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LG V10 Volume & Power Button Flex Repair Guide

LG V10 Volume & Power Button Flex Repair Guide

It’s easy to take away the battery cover. There is a hidden screw under the warranty label. Take away the battery after the phone powered off. Loose the lower half of the back frame with a spudger. Pry up the upper half of the back frame carefully. Remove the back frame. There is some sticky at the edge of metal sheild. Pry off the flex cable. Install a new button flex cabel. Make the flex cable stick to the back frame at the right place. Fasten the back frame. Install the battery. Power on the phone and then adjust volume. Fasten the battery cover.

4 thoughts on “LG V10 Volume & Power Button Flex Repair Guide”

  1. I've installed the volume and power button flex. It sort of works.

    But I have to press WAY too hard to power on and off
    and I have to press WAY too hard to change volume up or down.

    There are 3 contacts on the flex, so the flex can't lie flat on the plastic base it sets on. As is the flex doesn't flex at all. The button barely goes down when pushed.

    There are three tabs on the base and 3 slots in the flex. Should the tabs pass through the slots in the flex*? They don't. It's as if the tabs are too short. As in the video, I *pressed on the flex at the tab locations but the tabs didn't pop through the slots.

    There was a small amount of adhesive on the edges of the old flex's bottom and all over the mylar strip (bottom) but not as much as is shown in the video. There's no old adhesive left on the base that the flex sets on. Do I need to use some adhesive? What kind?

    I knew this would be moderately hard and after holding the power button longer than usual, phone fired right up.

    But I need help. I hope someone can provide it.

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