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Lilly’s Phone Is Totally Spying on Her

Lilly’s Phone Is Totally Spying on Her

Before we get started,
I don’t want to alarm you, but I do have to talk
about something serious. Before we get started,
I need to tell you I think I’m being stalked.
No, for real. I was just talking to my friend about this concert
I wanted to go to, and then later on,
an ad popped up on my cellphone for the same concert. Boom.
Right there in front of me. “Magic Mike” live in concert.
I was like, “How…” Has this ever happened to you?
-Yes -I always thought I’d be famous,
and my stalker would be, like, a hot guy that just
needed some guidance, okay? But instead my phone
is spying on me! At first, I was
a little freaked out. Okay? But if I’m being honest,
it just kind of nice to know at least someone’s
listening to me, you know? I mean, of course, I know the FBI is always
listening, obviously. That’s why I cover my webcam
while watching porn with tape. Just like this guy does.
You know what I’m talking about. Dude, come on. You know. And she’s awkwardly laughing.
This is like… You regret coming here,
don’t you? We’re just getting started! But the thing with the FBI is they might never
actually reach out, you know? They’re not sending me messages
like, “Yo, it’s the FBI. Heard you say
you need a vacation. Here’s a dope resort
in Bora Bora.” I go back and forth
on artificial intelligence. Now, I’m not sure
if that’s good or bad. It’s like taking shots. The next
day, you realize it’s a mistake. But on the night of,
you’re like, “I’m going to live forever!” [ Laughs ]
For now, I think AI is useful. I think that’s what
I’ve decided. There’s no reason
to complain about it. You know?
It’s what we signed up for. And let’s be real.
It makes life easier. Sure, it’s taking all
of our information, okay? But Amazon’s AI recently
recommended some bedsheets that I would have
never found otherwise, okay? I mean, someone in Russia might
be using my credit-card number to buy Bitcoin, but… Those sheets
are 700 thread count, and I’m sleeping
like a baby out here! And without AI,
we wouldn’t have spellcheck. Can you imagine what our text
conversations would look like? It would be a ducking nightmare! [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] I mean, on the flipside, there are a lot people
worried about AI taking over, but I think we’re
a long way from that. AI ain’t that smart. I can’t even get Siri to play
the music I want to listen to. She’s like,
“Did you say you want to listen to music by Silly Eyelash?” Like, damn, I know Cardi B
goes a little overboard with the false lashes,
but no need to roast her. AI can be really useful, but I do understand there is
a dark side to AI, as well. Whether we like it or not,
Siri and Alexa are here to stay. It’s a global phenomenon. Like, did you know
that Saudi Arabia gave a robot named Sophia
citizenship? Yeah. Looks like in Saudi Arabia you can have more rights
as a robot than a woman. [ Audience ohhs ] Although, what’s up with
the ultra-white name Sophia in Saudi Arabia? There’s like a weird
Stockholm Syndrome. Like, I get it.
Okay, in Saudi Arabia, ain’t no one praising
a robot named Miriam. You know what I’m saying? But Sophia can only talk, sing,
and make facial expressions. I guess you could say for a robot she’s basic as F,
you know? It’s only a matter of time
before she’s rocking Uggs in the summer while posing
with the puppy filter. Hashtag Blessed.
Or should I say… [Robotic voice]
Hashtag Blessed. [ Laughter ] The other thing that is
a valid concern for AI is it’s taking over
peoples’ jobs. From self-checkout
at grocery stores to automated phone operators,
artificial intelligence is putting people out of work. And with sex robots becoming
more and more mainstream, not only is AI replacing
the 9-to-5 jobs, but they’re also taking over
[bleep] jobs. I mean, I guess the plus side is that less men
will have carpal tunnel. [ Laughter ] If there’s one job that
I’m okay with AI taking over, straight-up,
it’s the police force. I mean, give me
someone like RoboCop. Wait. Hear me out, hear me out.
Sure, he’s still white. But at least he has
a built-in bodycam. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughs ] [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, they’re like,
“Oh, this is what it’s like to have a colored host.” What’s crazy is that some AI are taking your jobs away before
you can even get an interview. There are recruitment systems
out there powered by AI that discriminate against
female job applicants. Mm. So only men
are getting these jobs. Which explains why Alexa
keeps calling me “ponytail” and asking me
what that booty do. So I guess there’s a lot of pros
and cons when it comes to AI. And like I said, I’m personally
okay with aspects of it, but I can see where the future
of AI can seem a little scary. I mean, is AI good? Is it bad? You know, maybe there’s AI that
can answer this question for us. Oh, here. [ Clears throat ]
Hey, Siri. Are AI planning to take over? -Okay. Now playing music
by Billie Eilish. -So now you understand me.

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  1. For your information; Sophia is not only a white name. A lot of muslim women are called that, It is often spelled as Sofia. But it does not matter how it is spelled. Right?

