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LG V20 Hands On: The Phone For A/V Geeks

LG V20 Hands On: The Phone For A/V Geeks

– [Narrator] LG hasn’t had the best year when it comes to smart phones. Despite some innovative ideas, its G5 was not exactly well received. But, LG has more than one smartphone line, and the newest in the V series has more than few tricks under
its unassuming shell. From IFA 2016 in Berlin,
I’m Michael Fisher with some first impressions of the LG V20. (fast paced music) (lighthearted music) At first glance, the V20
doesn’t seem to remarkable. The colors are safe, the shape is safe. It’s a very conservative design compared to last year’s
blend of shiny steel and colorful rubber. On the one hand, I like it. I always thought the V10
looked a little confused with its mix of materials. And the mostly aluminum V20 offers a comparatively
consistent aesthetic. Also, while it’s not waterproof, it does feature the same
durability rating as the V10. On the other hand, the V series is supposed to be LG’s extreme phone. And this design doesn’t even
hint at its crazy capabilities. I guess I just wanted
something more memorable. LG comes through for the target audience of power users, though. Push a button on the side
and you’ll see that the V20 offers the increasingly
rare removable battery. Also, there’s micro SD expansion for beefing up the on-board storage. And the phone is built
on a foundation of specs solid enough for all but
the most extreme users. And it’s not just a scattershot spec dump. As with the V10, the V20 is
all about optics and audio. On the back, two cameras sit side-by-side, one for wide angle shots and the other for high resolution ones. If the phone works as claimed, you should get some of the steadiest videos around with the V20, because it uses a new blend of optical and digital stabilization as
well as a hybrid focus system that uses laser ranging, phase detection and contrast detection. Now, all that tech talk word salad means, you should be able to focus
faster and in more conditions. You’ve also got manual controls for everything under the sun, as well as a bunch of film
effects to spruce up your shots. Up front there’s just a single
selfie camera, this year. But it is wide angle and LG says it’s 34% brighter than last year’s. As for audio, you’d probably have to buy Sony’s $3000 Walkman, to
find more audio file friendly features in a portable device. Most of this is lost on me, frankly. But, one thing really stood out to me. LG has improved the AOP of
its microphones this year. That means, the V20 should
be able to record clearly in extremely loud environments. Which might make this
your new concert camcorder if you’re one of those
hosers who ruins my view at shows with your cell phone. Oh, but important, that Bang
& Olufsen branding you see, don’t get to excited about
it if you’re in the US. That custom tuning will not be available in the North American version. Finally, the V20 is the first flagship shipping with Android N out of the box. And its improvements are welcome. LG’s software skin is less so, but at least I didn’t
detect much lag or stutter in my brief time with the device. LG claims Nougat’s power
management will give the V20 20% better battery life than the V10, despite having only about
a 7% larger power pack. And yep, the secondary display is back. The little ticker panel
is almost twice as bright and features better
contrast than last year’s. But, honestly I still think
it’s in the wrong place. On a phone this big, an extra screen should be at
the bottom, if you ask me. With the V20, LG has stuck
to an existing formula, instead of reinventing the wheel. We’ll see if it pay off and whether another
smartphone for A/V aficionados has a place in the market, when it goes on sale later this year. Check the description for more details and be sure to subscribe
for more Mr. Mobile Media from IFA 2016 in Berlin. Until next time, thanks for watching and stay mobile, my friends. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “LG V20 Hands On: The Phone For A/V Geeks”

  1. I agree about having the second screen on the bottom. This would be awesome because you could have your navigation buttons on that second screen instead of taking up real estate on the main screen. Also that second screen could span the whole width of the phone instead of being cut short because of the front facing camera. If the second screen was on the bottom, it would be such a hit. Also, I would consider using a different type of screen for the second screen, maybe using what they use for e-ink on the Pebble watch. It would save on battery, and would provide the same functionality, especially in terms of always being on.

