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LG K10 Loudspeaker Repair Guide

LG K10 Loudspeaker Repair Guide

Power off the phone. Put your fingernail in the notch on the bottom-left corner and pry the back cover off. Pry the battery up and remove it. Screw out 11 Phillips screws. Insert a guitar pick to separate plastic frame from LCD Assembly. Slide the guitar pick. Insert another guitar pick. Just like the other side. And the third guitar pick. Then separate the plastic frame from the LCD Assembly. Remove loudspeaker from edges. Loosen the adhesive underneath. Then remove it. Put loudspeaker in place. Metal contacts on the right side. Put back plastic frame from the bottom side. Make plastic frame connect to the phone well. Put back 11 Phillips screws. Note the model number here! Put back battery and connect metal contacts well. Put back battery cover. Make it connect to the phone well. Press the power button to power on the phone. Open the dial pad. Input test code:*#546368#*430#(430 is the model number) Device test→SAAT→Service Menu – Manual Test→Ring Test

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