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LG show first Windows Phone 7 handset

LG show first Windows Phone 7 handset

At last week’s Engadget Show in New York,
LG and Microsoft revealed the first prototype Windows Phone 7 device. The handset appeared to be sufficiently advanced
to be able to show off the new home screen, some multimedia functions and web searching
using Bing. There’s very little detail on the handset
itself, although we know that Windows Phone 7 has some very demanding hardware requirements,
so we expect this LG phone to be quite beefy when it comes out. There’s no word on what this phone might be
called, but LG indicate that they hope to launch their first Windows Phone 7 device
sometime during Q4 2010.

8 thoughts on “LG show first Windows Phone 7 handset”

  1. Q4? Seriously – are Microsoft TRYING to fail? They've fallen so far behind their rivals it's not funny. Then they announce a non-skinnable, non – multitasking OS that will already be obsolete at launch! iPhone 4.0 and Android will be far ahead by Q4..

  2. *sigh* LG has been rapidly falling after the smartphone market erupted. Now its trying to get back into the game with the LG panther but I still think its too late as it looks like crap. Literally crap. Too thick, too bulky on the front as it has the gigantic LG logo on it. Hopefully Samsung releases something amazing as their Galaxy S models have impressed. HTC will probably release something good too

  3. @EricGrain
    What are you talking about? HTC has a contract with MS and HTC has publicly said that they are developing WP7 phones. HTC started out making windows phones, HTC will still continue making windows phones. Word is that HTC is going to release 3 phones by Christmas: HTC Mozart, HTC Gold, HTC Mondrian.

  4. @EricGrain Well, I'm not sure if HTC has made a contract yet but I've read an article that the CEO said that they were going to develop WP7 phones. And also, rumors in the tech world usually are true, but sometimes its not. But because the CEO said that they were going to make the phones, I''m pretty sure the rumors are somewhat true.

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