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LG V10 LCD Screen Repair Guide

LG V10 LCD Screen Repair Guide

Beneath the warranty label there is a hidden screw. Carefully pry up the back frame. Be careful enough not to hurt the motherboard below. Undo the headphone jack connector and LCD connector. Loose the sticker beneath the cover. Slide and remove the side strips. Loose the sticker beneath the upper cover. The lcd sticker is not strong. lcd heating up is optional. Two flex cables goes through the middle frame. Press it in place. Install motherboard carefully. Connect the lcd flex cable. Power on the phone. Slide the screen, open and use app to check whether the screen works well. Power off the phone. Apply double side sticker for upper cover. Install the upper cover. Adjust the MIC hole. Drive 6 screws onto the fame after installing side strips Apply double side sticker for the lower cover. Install the lower cover. Adjust the Mic hole. Install the motherboard. Connect headphone set flex and lcd flex. Install back frame. Install battery. Install battery cover.

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  2. @Wit Rigs I disassambled my device because it sometimes freezes during use (not getting hot), it shuts down after a couple of seconds.
    At the beginning I could take out the bat and insert it again and it would start up again. But now it sometimes takes a day or more to start up again. What could be the cause, is there a spare part I can replace or just throw the whole phone away?

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