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Live Rescue: Quick Phone Call Mid-Rescue (Season 1) | A&E

Live Rescue: Quick Phone Call Mid-Rescue (Season 1) | A&E

– Oh, we’re going to– – A gentlemen that
fell off his bike. – Riding his bike on the way
home from the bar, maybe? – I mean, Saturday
night’s the night. This looks like a
motorcyclist down. [sirens] – Hey, buddy. What’s happening, man? – What happened, bud? [laughs] – A guy stopped short. – And I hit the brake– – OK. – –and the bike went
down on this side. I got the motor
guards, but my leg hit. – OK. – And the only thing that’s
hurting me is my leg. – The left leg? – Oh, it’s hurting. – You hit your head or anything? – There’s something
definitely wrong. – Can you move your toes? I can move my– I’m a diabetic just so if,
I mean, you need to know. – Just– can you push
against my hands? – Oh, easy. – Push against my hands– with your foot. – Oh, that– it hurts. – What part of the leg hurts? Is it the lower?
– Right here. – Let me get the stretcher.
We’re gonna get you inside. What I’m gonna do
when we get inside– – Listen.
– –I’m gonna cut your pants. OK? Cause I want to get
a good look at that. – But listen– does anybody
here know about that– I got to get them
lights shored up or my battery’s gonna go dead. – Let them take care
of that, all right? – Did you hit your head at all?
– I’m all good. There’s no concussion.
None of that. – All right, so we’re gonna
take you to the hospital and get your leg looked at. – We’re just gonna
make sure you’re OK. – I’m just worried
about my bike, man. – All right.
[bleep] – OK.
All right. – How do you turn
the lights off? – There’s a cargo switch. You know, like an on and off
switch on the side of the motor there on that side. Right there, you just got to– – All right, we’ll–
we’ll figure it out. – You just got to flip it.
– Try to just lift this leg. One, two– – Oh, wait! – OK.
All right. Keep it on the good leg. Keep it on the good leg. – Oh! – Go ahead. – There we go. – Oh! – Holy [bleep] – –beneath your
ankle, all right? Gonna swing this leg
out nice and easy, OK? – Oh, wait. Wait, wait. – OK, take some deep breaths. OK? – Holy [bleep]. – You’re in a lot of pain right. – Oh, man. – Besides the diabetes,
any other medical problems? – No, just a diabetic
and that’s it. – You take insulin or you
take pills [inaudible].. [phone ringing]
– Yeah. – Insulin? All right. – Hello? Steve, listen. I went down on my
bike on [inaudible].. A guy stopped short. – Frank, we got to get you–
we got to get you out of this street. – Yeah, let’s get
you off a stretcher. [interposing voices] – Come down– down
by [inaudible]—- – We got to get you
out of this street. – –and move my bike for me? – Right underneath your ankle. – Oh, man.
Oh! – Nice and easy. – I think my leg
is broke, Steve. – Nice and easy. – Oh! I’m not lying to you, bro. Oh! Yeah, I’m on a stretcher now. Well, listen. Underneath the
motor, and I got to– just– you could just have
somebody follow you and bring the bike to the house. No, no. You know, you just turn
the center console and hit the button. – You want a hand there? – No, there’s a cargo switch for
the blue lights by the motor, you know what I mean? All right. Thanks, Steve. – I don’t know how the bike
got back up before we got here, but he was laying in
the middle of the street when we’ve pulled up and, you
know, complaining of pain. And he’s been concerned about
his bike that’s why he kept making those phone calls. That was the challenge here
to get him to talk to me and tell me what was wrong.

78 thoughts on “Live Rescue: Quick Phone Call Mid-Rescue (Season 1) | A&E”

  1. I’m so confused y is the bike up and he’s in the middle of the street where there is no turn to stop short

  2. A and E is corrupt because of course cops will be on their best behavior where the cameras are on them why don't you cover first auditors that would be a good story

  3. I came here just to say thank you for your service.
    To the ones who are willing to sacrifice their life to protect the community🙌

  4. I wish live PD came to Philly or some surrounding area outside of Philadelphia… oh the things y’all would see lol

  5. I think for every show they should setup a link to a website that lists all of the police records and court records and about that show. If the person says no they should just put a section explaining the details. That would the most American thing to do, freedom of information.

  6. I really like how the show is called "live rescue" an "live pd" but everything they put on always says it happened earlier, i think they should change the name to pre-recorded rescue, or not live pd. Sad but true

  7. I mean to be fare it is a nice bike and I wouldn’t want it just sitting there while i go to the hospital

  8. Mad respect to these responders. I'm a nurse and see them only after these folks have evaluated first. They're TOTALLY AMAZING

  9. We need a follow up of this to answer the two most important questions of all – Was Steve in the bar? Did they turn off the blue lights? – Nobody cares if that man can move his toes! Man…I really wonder if Steve made it out of the bar, did he finish his beer , is he the only one who could turn off the blue lights? What a suspense…Is Steve ok ? -that's all that matters

  10. Nice bike dude!! How'd it get all of the way over there and standing up if you're in the middle of the road?! Hmmmm? That's the million dollar question!!

  11. Tough bikey cries like a little girl, sorry but here in Australia the bikies r tough as nails NOT they like to think they r get better bud

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