't open and my other apps now use the wide angle camera. is this a hardware problem ?

  5. No idea how mine broke either.. it looks exactly like the fracture on the lens in this video. My phone is always in a heavy duty hybrid case and never been dropped.

  6. I bought my g5 last Friday and realised today that the lens had fallen out… luckily found it and popped it back into place but weird considering it's only a week old

  7. Mine is in an otter box and the same thing happened… I'm sure it's from pressure of being inside a pocket and possibly leaning… But I can't explain my crack either… So frustrating.

  8. Hi Bro, hot glue is the best patent to easy replace the camera protective glass! Without risk of damage the camera. After warming up, the protective glass peels off without a problem. Big thanks!:)

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