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Liquid Metal Cooling a PHONE!?!?!

Liquid Metal Cooling a PHONE!?!?!

Liquid metal It’s a hell of a drug You know, first you delid your CPU and then that high wears off so then you like liquid metal your laptop and again You’re rewarded with amazing temps and even a performance boost and that keeps you going for another week or so and then You notice something getting kind of hot in your pants. You know the idea it starts small, but then it grows grows getting more and more solid. What if you could make your phone run cooler and faster with liquid metal? Well guess what that’s a super risky,Maybe even bad idea So we’re gonna show you how to do it. After we tell you today’s video is brought to you by shade tree Sunglasses shade tree sunglasses are hand made from hard wood materials featuring polarized lenses of variety of designs and even Cool new carbon frames .get 10% off your next order through our link below So it is common for phone performance to nosedive During any workload that takes more than a couple of seconds with gaming being a common culprit so your processor Starts out cool and fast then the hotter it gets the more it thermal throttles so Liquid metal likely wouldn’t do anything for that initial cold performance But it could allow us to maintain peak performance for Longer. so we chose the razor phone as our victim, excuse me a test subject Compared to most phones its thermal design is very respectable But it is still not perfect. check this out our first 3d mark result puts us in the top 83 % of razor phones so that looks pretty good, but then a second run immediately Afterwards gave much worse results and it dropped all the way down to 20% worse after a 15 minute stress test That is the kind of performance impact that you would notice in an extended mobile gaming session. So let’s get started then ,you’ll need a good set of screwdrivers and prying tools some isopropyl alcohol Some paper towel some conformal coating ,cotton swabs and a heat gun because getting inside phones Sucks and of course you’ll also need liquid metal will be using thermal grisly conductonaut. now your phone’s Disassembly process will be different unless you have a razor phone But we’d recommend watching this whole process anyway without skipping around if you plan to follow along. So first, we made sure the device was off then we took a heat gun to the speaker grills With the adhesive softened we peeled them off with a prying tool Next we removed this combination of regular Phillips and Torx screws. we recommend always Placing things like this in a parts tray in the same position as they came out of the phone in so you don’t have to Guess which ones go where during reassembly. Then we used guitar picks to keep the phone from snapping back together while we pried it apart Until well, it pried apart and the screen popped off. then once we got inside and took off the cables for the LCD screen and Battery giving us our first good look at the razor phone’s heat pipe cooler It’s insulated from the battery and actually seems to be designed to use the screen to increase its surface area for heat dissipation. Pretty cool, with the stock thermal paste removed it wasn’t entirely clear actually how to Proceed. we lifted this small copper heat spreader very carefully with a razor blade Not to be confused with a razor blade And then had a planning session .so if liquid metal gets on anything aluminium the gallium in it will destroy it with corrosion .so, What we’ve decided is to put the best thermal compound that we have between the copper sheet and the processor and then liquid metal the heat pipe To the copper heat spreader with regular thermal compound all around it. time then to execute we applied Conformal coating around the CPU with a cotton swab to act as a line of defense if the liquid metal spills off the CPU then, to put our copper heat spreader back on we used arctic silver thermal adhesive Which you mix up in equal parts and then spread across the surfaces that you want to stick together. just like an epoxy. we then cleaned the copper spreader and carefully placed it back on removing any wrinkles with a guitar pick and Clamping it all together for about 20 minutes to make sure that it was set. Moving over to the back of the screen ,we applied a generous amount of thermal paste here And then it was finally time for liquid metal. We put a small drop in a cleaned parts tray, then picked up a tiny bit with a cotton swab. This was carefully spread out over the copper heat pipe. You only need a little bit of this stuff to do the trick. Time for reassembly if you are performing this mod on a razor phone by the way I would strongly recommend that you get new speaker grills first because they don’t just stick back on So we used what we fondly refer to as that sticky tar crap to put them back on as best We could, I give it a 4 out of 10. Anyway, hitting the power button it boots so now it’s time for the payoff or lack thereof we Weren’t sure given that we weren’t liquid metals all the way to the chip itself if this was even really gonna work So in 3d mark, We immediately recorded our highest result yet, but not by a very significant margin. cautious optimism that best at this point, then on the second run Whoa!! No decrease in performance Whatsoever. also in the Vulcan test which comes after the OpenGL one is finished running we went from very middle-of-the-road performance compared to other razer phones to being in the top 4% and our other benchmarks saw modest gains and performance too, so this phone right here It’s got ugly grills, but you could game on It indefinitely and see virtually no drop in performance an A+ result. so then, would we recommend performing this operation? The answer is no. Given the low mounting pressure for the cooler and the way that phones get moved and tossed around all the time we believe that the chances of the liquid metal shifting and Damaging the aluminum inside your phone or even shorting something out and bricking it entirely are too high. Also, we can’t know how much of the performance increase came from the liquid metal And how much was simply from repasting the phone with a higher quality thermal interface material. So bottom line then unless you’re going for phone performance records It’s really cool, and the results surprised even us, but I wouldn’t recommend voiding your warranty over it. Speaking of things I would recommend Ting is the mobile carrier, that’s focused on customer service and customer satisfaction. When you call ting you don’t speak to robot you get put through directly to a person And you don’t pay extra for the privilege the average ting bill is just 23 bucks a month per device And if you’re stuck in a contract and switch to ting they’ll cover 25 percent of your cancellation fee up to 75 bucks the cool thing about ting is that you only pay for Exactly the airtime and data that you use and data is now just 10 bucks a gig beyond the first gig So try out their savings calculator, it’s over at We’ll have that link below and find out if you would save money on ting. when you sign up at our link you’ll get 25 bucks in service credit or towards a new device So, thanks for watching guys if this video sucked You know what to do. But if it was awesome Get subscribed hit that like button or check out the link to where to buy the stuff we featured in the video description Also, link down There’s our merch store, which has cool shirts like this one and our community forum, which you should totally join No one no one’s to know this was Linus, and we’d have made it in the video But fortunately my uncle and it’s generally goes under the radar You actually think that the editors are going to take the time to go through all this footage and listen to it I really strongly doubt it

