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LG K10 Wifi & Bluetooth Antenna Repair Guide

LG K10 Wifi & Bluetooth Antenna Repair Guide

Power off the phone. Put your fingernail in the notch on the bottom-left corner and pry the back cover off. Pry the battery up and remove it. Screw out three Phillips screws. Use tweezers to pry up the antenna. It made from plastic material. There are some plastic connectors underneath. Be careful and patient. Put Wifi and Bluetooth antenna in place. And make it fit well to the phone. Put back three Phillips screws. Put back battery and connect metal contacts well. Put back back cover. Wireless routers. Open the wifi settings. It works. Open the Bluetooth settings. Connect the bluetooth headphones. Watch Witrigs videos. And surf the internet. Subscribe us for more contents.

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  1. Olá boa noite amigo estou com esse problema no K10 2017 modelo m250 consigo conectar bluetooth mais n wi-fi alguém pode me ajudar

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