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Live PD: Stealing A Stolen Phone (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Stealing A Stolen Phone (Season 3) | A&E

100 thoughts on “Live PD: Stealing A Stolen Phone (Season 3) | A&E”

  1. I don’t get the whole stealing phone thing. Smartphones have GPS. they can be turned off with one call or click of a mouse. Can’t sell it if it’s turned off!

  2. this man was full of the truth, the women identify this guy who stolen the phone
    with a red hat and white shirt, interesting, lucky guy..

  3. Please “you didn’t work for that dollar that’s not yours” come on people you find twenty bucks in your ditch or in a parking lot or wherever that don’t mean you stole it or receiving stolen that’s just retarted. I get earning your money an your things but there does come a point in anyone’s life where something of that nature happens an your not going to report it be realistic.

  4. Look at the cops eyes @ 3:01. The way he looks at the suspect, while the guy is making the faces had me dying!🤣👌🏼

  5. I mean it really couldn’t have been him, maybe the other guy did panic and leave it in that parking lot. Only the actual one who stole it can know for sure

  6. For those unaware, in most states there is a specific value of an item at which point you are legally required to turn the item (cash, jewelry, phone, whatever) in to the police. If you don't, you can be charged with theft.

    So, while $1 is below that threshold (generally), a phone will be over it (generally). "Finders, keepers" is not a legal theory.

  7. I went out for my birthday and had everything stolen from my clutch purse. New year's Eve day I get a call from Milwaukee PD that they had my phone. Des Moines PD called to say they had 3 of my credit cards. And Dallas a month later said they had my driver's licence. I went out for my birthday in Chicago.

  8. Sometimes LivePD is so naive. Telling a probable drug addict who’s entire existence centers around getting his next 5$ to turn in a $1000 phone

    Cops are sometimes doing an awesome job at finding criminals and stolen things! 👍
    I got my phone stollen in a store, ive been surprised that the cops took it seriously and they effectively grabbed it at the house of the moron while he was trying to reset it. Fortunately they took it fast enough so i didnt lost my datas.

  10. I like how he made dumb faces when the lady tried to identify him. That likely helped here she was thrown off by his dumb face 🤣

  11. 2:28 he said when this women gets here I'm going to tell her its not me and it will be over with she should be happy and thankful I found her phone, but no one has said a word about it belonging to a female or a male, but at the end of the day he isn't wearing a white shirt and she said its not him so they can't charge him

  12. I think there should be a difference in charge between receiving stolen property and retrieving stolen property. ….

  13. I guess that means if I find a $100 bill on the ground I should not pick it up and just walk by it….lol 😁

  14. This is a stupid episode of Live PD.
    How y’all know he wasn’t going to drop it off “somewhere” ? Is there a police station at every corner or block ?? Ooohh yea, he teleports I forgot. Smh, looking for some to put on the dude.

  15. There's no way hed have had time to even report it.
    As well,when asked,based on the presentation,he DiD report it by being honest.

  16. If he did find it on the street, that's Not stealing, it's found property. Why should he or the cops assume it's stolen, people drop/lose their phones all the time. Stealing = taking something from someone.

  17. He might have not stealing it. He didn’t make the right choice but it wasn’t really exactly clear. The lady (victim) stated white shirt, red hat. Good video!

  18. The officer never identified the person reporting the phone as stolen, as a female. The man kept saying she, when the officer said them.

  19. Taking something that is just laying around like that is called larceny.

    Also, those of you saying they missed a clue calling the person a woman before the officer said anything… there were many cuts in the video. They may have discussed it between one of the cuts.

  20. Why would anyone steal cellphones these days? You can't unlock it or reset it without owner's credential. It's just a useless piece of brick.

  21. if they were smart, they wouldn't have told him that it was a female reporting it stolen. once he says i didn't taker it from "her", they'd have reasonable suspicion to help build a case.

  22. I’ve never seen a white drug user so clean shaven with such smooth skin, I think he’s an officer and they just created a story for live pd 😂😂

  23. How did he know it was a she? The cop should’ve picked up on that crazy how I picked up on a clue like that after watching so many Live pd’s 😂

  24. Why do you think most thugs and criminal's wear hats and two shirts? (Plus shorts underneath their pants.) It's easy to de-layer after a crime…

  25. When he said ima walk away he had a smile on his face I think it was one of his friends idk but it looked kinda creepy to me

  26. You mean to tell me in a matter of minutes a white guy stole her phone, lost it, and another white guy found it and was detained? GTFO it was him!

  27. This sucks cuz what if he actually found it and the girl was so shook up and angry she just says yes that’s him to anyone . They really shouldn’t take her word as gospel especially since he didn’t have the clothes she said . Also he should have immedietly told the cop he found the phone before he started searching him

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