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  1. Before this video came out I had a old LG G3 and they have problems with over heating and that causing cracks in the soldier after a long period of time.

    I baked the mobo in the oven to hopefully help with the phone since I had the bad soldier issue as well. It worked great (for a week)..

    Anyways I put some thermal paste on the processor and put a penny over that. Very thin layer but it seemed to help hold the temps idle for a bit.

  2. thats mere liquid metal thermal paste, what about true liquid metal cooling with metal circulating in the pipes? or TEST IT.


  4. I think you owe it to yourself and us to show us what did it the paste or the liquid metal, I mean please ok….we need to know now lol!

  5. I wanna see you do this with pads, and older pc's and such too 😀 Lawl Include testing all thermal paste in comparison too ok? Please! 😀


    Seriously you have SHIT FOR BRAINS showing People this stupid SHIT.

  7. Thanks for the idea! I'll try and add a heat sink on my phone(not razer phone). and add thermal paste and liquid metal.

  8. It would be interesting to see the effect on an aluminum heat sink or heat spreader to see how long the device / CPU will last before it fails, I wonder how dramatic the failure would be.

  9. I love listening to the high energy trainwreck ideas.
    Well it sounds like a super bad idea, SO WE'RE GONNA SHOW YOU HOW TO DO IT!

  10. loved the ending btw "do you think the editor is going to go through this fottage and listen to it??" xD 8:36

  11. You should make it a series, it will be amazing to do the same to the galaxy S10 and ROG phone, etc…

  12. Can you repeat this with Razer Phone 2? I'm intrested in voiding my warranty this winter and overclocking the crap out of my RP2

  13. "you notice something getting kinda hot in your pocket, the idea grows and grows getting more and more solid."

  14. OMG Ting is almost as expensive as the other carriers now. I have had them for 4 years. My average bill is 70.

  15. Placing a decent fan inside the phone would work much better than liquid metal. You know those tiny cute fans used for small projects. If we could have one of the smallest fans we could place it inside. But we would have to reconstruct back case with a 3d printer. I would like to do this and see the results. Cooling fan inside a getting very hot smartphone would be a good idea.

  16. My Samsung Galaxy J2 has a better performance score of 5786 under maximum load for 25 minutes. But then again, I did increase the size of my onboard heat-spreader..

  17. I know you advised against it in the end…. But watching this on my razer phone really tempted me for a minute. I mean.. when you game on it it gets so hot, bit considering I've gamed on my phone for 2 hrs plus without problem… That temptation will have to wait. For now..

    NO SEXULA CONTEKST or something like dat i forgot how to write this word and i think by writing this i get nothing but eghh i dont have live by the way why do i see in word "live" word "lie" does that means that live is a lie same with the cake also i think i should stop this comment in this moment what is point of my comment oh its just wasting time of people who are reading this

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