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LG G5 Volume Button Flex Repair Guide

LG G5 Volume Button Flex Repair Guide

First, we must power off before repair. Then take out the Battery. Don’t forget to remove the Card Tray. Next, undo these 2 Screws with PH#000 Screwdriver. Remove the Complete Front Screen Assembly with Guitar Pick. This process will be a little bit harder. Be patient. Moving back and forth. Then do the same in the other side. Then put the Complete Front Screen Assembly aside. Remove the worn Volume Button Flex with Tweezer. Turn round the Volume Button Flex 90 degrees. Pressing repeatedly to make it attach to the Back Cover. Starting from the top of the Back Cover will be easier. Pressing it from left to the right. Tighten these 2 screws with PH#000 Screwdriver. Put back the Battery. The process of the boot is a bit long. Test it by pressing the Volume Button up and down.

11 thoughts on “LG G5 Volume Button Flex Repair Guide”

  1. Would I have to do this if my volume down button is functioning/Unfunctioning? To simplify, my up volume button works but my bottom volume button works here and there.

  2. I did this repair by following this video. It went well, but didn't work. Volume-down button still doesn't work. Vendor sent me the new part in a plain unpadded envelope, so I figured it was damaged somehow. Ordered a new one to try again.

  3. The problem i have with this video is my sound is on pretty loud and obviously I can't turn it down. the song is annoying

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