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Locate Lost iPhone

Locate Lost iPhone

Hi I’m Serge Siou and welcome to MacStudioA. In this episode, How To Track an iPhone. Hopefully; you’re watching this video, as
to what to do, in case your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, got misplaced or lost. In the event that you have misplaced or lost
your iPhone, tracking it by playing a sound or displaying a message, with a contact phone
number, on the lock screen, if found, is a relatively easy process. Provided the following two conditions are
met, before your iPhone went missing, is important. Condition One: Find My iPhone has to be activated
or enabled on your device. In fact, to put it bluntly, if Find My iPhone
is disabled, your device cannot be located, placed in Lost Mode, or remotely erased using or the Find My iPhone app. You’re basically; up the creek without a
paddle. Condition Two: By default, you are asked to
set-up a 4-digit passcode when setting up an iPhone with an Apple ID and password. Therefore; it’s absolutely no reasons or
excuses why you would not do so, period. In theory, if you have misplaced or lost your
iPhone, that has a passcode, then, it’s already in lock mode. And tracking or locating it has just become
a lot easier. In the unlikely event that you did not set
a passcode on your iPhone, you are given a chance to do so when putting your device in
Lock Mode, however; locating your iPhone has now become a matter of urgency. Straight to a demo. Soooooo, Let’s Get Started. The first thing to do in tracking your iPhone
is: #1: Don’t Panic. #2: Using your Apple ID and password, sign
in to the Find My iPhone app from any iOS 8 device or from a Mac or PC, sign in to
and click the Find My iPhone icon. #3: After signing in, select All Devices and
click or tap on the device you wish to view its location on a map, for this demo, its
an iPhone 4. #4: Now, if you believe that the iPhone might
have been misplaced or is in close proximity, then click or tap on the Play Sound button,
as demonstrated. #5: Alternatively, if you believe that the
iPhone might have been lost, click the Lost Mode button. As mentioned earlier, if you didn’t set
up a passcode on your iPhone, then you’ll be presented to enter and confirm a 4-digit
passcode to lock your device. However, in this demo, a passcode was already
set up, therefore, you are immediately presented with the options of setting up a current contact
phone number, that can be called directly from the iPhone and a Message that’s displayed
on the Locked screen, as shown here. The neat thing about the Lock Mode Option,
while using Find My iPhone from a browser or iOS 8 device, you can keep track where
your iPhone has been over the last 24-hours. Furthermore; you can also update and edit
the phone number and message accordingly, at any time, as your circumstances changes. Additionally, periodic emails are sent to
your email address, indicating where the iPhone has been tracked. #6: If you find your iPhone, to cancel Lost
Mode, simply enter your passcode on your iPhone or by going to, as shown here. And that’s all there is to it. Thanks for watching and thumbs-up if you liked
this video, and please, don’t forget to subscribe to be notified of the next episode. Thanks and Peace.

24 thoughts on “Locate Lost iPhone”

  1. No use at all with out an iCloud account ( most people don't use it in fear of losing data like the celebrities lost their naked photos)

  2. hello sir i have lost my iphone 6plus somewhere how can i track my phone without find my iphone off
    please reply to comments

  3. I know who has My ipod they refuse to give it back to Me I told the cops they stole it the patrol law enforcement officers were useless to Me I'm assuming because the person has kids so what do I do now. Also I showed a textual conversation where the person states that they did in fact have My electronic possession and the find my iphone application as well.

  4. my icloud is turned on on my iphone i know this because when i take a picture on my iphone it goes to all my other devices but when i go on track my iphone that phone does not show up i lost the phone and i dont have any idea how to find it please help

  5. brother i lost my i phone mobile and i don't have IMEI No Too how can i know my IMEI no. and weather its Possible to get my IMEI no through Apple ID and Password how can i Trace out my mobile

  6. Uou can't see where is it, if there is no connection in the stolen phone, and the robbers could remove the sim card easily, so u can't get it back by this way

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  8. Great Video & Thanks as it's all down to sitting for hours deleting CONTACTS-PHOTOS- & NOW BLOCKED THE IMEI …CHEERS

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