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Lumia side button not working – Fix (No need to disassemble) (520,620+others)

Lumia side button not working – Fix (No need to disassemble) (520,620+others)

Recently some Lumia owners have found
that the side buttons on the phone such as the
power button, the volume rocker, the camera shutter button just stop functioning or feel really stiff
some people have tried disassembling their phone to fix this problem but I have a quick
permanent fix which doesn’t include disassembling your phone so this will work on
pretty much any Lumia where the back cover
is removable so I’ve already removed the back cover just to speed this video up I will put a full list of devices
compatible with in the description but I know for a fact it’s compatible with
the Lumia 520 which I’m demonstrating on at the moment so let me quickly explain to you the
problem. Okay, so when you look at the rear side of the device you
notice that here are the switches: that’s the volume up, volume
down lock, unlock and the camera shutter what
Nokia have done, I believe is used an incorrect type of
solder so that solder is a compound used
to effectively stick the switch onto the
main board but it doesn’t stick properly enough so the switch pops up on the main board
so what we need to do is push the switch back towards the main board. Some people
like I said that disassemble the phone then resoldered it and everything but you know
there’s a far simpler way to do this so what we need to do now is find a rigid relatively thin but rigid material Okay, I think this is the best most
common material is the kind of stuff you get in medicine containers this is my hayfever tablets. From the side I just cut
a piece of metal so it’s rigid but relatively thin. Okay,
all we want to do is cut a part of it which is
approximately five millimeters wide. It doesn’t really matter about the
length, this amount will do So, I’m going to quickly go and cut that, okay so what
you want to do is slip the thin piece of this metal
so not this white side this side over here above the button which doesn’t work and
below the screen so here’s the screen those are the buttons I
wanna put this above the button but under the screen.
Okay, so what you want to do is that’s where I’ve put it I don’t you can see
that in the video but there’s the button I have put a piece of metal between
the screen and the button. So, push it in around 5 millimeters only. Okay, then after you put it in a few
millimeters cut off the cut off some of the excess so you know
about maybe there I’ll show you So, now it looks like that, what you wanna
do is you want to push this all the way
through so it fits flush with the side of the phone now the the metal is fully in you test with a
paperclip just to make sure the button works So you look at the screen and see that
it works reapply to cover and you should see that it now works so there my volume up and down does work so you can
use this to fix all the buttons on the side of the Lumia
but you need to make sure your Lumia does have
a rear which is removable I know a lot of people at the end of the video
says you know: like, subscribe, share but in all seriousness please do share
this video with your friends et cetera I know a lot of people own Lumias and I know a lot of people
going to a lot of trouble to try and fix their Lumia when the side
buttons fail and this is a common problem I have
heard of people going to specialist care centers for their phone you know and having to let go of their phone for two
to three days for proper repair and everything when you can fix it this simply so please do share thank you
very much for watching

100 thoughts on “Lumia side button not working – Fix (No need to disassemble) (520,620+others)”

  1. Why isn't it working to me. Maybe the problem is me. I just don't know how to put that thing inside. Help pleaseee

  2. Thanks bro! My Lumia 630 is fixed thanks to you.

    Like on this video and i'm subscribe on your channel! Thank you, again!

  3. Mine is not working only when I try to turn the screen off or on but if I hold it long it will go in shutdown.

  4. This is great! My up volume either doesn't work or is slow to respond. Another issue I'm having is; when the volume does work it only seems to apply to the phone volume and, say, not a yt video for example. I can hardly hear the video, yet a txt msg will come blaring in. Any ideas / solutions greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  5. Hi, Thank you for the tip, it worked for a few days, then my phone started to switch off by itself. Now I use to pull off the back cover and insert in the same place the corner of a bit rigid paper sheet .

  6. I have broked my Lumia 620 power button.. Will this trick works in my case???? Any other guidance will be appreciated by me. Please help me 😢

  7. Thank you very much champ. It didn't work at first as the tablet strip seemed a little loose so I folded it making sure that that surface that is punched out by the tabs was facing out & also squeezed the fold edge very flat & viola.

  8. Really helpful, I thought of replacing the phone, but volume buttons issue has been fixed, with the help of this video, at no cost. it's working fine. thank you very much 🙂

  9. It works!!!!! For days my phone wouldn't go off unless I took out the battery…. And I had to charge it to come back on…. Thank you for your help!! Awesome!!😊

  10. Dude! You just saved my Nokia. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had just paired my phone with a Logitech H800 (junk headset BTW) and my power button locked up. Thought it was the headset and did a full factory reset. That didn't work and I found your instructions. Worked like a charm. I owe you a beer. Thanks Mate!

  11. I have done this and it work but stop working and done it again and I think I have a lot of pieces if metal in my phone what should I do

  12. I have done this and it work but stop working and done it again and I think I have a lot of pieces if metal in my phone what should I do

  13. My Lumia is water damage but it still running the only thing that doesn't work on it is the power button but the metal thing did it work

  14. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! My Lumia 635 lock/unlock button works again! I'm so grateful for your helpful video. I was going crazy not being able to use my phone.
    I used a piece of the metal cutter ripped off a boxed roll of parchment paper (ie: the sharp metal piece used to help cut a sheet off the paper roll….the same thing used on boxes of plastic wrap rolls). I trimmed off the sharp bits and it works like a charm.
    Only one thing…it was a bit challenging to slide my metal piece directly in between the button and the screen…had to slide it in to the right of the button and under the screen. Then slide it to the left over the button while still under the screen.

  15. It worked. Thanks! I had to insert 2 foils (one on top of the other) as the foil I was using wasn't thick enough.

  16. I want to thank you for this video, it saved my phone from a trip to the morgue. I still have my Nokia lumia 635 with Windows that I never want to part with.I don't need all those fancy phones just my Windows phone that was discontinued and nowhere to be found. I am handicap and Cortana helps me get through the day. I know the iphone has suri or whatever its call, but it can never do the things Cortana does. People at stores are still amaze how I communicate with Cortana and tell me that iphones can't do it that way. I tell them all, I know and she can never be replaced for that and many other reasons.

    So, again thank you for this wonderful video.

  17. Worked on my 630, thank you very, very much. Used the same pill packing as you, but I plastic n 1 dissappeared cause it was too small. Needed to be a bit broader. Used the tiny tweezers that come in a Swiss arms pocket knife to press open the plastic of the cas a bit.

  18. Thank you so much man, I didn't want to discard my phone after like 6 years. This definitely works… but I do have one question. Will the piece of metal hurt the phone in anyway?

  19. Oh. my. god. This actually worked!!!!!!! THANK YOU! My power button was so stuck that I had to use a thin knife to prise open the gap for the strip to go down. After that it was easy and all my other buttons I didn't need a knife to help they just slid in like the video.

  20. I may be late to the party, but would just like to say thanks, this worked a treat. A five minute, non-tech repair with immediate result!

  21. Wait,the thin rigid item is to connect the button to the board? What about its attached to the board,but it ain't working?

  22. My power button this morning just stopped working (I can only wake it up by charging it) … Soo imma try this later I guess

  23. Thank you, I didn't even expect this to work, these tutorials never do, now I can finally reset my phone (forgot the password lmao), thank you thank you thank you!

  24. A lovely solution man! I found out the problem myself, but I was not able to find any simple solution. So I was about to disassemble the phone. But you just made it so simple. Thanks!

  25. I got a Lumia 920 that needs unscrewing two fixing acrews from the back cover and the phone. It will probably work on all Lumia so maybe ill try

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