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Living with the iPhone 2G for a week. Is it Obsolete?

Living with the iPhone 2G for a week.  Is it Obsolete?

Okay, so it’s time to examine the historic iPhone 2G. I decided to spend at least a week carrying this as my only phone so that I could report back to you guys what the experience was like. In order to use this with my cellular service, I had to extract the SIM card from my iPhone 5. Then I had to place it in an adapter so that it would fit properly in the iPhone 2G since it uses a full size SIM card. Thanks to some suggestions from my viewers, I tried installing a customized firmware known as Whitedoor. You can find out more about this by visiting and yes those are zeros for the word “door.” This firmware upgrades the original iPhone to the same look and feel as iOS 7 that you would be running on a modern iPhone. It updates all of the built in apps and adds quite a bit of new functionality to the phone. It even adds all of the new sounds and ringtones. And believe it or not, it still runs at an acceptable speed. However, don’t be mistaken, this is not iOS 7 and it’s not going to run any applications designed for iOS 7. So as usual, I’ve created a vairety of categories for which I will be rating this phone. [Music] Voice calls worked just fine and there was no noticeable difference in audio quality or functionality in this regard. So as a voice phone, it gets a passing grade. [Sound] [Music] Text messages also worked fine. However, I ran into some initial issues do to the fact that this does not support iMessage. Many of my friends phones would still think I was using an iPhone 5 and attempt to send me texts using iMessage so I would never get them. Still that isn’t the phone’s fault, so I’m not going to doc it for that so I am going to go ahead and give it a passing grade. [Sound] [Music] Email worked perfectly with my Gmail account. Although, a few features were missing that I was accustomed to, I had no problem reading and answering emails on the go. I will give it a passing grade. [Sound] [Music] Okay, so this phone does not support FaceTime and even if it did, it has no frontal camera. You might be able to run an older version of Skype on it using the back camera but I don’t see what the point would be because you wouldn’t really be able to have face to face communication. So I am going to give this phone a complete total fail on video chat. [Sound] The built in apps were great. In fact, I like the built in Google Maps more than my iPhone 5 Apple Maps.

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  1. 5:37 and 6:05.The camera is not so bad just on some pictures it has a fog and frame rate is terrible but is really not that bad.It depends what you are filming

  2. Using custom firmware is not cheating. The question is if the iPhone 2G is obsolete, not if iOS 3.1.3 is obsolete.

  3. I have an iPod from like 2002. Still flawless. I have an iMac from 2018. Paperweight. I’ll never use Apple again. Android/Linux and Windows for productivity for this guy. I like my shit to actually work and be able to customize my system. Good luck getting Apple to work outside their stupid little ecosystem.

  4. You can't use them as your day to day phone anymore just about no carriers support 2G anymore most carriers use only 3G and 4G connections now because of the updated systems that they use doesn't support GSM anymore. However in America they still use GSM as a 3G but in Australia 2G is GSM and 3G is usually cdma or hspa and 4G is LTE

  5. I have a brand new one. And I keep it in the box, every month I charge it up. Every year I test that all functions still work

  6. Try Imagine I had Samsung Galaxy S6 like 3 years ago and after some time I droped it in to river when I tried to take a picture from a bridge.
    I had to live about a month with Sony Ericsson C702…
    But honestly after two weeks I forgot about using facebook all the time, youtube and other trash which poisoning us on smartphones everyday. I used internet only time to time to check emails etc.
    I miss old good days when we all had old Nokia/Sony E etc and people had more time for others. I knew when and where I will meet My friends when I was teenager. Now people cannot live without smartphones.
    Great video! Thumb up!

  7. 2G I think it needs to have a passing grade because yeah sure the quality wasn’t that good but think how back then it and also it’s also what started the iPhone all 😀

  8. In the days of no front facing camera, I remember standing or sitting in front of a mirror so that the person I was video chatting with could see me (in the mirror) while I could see them in the phone's screen.

  9. I have a 3gs but missing a sim card tray…any idea where to find one?…btw i’d like to have one of every iPhone, but that’s kind of expensive and I don’t have money for that. 😁 I’d still rock the original iPhone though from time to time. The reason would be because it’s classic and everyone recognizes it, plus you really don’t have as many distractions as you do with the new ones for some reason. It’s kind of like switching to a dumb phone for a week.

  10. Well, the camera was decent for 2007, but for 2019 it’s just the lower level of a crap basket.
    Speaking about apps and games, it’s not bad for spending some free time. If I had to use this today I would.

  11. Despite the recommendation, G3 is the first iPhone i had and don't recommend it. Bought it because everyone was so hilarious about and I was very disappointed after using it, greatest bummer – cannot make a video! Stupid, every phone of that period can make a video.

    Before this had Windows Mobile, a HTC C500 and was easier to use, better to customize and had a great camera for it's time. The second thing I noticed was iTunes, so no drop mp3's from explorer/finder on the a build-in 'drive', you need some shitty app for this.

    The thirth thing I noticed was the browser, you cannot change the engine by installing another browser, Apple policy, still an issue these days.

    After this expensive bad experience I never looked back, had an Iphone 5 but same problem, the closed nature of the software.

    Now I have an iPad 1 on the desk, get it for free and because of this iPad found this video, it is worthless, cannot install anything. Can't install linux or something else, it is broken, forever. Hardware, very nice and usable however software is another story.

  12. Most old iPhones are rare, because it is easy to get scammed. Just saying. So The 8-bit guy mustve paid a lot for this

  13. I need this firmware for my 4s, I can't even run nothing new, it is 8 years old, the question is… Is It Obsolete?

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