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LG G8X hands-on: two screens, one phone

LG G8X hands-on: two screens, one phone

– Hey, it’s Chris Welch with
the Verge here at IFA 2019, and this is LG’s G8x ThinQ. (ambient beats) It’s a phone with a case
that acts as a second screen. We’ve heard a lot about
foldable phones from Samsung, Huawei, that’s the trend
of the future it seems. But LG thinks this is a more productive, smarter approach. When you don’t need that
second screen anymore, you just take the phone
out and go about your day. Okay, so the big story is
obviously that second screen. But the G8x ThinQ is like an upgraded
version of this year’s G8. It’s got the same
Snapdragon 855 processor, 128 GB of storage and 6 GB of RAM. There’s FastCharge 4.0, wireless charging, the usual HiFi deck
for high quality audio, and there’s and in-display
fingerprint sensor since that case is
gonna cover up the back. And then there are the cameras. This is a company that’s always
been known for it’s cameras, and on back you get a
12-MP standard camera, a 13-MP super wide angle camera, and there’s the 32-MP front facing camera. Now, by default, those
images come out at 8-MP but if you want, you can bump it up to 32. There are new camera modes, too. There’s something called
‘AI action shot’ if you have fast-moving subjects. The Steady Cam for video
shooting has gotten much better, so says LG. And by far, the weirdest new
camera trick is ASMR-mode where the microphone records at three-times higher sensitivity
so you can be really quiet, talk very quietly and make
whatever weird YouTube videos you want. (ambient beats with piano) So both the phone and the
second screen have a 6.4-inch full HD-Plus display. There’s a notch, and the
second screen also has a notch, because LG wanted symmetry. Seems bizarre to me but
that’s what they decided. There is a headphone jack on
bottom, so that’s still here with LG’s usual Hi-Fi deck. There are dual stereo speakers. On the bottom is USB-C and you have your Google
Assistant button on the side still as well, plus power and volume. So that rounds out the
hardware on the phone. It’s a nice refinement of the
G8 from earlier this year, but now let’s talk about
that second screen. So, using the second screen
couldn’t be much easier. You just pop the phone in
and it connects over USB-C. You pull down your quick settings and then you activate
Dual-Screen, and viola! So when you have two
screens, one obvious use case is the camera. You can hand the phone to somebody, and when they take your photo
you can see the composition on the other screen to make
sure everything looks right. And, you look beautiful. So, you can obviously watch
a video on one screen, and browse the web on the other, but if you’re playing videos
or playing a game on one screen and a video on the other, you can actually control the volume for each
one and listen to two things at the same time. So on the front of the phone is this little tiny OLED
display that shows the time, battery level, notifications,
things like that. It’s not really a third
screen but it’s nice to have. One bad thing is that it
doesn’t get very bright at all. So that’s the G8x ThinQ. This is LG’s idea for what
the future of phones might be, and there are other ideas
like foldable phones. What you want depends on
what you need from a phone and what you want to do with it. It’s going to be coming
out in the coming weeks and the hope is that
most carriers will bundle the second screen with the
phone at no extra cost. Thanks for watching! What’s your idea for what the
future of phones should be? Should they fold? Should there be a second screen in a case? Let us know and stay tuned
for all of our coverage here at IFA 2019.

100 thoughts on “LG G8X hands-on: two screens, one phone”

  1. Yes an LG phone with a great design can't wait to snag this for under 300 dollars
    SD 855 6gb ram expandable memory QHD
    Great cameras
    And in 6 months it'll depreciate alot unless the reviewers somehow decide to give LG credit lolol which they never do 😂

  2. LG is trying so hard to be one of the more popular phones again with all those innovations.. sadly that they dont, even though theyre doing the most innovative stuff

  3. LG makes better phones than Samsung, I just wish they would improve their software and make it more in line with the stock android experience.

  4. I wonder if I could use my lgv50 with it since 🇺🇸 didn't get no second screen and this use the usb and there the same size phones but I would have 2 use another way 2 unlock my phone since this is in display finger print sensor setup

  5. This dual screen approach was actually introduced in their more expensive flagship the V Series and I think it is a very smart approach to double screen

  6. So, I like Chris as a presenter, he articulates well and is very easy to understand… but I really wish he’d look in the camera, it’s kinda disconcerting that he looks at a slight angle as if he’s in an interview.

    Is there a particular reason why he doesn’t look into the camera?

  7. I have had cheap LG phones for the last couple of Cell Phones I have owned, and am rather impressed with how well they work. Coming from a Windows Phone (which I still prefer), LG builds great products.

  8. The only thing I want from a foldable phone is to not have to get specially made pants pockets for it or feel like I’m going to snap the phone in half

  9. This is pretty cool but for me I want a foldable phone that can fold out to a decent size for watching video and for being a portable note/sketchbook.

  10. The hope is that they actually release this variant to the U.S. for whatever reason LG always makes multiple versions of the same phone and give us the worse one.

  11. Finally that big notch that was on the G8 ThinQ is gone and all we have now is a small teardrop notch. I gotta say, the display looks really good

  12. I love LG and they haven't disappointed me until now. Android 10 has been out and doesn't have it. Not the latest chipset SDM 855+ and they decreased the resolution to 1080p. Everything else they got right but I'm hesitant to buy it which I was until now. Guess I'll stick to my G7 for a little longer.

  13. This is much better than Samsung's fold solution. No weird crease. And it really looks a lot more productive too. Samsung should copy this, add some battery to the second screen, lose the notch and voila!

  14. That background music is too loud and doesn't match at all – I checked if a background tab is playing audio before realizing it's the actual video's bg audio – that's how off it is.

  15. This is a better implementation of a "widescreen". Its more durable and, you have the option to stick with the barphone if you dont need a wider screen.

  16. How could you not mention that the second screen only sits in one very awkward position and cant be adjusted like a nintnedo ds , its like the main problem with this phones second screen

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