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LG V10 Screen Repair, Dual Camera fix, 3 Microphone Locations

LG V10 Screen Repair, Dual Camera fix, 3 Microphone Locations

Today I will be taking apart and explaining
most of the components inside of the Smartphone: LG V10. Remove the back cover, and pop out
the battery. Then you’ll see 14 screws that are all along the back plastic housing. I
will link tools and parts down in the video description below. Once those 14 screws are
removed you can take your plastic pry tool and pry between the back plastic housing and
the frame of the phone. Make sure you don’t pry on that mother board because its right
underneath that housing, and you don’t want to damage any of those components on the board
itself. Once it’s all unclipped from the side you can lift off the back plastic panel.
To replace the camera lens it’s actually pretty easy. You can press against the backside
of it from the outside and it will push though the frame. I will link these down in the video
description as well. Pretty easy to replace the camera lens if it ever gets cracked or
broken. Here you can see the finger print scanner as well as the actual buttons themselves.
You can see the gold contact points that just rest up against the mother board as well.
That’s how it receives its communication from the phone. To re-install the camera lens
you just put it back in the frame and snap it down, and you press the buttons down into
the frame of the lens as well. Make sure it clicks and you’re good to start working
on the inside of the phone. So the front facing camera is actually pretty interesting. Its
2 lenses. It’s a 5Megapixel camera and it looks suspiciously like the skull of a medical
star wars droid. The reason it has two cameras is because if you use one camera it gives
you more of a close-up shot. If you use both cameras it’s the same size (same amount
of pixels) but it gives you more of a perspective. It lets you see more things around you. To
snap it back into place just press it down like a little Lego. The headphone jack is
also replaceable. You can unsnap the ribbon cable that connects the screen to the motherboard.
Then you can lift the motherboard out away from the phone. You can see the back of the
front camera. The rear camera is attached the same way with a little Lego type connector.
I’m just going to unsnap that from the main board. This is a 16 mega pixel camera with
optical image stabilization. I’m going to go ahead and snap that back into place just
like little Lego. Making sure it clicks in. Here’s the charging port. It is not replaceable.
Unless you know how to sauter. Here’s one of the three microphones down at the bottom.
Here’s another one. Both of those are visible from the outside of the phone. The one that
is not visible is the one right above the camera. You can tell that they are microphones
by the grills that are underneath on the backside of the motherboard. This is what allows the
phone to do its three dimensional sound recording. The SD card and Sim card tray is not removable
it is sautered onto the mainboard as well. To remove these side bars there are 3 more
screws on each side. Remove those. You can see here that the bar will slide up and down
a little bit. It is locked in place by the bottom plastic piece. So I’m going to take
my pry tool and remove the adhesive between the plastic and the frame of the screen. Then
I can pop that off away from the phone. Same thing with the other side. Just slide it down
and pull it out. These are pretty high quality. They feel very nice in your hands. Then I’m
going to remove the top plastic piece as well from the phone. Now this is your screen it
is an IPS LCD display. What you have here this particular component on the screen is
the glass on the front. The LCD in the middle and the frame on the back, and if you can
buy it like this that will make your life so much easier. Now if you can only by the
glass and the LCD without the frame you’re going to have to use a bunch of heat to separate
the glass and the LCD from the frame itself. Then re-adhere the LCD and the glass to the
frame. It is a significantly longer process and the old LCD will not survive, so it is
much easier if you buy the component just like this. I will link the parts and tools
down in the video description so check that out. See if I can save you some time by linking
the whole unit, instead of just the glass and the LCD. Now that that’s installed again
we can put back on the plastic piece as well as the side bars, left and right, make sure
you get those screws back in there. The screws line up with the top of the phone. Then the
bottom plastic piece goes in. Then you can set the mother board down into the frame.
Making sure that the ribbon cables aren’t pinched underneath. You got the headphone
jack the LCD ribbon cable. Then the motherboard will sit down pretty snugly. You can snap
on the back plastic piece and get those 14 screws screwed into place. Then you can snap
the back plastic piece back in. Turn the phone on and everything is good. If you have any
questions, leave them down in the comments below. Don’t forget to like if this video
helped you. Please subscribe it does help me out. Hope to see you around. If you are
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100 thoughts on “LG V10 Screen Repair, Dual Camera fix, 3 Microphone Locations”

  1. Unrelated, but my Galaxy S6 Active does not charge any more via micro usb, due to saltwater damage. The port is literally green from the salt damage. How much of a chore would it be to fix that? Also the wifi on that device is completely wonky. Disconnects and reconnects to my wifi network every few minutes…however I've noticed it doesn't seem to do it, or as much when I'm on other wifi networks away from home. Any ideas? Thanks, great videos as always.

  2. Hey Jerryrig where is it that you can find replacements for the Steel Bars? Preferably the gold ones ! Thank you !

  3. Your videos are nice, very standardized. So we can compare objectively on each phones.

    Unlike drop tests, which depends on a lot things…

  4. unfortunately, repairs universe not have the rear facing camera replacement… they write that the item is in stock, but is not the reality. AFTER the order, they write to me that the replacement is not avaliable and is only ready in 3 weeks. can you tell me another site that i can find the rear facing camera replacement, please?

  5. can you check you some of the xiaomi phones? for example mi4, mi3, mi4c, redmi note3 you wont have to break a bank for this 😉 for example mi3 cost just about 150$

  6. The third mic is actually facing forward. It comes up througe the sbeaker grill near the proximity sensor.
    Thank you for this teardown! I am no longer wondering where that 3rd mic is.

