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Light Phone 2 – A phone that actually respects you. (Indiegogo Video)

Light Phone 2 – A phone that actually respects you. (Indiegogo Video)

If how we spend our days is always
connected, staring at our screens, well that would be how we spend the rest of
our lives. You see, as humans, we are vulnerable and our smartphones are
engineered to use these vulnerabilities against us. This is why we’ve
intentionally designed a phone to be used as little as possible. It’s a phone
that encourages you to leave behind your smartphone, to spend that quality time
doing the things that you love the most. We call it: Going Light. Almost three
years, and 10,000 phones later, to find ourselves asking: “How can we go light
more often? How can we go light for good?” Introducing: Light Phone 2. A beautiful matte display, 4G connectivity, and messaging. We are rethinking what an
operating system can be. A few essential tools, thoughtfully implemented, and a
pleasure to use. Maybe an alarm clock, a ride home, a playlist, or some simple
directions. These are tools, not feeds. It’s a phone that actually respects you.
Light was born as a refreshing alternative to the tech monopolies. We
don’t want to be made to feel that we’re not enough.
We believe objects can empower us, it can help us appreciate our lives even more.
We are humans, and we’re taking back our lives.

100 thoughts on “Light Phone 2 – A phone that actually respects you. (Indiegogo Video)”

  1. The argument against "Why not just buy a dumb phone or a Nokia?" and "Just have some self-control". (I have no affiliation with The Light Phone company btw)
    We forget how terrible they are to use. The input devices, UI, and app integration are just bad. When smartphones came around we didn't just fix the design and ease of use and call it good, we went hard on the innovation of apps and services. The light phone is purely trying to improve on the design and usage of a dumb phone without going overboard on the app ecosystem. Pretty simple. Of course if we all had perfect self-control, and discipline, using a smartphone wouldn't be a problem. Clearly, it's easier said than done, as they are designed to be addictive and clearly are. Though self-discipline is not at all a bad thing to work on. Society expects us, and pressures us, to use so-and-so apps and services. It's easier to have an excuse of an incapable phone when people question why you don't/can't use them, instead of spouting potential eye-rolling hipster logic.
    $250 is a stretch, basically the limit for most people from what I've seen. I personally cant afford it during the Indiegogo campaign, but I'm excited to see what it becomes.

  2. Meanwhile, most people get to know this phone becuz of their “heavy” phones that allows them to watch YouTube lol……

  3. How about by just not using your smartphone overwhelmingly too much by using it considerably, it's free, it's positive, instead of buying this kind of "alternative". The former just makes a lot more sense than the latter.

    Humans aren't that stupid right?

  4. If you really wanted to respect yourself, you would delete all third party apps from your smart phone and spend 400 on yourself.

  5. Time is money, just work out how much time (and in effect money) you would save with this product by not endlessly browsing social media or consuming data and then see if the price is still unreasonable.

  6. Some of the shallow thinking here is pissing me off. This phone provides value your fucking current device can't and doesn't want to. Self control. Yeah I'm sure you're so good at that… That's why you're watching something you didn't even seek to watch.

  7. Couldn't you just make an app to dumb your smart phone like you put in a timer and it locks the apps on your phone only allowing use for phone and text and then after the timer ends then you can use your apps again and you can't undue the timer once it sets

  8. have whatsapp ? and WIFI? , if it does not have no use.

    that's the problem if you do not have that platform you're fucked up. because now all the retarded use those platforms because they are too poor to buy a message plan.

  9. Looks pretty cool. I understand its a bit expensive, but I guess its worth the cost because this is a small team/company building these things in house, so that makes sense. Would love to buy this to support this company

  10. It’s so expensive for phone like this , if they wanted phone I will bay the old nokia with light 💡 hhhhhhhh

  11. Anyone else noticed if you search for e-ink phones that this is already being sold in China under a different name, and it is the exact same phone? So is lite phone ripping you off? Are they just buying the cheap chinese phone and selling it under their name? Wasn't their phone due to be shipped this month? And yet it is delayed again? I fear they are ripping us off.

  12. put tidal and spotify on it, have good onboard audio components, 2 sd card slots, market it as a dedicated audio player and i will buy it in a heartbeat

  13. It's expensive
    In my country I can buy a tablet with the amount !!!!!
    Really a phone like this for this Prise
    I can buy a Nokia it is the same thing

  14. Hahaha a phone that "respects us". Wtf. Who even came up with that LAME slogan. A person could repsect you not an inanimate object. What fucking morons came up with that shit.