  2. What is in the headset H3 of the B & 0 good device for V20?
    Why Sony or Bose headphones not good like B & 0 ?

  3. Mr. Michael Fisher, can you turn the lights off and record the 2nd screen with the always on display? I hated the light bleed on the v10, so I want to make sure the 2nd screen doesn't have light bleed before I buy the v20

  4. The crazy thing is.. the v20 isnt even making it to the UK, youd of thought LG wouldve been keen to try and boost their popularity and sales … apparently not.. which is a shame.. Thanks LG

  5. hello , can a dual sim variant of lg v20 will be available in final launch of the product in Indian market or in any market ??

  6. please try the audio quality and see if it really makes a difference! and do thr h3 b&o come with every phone or just some countries and stuff

  7. Before you are Micheal fisher but now you more like Mr.robot then because when you said exciting but your voice not sound exciting made it kind of boring to listening. 🙁 it made me feel like watching documentary than watching you review the phone.

  8. The inside looks good and I love how they are catering to people interested in A/V, making that their own little niche. However, I like the V10's design more. The V20 at a glance looks like a mid-range Lenovo…
    I do agree that the 2nd screen at the bottom could serve more functionality than the screen on the top. I have the V10 now so I'm looking forward to their upcoming versions to upgrade to. Hope the V30/V40 would be a further improvement (more battery life please)!

  9. Yeah, and buy a spare battery too. LG battery life is poor. I had a G3. Never again will a LG be in my system. The B & O audio is about the only thing worth having.

  10. Thats the best comment on smartphones review I'd heard: "The extra screen should be at the bottom"
    Subscribed! I have been looking for you Michael since pocketnow.

  11. I love this channel! just because this man doesn't beg for subscribers (through video or comments). And even even if he has less subscribers, it doesnt show up on his videos. Great job Mr. Mobile!

  12. hi fisher plzzz make a full review about v20 after watching all the ads & promos which lg made and plzz make a full review & i think it is the best & the samsung note s7 users can use rather then using s7 edge but it juat leake 2 features & that is the edge display & waterproof. keep up. peace

  13. What the freak!? As soon as I heard the voice, I was like YOU WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN SON? I missed you on Pocketnow, they are doing great over there but man. I missed your detail and fantastic reviews. I'm subscribing btw.

  14. I'd like to see your final verdict on this phone. It probably doesn't warrant a second video, but that's a shame since it's an incredible phone.

  15. Michael, if you started your own channel earlier than this or from day one instead of joining pocketnow, you would have already been at millions of subscribers. Always the best reviews and the only reason I USED to watch pocketnow. Now it's you, Android Authority, Flossy Carter, and sometimes MKBHD.

  16. I put a cool case on this device…it looks good…and IMHO works like a dream.
    Maybe the best phone I've ever owned. Just my 2 cents.

  17. what's the best headphones to use because my S7 edge sounds just as good with my headphones. no real difference between them?

  18. Why in the actual hell is this phone so oversized xD. The iPhone 7 plus was a monster, but this thing is even bigger wtf.
    I love the specs and especially the camera(app). But I would have to buy a new BIGGER Gimbal to fit this in there…
    BTW: For those who dont know, a gimbal is fucking 300$…

  19. How come you never did a full review of this phone? Would think about doing a review redo for this phone?

  20. Although I understand why everyone wants the 2nd screen at the bottom of the phone, I can also understand why LG made the decision to keep it on the top: it looks cleaner.

  21. I just prechased yesterday. Not that impressed with the sound. My s7 sound much more real and loud. The youtube videos arent sounded as loud and real as the s7.

  22. Holy the entire back pops off to change battery
    That's so stupid
    No wonder it's not water proof
    The G5 is way better

  23. I still have mine. And since I can easily replace the original battery with a $30 battery in about 10 seconds I see no reason to buy a new phone with a an easily cracked GLASS back and no replaceable battery.

  24. Normal Peeps: sees phase detection AF Oh, it has a version of auto focus. Nice.

    Me: sees Phase Detection AF PHASE DETECTION AS F**K

  25. Just ordered refurbished one with extra battery, case and screen protector, under 200.00 usd, 90 day warranty. We'll see…
    Good review! Thanks for the work.

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