  7. I checked out those links for parts, nice and all, but sadly no rails, coz they get a nice beating and I'd like to replace them.

  8. Hi Jerry. I got a minor scratch in the ring around the rear camera. Is there a way to fix it?

  9. there are 2 small holes on the top of the phone and when i asked people they told me the right one is the remote and the other is a speaker instead of the speaker next to the charger,is this true jerry?

  10. If there a way to replace just the glass without destroying the LCD? I cracked my screen but the display is still fine, and I don't want to spend all of the money for the LCD + Glass + Frame.

  11. Hi. i tried replacing the fingerprint scanner and now my volume buttons wont work. can you help me?

  12. I can't seem to find the volume and home replacement buttons for sale. My fingerprint scanner works but pressing it and the volume buttons do nothing. Anybody know where I can pick the button assembly up?

  13. At the 0:42second mark, an adhesive gasket came out. I don't whether the adhesive was between lens assembly and body, or between lens assembly and button assembly. However, I'm curious if you're able to instruct me on how to obtain the adhesive, and apply it? Thanks for publishing this video. You assisted in my repair.

  14. please help. my phone has water damage and now the screen is on a permanent dim mode. there's a bright light coming from the top of the screen but that's it. My question is what am I replacing? The screen or the motherboard or both? or better yet is there a way to fix it that I'm missing? I'm guessing something burned out. again top of screen has a light almost like a night light but the rest of the screen is dimmed out. very hard to see. screens not cracked and everything else works fine. thanks in advance 🙂

  15. jerry, if u have to say a repair SCORE to this v10…what is it? 9? 10? is it one of the most easy phone to repair?

  16. does anyone know where i can buy the parts, I wanna buy the side rails, top and bottom plastic and the the camera plastic cover

  17. Hey there Jerry! Great informative vid! You by the way, didn't mention the vibrator. I recently lost it: if i knock the phone it has a low signal a few seconds, i assume there is a bad connection after a phone drop. So where is the vibration motor located? Thanks in advance 🙂

  18. Hi Jerry,
    do you know if the OIS for the back camera is in the camera module itself? I may replace mine down the road. Just wondering if the OIS would be a separate part. Thanks

  19. Hey Zack. I need a replacement screen and digitizer + frame but the link you gave is out of stock. Do you know anywhere else legit please?

  20. i love ur videos man very in depth but i was wondering about the external DAC and the stock one that comes with the Qualcomm chipset. are those visible and can u replace them if anything were to happen?

  21. hey there,my mic doesn't seem to work when I call someone on my LG V10.The speakerphone works and the video audio does as well,but not on snap chat.I recently had someone fix my charging port.Ay suggestions?

  22. Really loved the design of the LG V10. I wish they continued with that style and it's too bad they didn't release it with more frequencies.

  23. Hi, the front camera part is actually one lens is normal the other is wide angle, its not the phone used both cameras or anything, thought that I might put this here to help clarify anything. 🙂

  24. +JerryRigEverything, thank you very much for your videos, I am entertained ! 🙂 Allot of users are complaining about the Wifi connections, and so am I, the wifi connection not only is it weaker than older phones, but it is unstable. Talking the phone apart, do you see any physical reason for that, like the stainless steel sides pressing against the antenna or something?

  25. Was just going to say, everything seems relatively easy to remove considering the strength of the phone when u did the bend test. Seems the phone doesn't rely on the back for strength either. I honestly kinda appreciate the rubber backed phones verses glass and even metal. If textured with some style, the look is nice and grippy allowing you to lay the phone down and not expect it to slide off of whatever u set it on. LG has proven u can have a removable battery and strongly build phone too. without relying on adhesive by the time for strength. Thanks Zack for that particular test and disassembly.

  26. Sadly the links you've pasted for the replacement camera, battery, full screen with frame have ridiculously overpriced shipping to Australia ($34 for a tiny $4 part) which I can get from HK for vastly less. So they've lost my business forever with that attitude.

  27. hey Zack, do you think this phone is still a good purchase now, for half the price? I have a Motorola Nexus 6 and the phone broke the screen the first time it touch the floor. Are those plastic besels on the top and bottom good for durability? thanks

  28. I have LG v10 n my screen n it's not crack is still ok its just would not turn on my battery is fine maybe my hardware or motherboard???pls help

  29. Jerry, I recently craked my screen and will be repairing it myself, you linked repairs universe to the video, is this a good group to buy from or is it just the quickest link to put up?

  30. Wow, I used to own a V10, and I replaced the screen on this thing 5 times. Let’s just say I was clumsy with it and wasn’t a fan of cases. I could replace a screen on this thing in 5 minutes. The screen on this phone scratched way too easily. Also had some burn in issues as well.

  31. I took my V10 H900 apart but when i unscrewed the back part off i found a loose piece with PES2 1545 1.04M on it and I cant figure out where it goes. Can anyone help?

  32. Hey Zack ..please, I'd like to know if using a skin or phone case would limit or reduce the quality and sensitivity of the mics on the phone (LG V20) when recording audio.. Thanks .

  33. My phone fell and then after 30 mins it was off it never started I went to a mobile shop he said there is wire misplaced it's still not starting pls help👍👍

  34. I have a problem with my v10
    The display is working perfectly but the brightness is not working; even on high brightness it shows something reasonable
    What can be the problem?

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