  15. I like it, really, but it does far less than a regular smartphone and it costs more than 250€, that's way too much, hopefully the price will go down in the future…

  16. How about emailing at least, I’d think that’d be important, or they want us to go to the nearest library

  17. The price is high but yet it's better for you, hmmm it sounds like when you wanna eat healthy but instead you it cup in noodles because it so expensive to eat healthy

  18. It costs way too fucking much for what you get, i'd rather see a psychologist for the same money and learn to not constantly stay on my phone.

  19. People will pay over 1k for an iPhone that’s designed to make you a zombie but will bitch about a phone that’s less than 30% of an iPhone, that’s designed to help you enjoy your life. This world is mind boggling.

  20. Im not really addicted to my phone, but im on my phone all the time because i have nothing to do.
    I dont have plans, ever.
    No homework, no work, no friends, etc etc.
    I could stop being on my phone if i have something to do, but i dont. Ever.

  21. This is expensive. Barely any features.
    Phones were not only made to help you, communicate, and remind you—But to give you pleasure and excite you. This phone is a unable to download games and things to excite you.

    It is built to be minimal, aesthetic way. People who wanna be like that get this phone, and waste their money.

    This is useless.

  22. Stop complaining it's not like you're gonna buy this phone, it's for people who want to use this phone duh. Plus producing these can be expensive and take control to these devices need money too, they probably don't have any subsidiaries or company to get more profit

  23. Judging from the comments, this device is scaring a lot of folks. The smartphone companies are starting to recognize that more and more people have had it with carrying around a device deliberately designed to suck up all of our attention and to gather and process second-by-second data on each and every user so that they can manipulate our behavior. Yeah, the phone is expensive, which is because its production lacks economy-of-scale. But it if takes off, the price will plunge as the production cost per unit will plunge. Meanwhile, Apple and Samsung are inflating the price of their units every year for minimal enhancements that add nothing worth having and all the naysayers here are snapping them up.

  24. I for one look forward to getting this phone. Nobody is putting a gun to your heads and making you get it. Dont think the cost is justified, then dont buy it. Why take time to complain when you can just go about your merry ass way? This is a small company trying to make a difference by giving people an option to get something to help them out as most dumb phones are either (1) built like pieces of crap unlike the good ole days and, (2) will not be compatible in the near future since they are taking out old towers (2g, etc.) This is a small company that is on the come-up that has to pay their employees and pay for manufacturing costs for the phone etc. It is a bit expensive, but I for one think the cost is justified given how much all of this probably cost for them to put together (look at the video again and look at the type of tech they use, ink tech, modified android ,etc.). Most people are looking for the most expensive gimmicky bullshit they can get their hands on from a corporation that can AFFORD to actually make their phones cheaper. This company isnt that; they have to make profit somewhere and this isnt for the majority people. Its sad when people make assumptions based on very…and I mean VERY little info. Dont like it, dont buy. Those who like it will buy it, and I for one hope that I can be one of those people who can suport ths cause.

  25. Everyone needs to calm their titties. 1. They are a startup so they're obviously going to charge a marked up price in the beginning. 2. The tools/apps have to be custom built but they will have some really cool ones that work with uber/lyft. 3. You pay hundreds for an iphone that needs to be upgraded every 2-3 years. How often do you think you will be buying a new light phone??? I feel like these people are trying to do something cool and you're just giving them hate. Kinda lame.

  26. I would get the light phone 2 but 4G and maps are just easy ways to be tracked I’d like only calls and texts on a 2G network if possible just an idea and I hope there is no 3 party sharing as well

  27. ….I paid 60 for a older smart phone….and I got plenty of use out of a Nokia(people mock them for being dumb but it still has internet acess, just can't run video well and no apps. Eh, if you don't use apps but still like to read and love that keyboard, they're really good. Also fucking invincible).

    The dataplans for the nokias are usually really fucking cheap, probably because you can't get alot of data use out of them anyway. That's fine, honestly, I got all the use I needed.

    I still miss my fat phone cries

  28. This is going to be the first phone I buy my 4th grade kid. Social media + adolescence + expectation of instant responses => increase rates of depression + anxiety for girls.

  29. i broke my phone and dident buy a new or any other one for 3 months now… and it feels like i got my life back FUCK all the Phones! Im just not awailible for your comercials!!! send me a Mail on my old Stationary pc if you want but dont wait so fast for a answer!

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