  2. Me: I should really get out of bed

    Lilly: Uploads another video

    Me: Nvm. Life can wait. 😂😂😂

  3. Do you ever feel like someone is following you?
    Someone who knows you a little too well,
    Tracking your every move,
    All the time,
    No matter where you are,
    Always watching you?

  4. Literally, every time I try to play music by Kirstin Maldonado, I say: "Alexa, play the album LOVE by kirstin™." And she goes: "I can't find LOVE by by Kristin." So the only thing I can play from her is "Break A Little".

  5. Nobody :
    Literally nobody :
    Westerns run out of content :
    — Let's make jokes that shame Arabs/Muslims🤔😑
    Btw Sophia is a common arabic name 🙂

  6. I once thought of getting a necklace when I was out with my dog, did NOT have phone with me and never searched for that necklace before and when I was on my phone that same evening. I ran into an ad for that necklace. Still freaked out. I dont own apple watch either and I was literally just THINKING that in my head. wth?

  7. We just need a good game to go viral on this show. All light night shows have games which go viral to make them successful. Late late show has live tinder and CARPOOL KARAOKE, Jimmy fallon has wheel of musical impressions and Jimmy kimmel has all of those interviews on the streets

  8. How can she make a joke abt saudi womens rights and get away with it ? Typical western mentality .. whch is unexpected from someone like Lily

  9. my neighbor scott in 221 hacks my devices and makes ads appear based on things he's watched me do or say . but i get dismissed as harassing him for speaking out

  10. 🎇🎇🎇🎇🎇😌😌😌😌😌😛😛😛😛😛😃😃😃😃💓💓💓💓💓😝😝😝👍👍👍👍👍👍

  11. I would appreciate if the writers actually knew little bit about Saudi Arabia. Sophia is an Arabic name, every Muslim highly respect Jesus’s mother Marry. Lily doesn’t have problem making jokes about Saudi Arabia but avoids trump or White House jokes because she knows most of her audiences are Hindi and pro trump

  12. It's really true, I used to talk to my BF over the phone about our business ideas and after 3 days I got all those shit on my news feed, IG and FB, we even didn't search anything on our phones or explained in text msgs it was just talking on the phone. All that we were talking about over the phone they came on the news feed and suggested business ideas and stuff

  13. So I have checked this show let’s call it in a while glad to see Lilly hasn’t changed still sending racism back about 20 years can’t tell who is doing more damage between all races Lilly, cops, Trump or YouTube

  14. 3:51
    Lilly: If there's one job that I'm okay with AI taking over, straight up it's the police force.
    "Hello, my name is Connor, I am an android sent by CyberLife"

  15. 2:02 stop laughing at your own jokes!!!!!!!!!!! It's getting annoying. I love your show, but when you laugh at your own jokes it isn't funny anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. If we all woke up tomorrow to find automation doing all of our jobs and doing them 24/7/365, we would find ourselves with much more productivity of goods and services with virtually no human work required to make it, which would inescapably result in the natural death of capitalism. The wealthy know this as well as the fact that wealth and income inequalities are at historically unsustainable and still exponentially growing levels, and so are they're all in a late stage capitalism last minute cash-grab. #AutomateEverything #SkipToAbundance #ImOverCapitalism #EqualityMovement

    What do you think will happen to crime rates, peace and equality in general after we launch a $15 min wage, education, healthcare, a universal basic income and internet for all, raising the starting point of capitalism from zero, we'll let you die with no money, to a level of life with dignity, reducing societal daily fears on a massive scale and freeing us to welcome the automation revolution with open arms rather than with fear and great harm? 😀
    #EqualityMovement #CelebrateSelflessness #SomosUno #StillSanders

    Call me overly positive, but I think we’re leaving the era of ‘greed is good’ and celebrating wealth and entering an #EraOfAltruism and equality.

  17. I did not like how she threw shade at Saudi Arabia. No, I don't live there. No, that ain't my heritage or nationality. BUT can you just respect other people's cultures???

  18. Don't come for me but she's way more entertaining in her vlogs she just seems cringey in this, talk shows aren't for her 😪

  19. First of all woman's rights are great in saudi arabia , they protect and care about them. I have been living in saudi arabia(I'm not saudi) so plz stop with all these false facts and using them to throw shade. I'm so sick and tired of such people. Y'all be talking crap about our people..and the best part is that u have no proof just brainwashed by media that does nothing but keep blaming and pointing fingers at us. Like stfu uk nothing how would it feel to be in our place when we have absolutely have nth to do with or about ya . Just go the f off

  20. She is such great story teller.. I could listen to her all day long..such a great and entertaining person to hang out with..I wish I could hangout with this woman some day..

  21. If you have an iPhone Siri is constantly listening to you, and if you have an Android phone to Google assistant is constantly listening to you, on either phone, your microphone is always on. And since you have accepted the terms and conditions of using the device or the app, they are actually data mining you. This is the downfall of using smartphones, and the price we pay for giving away our privacy.

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