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LuMee LED Phone Case UNDER $25 Review! – Take AMAZING Photos in the DARK

LuMee LED Phone Case UNDER $25 Review! – Take AMAZING Photos in the DARK

– Today: crazy cases – To light up your life. – I received a crazy amount of requests for today’s case deal since it was featured by
a Kardashian on Ellen. Great for Facetime because
it’s no longer dark. I feel like every time
Floor Director Rosalind is here there is some
kind of LED or light deal. I like that you squeezed
in those savings today. – You know what brightens me up? – What? – All the comments that
our subscribers leave us. Thank you guys so much. – I love you guys for watching. Whether you know me from
your local TV station or USA Today I find huge deals, none of which are ever paid products. And today, an item I did
not want to feature, at all: the Lumee Case. I thought, seriously,
a case that lights up to help you take better selfies? There’s no way I’m putting this on here. But then, as Rosalind showed me, this was actually great for product photos and a lot of the items we feature. Now, none of the items I feature are ever a company paying us to talk about them, and they are all located right under this video screen. Rosalind is going to give us an awesome demo in a moment and I also have all sorts of
other smart phone cases. – If you are not yet subscribed, click that “Subscribe” button so you can be updated on
all our latest deals. – Turn your notifications on because at the end of the week we give away all of my biggest deals to subscribers. Now let’s start with the price, again located right
under this video screen. Under 30 bucks on the Lumee iPhone Case. Quick free shipping. Amazon — where it is hugely well rated — sells it for 55 bucks. Now, I like that this case also turns your phone into a
more operative flashlight, but the difference it
had when it was turned on not just for selfies but
for photos was unreal. Let’s put this to the test. – So I have my iPhone already inside this Lumee iPhone Case, and if I turn it around you see
this button back here. If I press that button it will light up. And if I hold it, it controls how light I would like it to be. So I don’t take a lot of selfies but I have a huge family so
I love to take family photos. So this will be a handy tool. Now I can take photos of my nephews and I and it will be something fun to do to now start taking selfies. – Now Rosalind has the
iPhone 6s and six case. This is the six plus one,
which is also available. Wow, that actually is really bright. And when I’m trying to light up all sorts of other products,
including Rosalind — look at that, it’s like
better than many of the lights we use at the TV station where I work, and they’re under 30 bucks. I think that the protective
case is also really impressive. – [Rosalind] Yeah, it’s really impressive. It seems really, really strong. – And it’s unobtrusive. It did well in our drop test. It is surprisingly, hugely well rated. If you are interested this
is a limited time deal. More utility than I ever
thought I would see in this. – Yeah, like I said before Matt, I don’t take a lot of selfies but this is going to probably make me start taking some selfies. – If there is anything else you want to save money on, let us know. What are you looking for? Do you take selfies? What would you take photos
of if they were better lit? – So please continue to brighten up my day and to leave me comments. I love all your comments. Cornell, David, Frank,
Melinda, you guys are awesome. Keep those comments coming! – And I’m going to give
one big, general shout out. I love you. You’re amazing. Thank you for watching. – [Voiceover] For free stuff, click the “Subscribe” button you see
on your screen right now. You’ll be signed up for that and all of my biggest daily deals. To turn on your alerts you’re going to see a wheel beside
the Subscribe button. On a mobile device it looks like this. Click the box and turn
on your channel alerts. That will ensure your email every time I upload a huge deal. And remember, if you want to buy any item I feature, there’s a link right under this video window. Click the “Show More” tab and every link I have for every deal is right there. There you go! You are awesome. Thank you so much for watching.

100 thoughts on “LuMee LED Phone Case UNDER $25 Review! – Take AMAZING Photos in the DARK”

  1. What an interesting device. I would not have paid attention to this product if it weren't for this review. Thanks Matt & Rosa Lee.

  2. HI MATT & ROSELYN !!! Great deal, However,  I think I would use it for a flashlight though bc I can never find the flashlight option On my Phone!!! Grandkids would love it too!!!

  3. Maestro, I don't take many selfies but "HOLY NARCISSISM BATMAN", my kids take tons of selfies! (I usually find them on my phone later after one of my girls ask if they can borrow my phone to "check the time".) I'm just as bad though because I love to take a gazillion photos/videos of them when we're together.
    Thanks for providing other case deals because although this product isn't for me, I will need another case soon.
    Roselyn, you are ROCKIN' that beautiful dress…mmm, illuminating! 🙂
    May your light continue to shine throughout the rest of your week…God bless!

  4. The phone case looks amazing. I like that you can set the brightness and get the best exposure possible. Too bad I don't have an iphone! LOL!

  5. I see some of this amazing stuff and im always like "I TOTALLY COULD HAVE CAME UP WITH THAT!!" 😂 i gotta start using my imagination more to come up with a good product or something

  6. These are great and not just for selfies 😀 Not everyone has or wants an iPhone.. Would have been great if it was also for the Galaxy phones.. Oh well…

  7. I'm not much of a selfie taker but my sister is, I showed her your video matt and she begged me to buy it before the prices went back up. Thanks for another awesome deal Matt! I love getting great stuff at the lowest prices 😁

  8. Hi Matt & Roselyn!!! Pretty cool phone case! I'm not into selfies, ( too old lookin' ), but it's cool for pics and the flashlight value is great! Matt you are the best!

  9. I can see the picture quality improve. You said it performed well in the drop test…but I'm guessing you're only talking about whether it worked or not after being dropped. Does this case appear to offers any real phone protection (cushion)?

  10. Matt..dude if I win this ha..dude my wife's going to have me taking selfies and have me SNAP chatting all day with her..and I will b smiling ear to ear on the outside..inside I'll b so ticked at u dude ha ha jk!

  11. it is only for iphones!! boooo!! need it for my Samsung note 4 !! do you know if there are any available? ???

  12. Wow! Protective case + LED lighting = brilliantly awesomeness!  Now we can all ditch our lighting apps that gather all our information and sell it to whomever they please!  Can't wait, going to order now!  Thanks Deal Guy and Rosalind!

  13. Good for when taking photos and can be used as protection for my phone that sounds good. You said it did well in the drop test, can you post that video. I'd love to actually see how the test was done and how it did

  14. Another great demo Roselyn! I don't do selfies either but my 6 year old has recently taken an interest messing around with videos and pictures of herself that I find later on my phone!

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