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LUXURY HAUL DI KOREA | Louis Vuitton, Celine, Iphone 11 pro, Gentle Monster dll!

LUXURY HAUL DI KOREA | Louis Vuitton, Celine, Iphone 11 pro, Gentle Monster dll!

Hi everyone! How are you doing? So I just came back from Korea and I shopped quite a lot during my trip there Many of you sent me DMs
to make a Korea haul video so now I’ll be showing you guys the things that I bought myself Since I went to Korea for a work trip,
so I was given a lot of things too Since there were gifts too, I did not include it in this video since I’d made a different video for it The videos for these few weeks are about my Korea trip,
hope that you guys will stay enthusiast! The video today will be more to my self reward haul because I want to treat myself something nice
after all of my hard work So during my last trip to Korea, I found a lot of things that are very pretty
and suitable for me So yeah, I lost a little control for my shopping spree Without further ado, let’s get started! First, I bought this in airport before my trip to Korea So it’s my beloved iPhone 11 Pro This one is 11 Pro, not Pro Max.
The store ran out of stocks for 11 Pro Max I bought it in gold colour, because the gold colour is very pretty Actually I had unboxed it, taraaa!!
It’s a mobile phone haha Many people dislike the camera design.
But I don’t know, I think it’s very cute I’ll give a bit review on this So I have used this phone for about 5 days now After using it for 5 days, I think this phone is very good This phone’s camera has zoom out and zoom in feature So when we take pictures, we have a few perspective/choices. The pictures can be very wide too It is a very useful feature for us who love vlogging and the stabilizer in this phone’s camera is awesome! so when we take videos,
it’s very smooth instead of shaky Most likely, I’ll use this a lot for vlogging too I shopped a lot when one of my followers brought me to Garosugil area There were a lot of unique and attractive stores there not everything is make up or clothing stores So when I was there, I went to Gentle Monster store This is the packaging I really love Gentle Monster Their sunglasses are unique and surprisingly it fits my face really well I tried a few designs and most of it fit me nicely but alas, I chose this design This season they have a lot of sunglasses that are not in black. Instead in brighter colours like yellow, etc At first, I thought sunglasses like this
won’t protect our eyes but I was wrong guys It protects us as how sunglasses in black lenses would Even though it’s quite expensive,
but the quality and function is really evident So yeah, I love this If I happen to visit Gentle Monster store again,
I’ll definitely purchase another pair because their sunglasses are really very good Btw, I have not unsealed this.
So funny! I have used this few times but I have not unsealed this When I was in Garosugil, I also visit this store The store is named Prettica and they sell jewellery like silver sterling and also.. 14k gold too! So they also sell gold jewellery It’s quite expensive but I really love their designs Their designs are very very minimalist very thin, not the fancy with many blings But because it’s very thin, it looks more elegant and fancy compared to.. designs that are thick Though they have a lot of pretty designs but since the price is not cheap, I did not buy a lot In total I bought 3 designs, and I love it all.
These are the designs that I chose After my visit from Prettica, I went to Swarovski Their store in Garosugil is pretty big and the store seems very eye catching And the moment I stepped my foot into the store,
I realized that I was right They have way too many designs that caught my eyes, so I bought a lot in Swarovski So I have a current obsession with jewelleries lately,
so I buy quite a lot I bought 3pcs of bracelets It has some sort of magnets, so you can combine these 3pcs into 1 bracelet, and you can turn it into necklace too! I also bought a ring with leaves design Last, I bought a necklace with a swan design Since I bought quite a lot,
so they also gave me some free gifts What is this called…versatile clutch I got 2 of these, so maybe I’ll give one to
my family or my friend The clutch is quite functional too It is quite spacious and it has 2 compartments It also has a chain so it also can be used as sling bag Next one, bagsssss!! Oh I am so happy when it comes to bags! So I wanted to walk around the high end areas,
so we went to Cheongdam-dong When we were there, we went to Louis Vuitton store I wanted to buy a Louis Vuitton tote bag During the last trip, I brought my Givenchy
and it was super heavy and it’s hard to open too.
So I want to buy a tote bag which can fit a lot of stuff and can be used easily So I went there with my husband and a friend of mine When I try the tote bag and they were like,
“’s nice…” They were saying okay half-heartedly,
indicating nothing special And purely out of total ignorance, I asked, “Do you have any metis bag?” and they took out a Metis reverse bag When I tried it, they were like gasped.
“This is very pretty on you, totally you” and my husband went on saying,
“Yes, this is very gorgeous. The colour is very nice.” So, this Metis bag is super rare too there were rumours saying that
they are going to discontinue it next year So when you see Metis, it’s like WOWW So this is the bag, TARAAAAAA We will unbox this Louis Vuitton package In my opinion, there was this special luxurious feeling
when you shop a Louis Vuitton product because their bag always comes with a box
and a super fancy paper bag Even when you buy their less expensive bag,
there’s always a box that comes with it Actually there was a ribbon but since I opened it,
so yeah it’s okay right hehe Let’s open it, TARAAA Sooo this is the bag I post this in my IG story before and many of my friends encourage me to buy this They said that this is very pretty To be honest, this bag was never in my wishlist I began to notice this bag during my last trip to Bandung My friend has this bag, and I notice that
this bag is prettier in real life and I never expect that I would buy this bag So when you open it, it’s quite spacious you can fit a lot of stuff in it So yeahhhh, this is my new bag, new collection! Welcome baby! Last, I also bought another bag from Celine and actually this has been my wishlist
for quite some time For me personally, this bag is simply gorgeous
but maybe not the same for everyone because the design is very simple
but the price doubles my previous LV metis Actually, buying this was accidental Why? Because I bought this in the airport When they gave me the price, I thought it was in Korean won but turned out it was in USD So after they swiped my card, I was shocked, thinking “Why was it so expensive?” so there was a misscomunication there Alas, the price is the same as
Celine store anywhere else And the bag is…..TADAAAAA So this is Celine box bag (medium)
in Amazon Green colour In real life, this bag is very classy It is very hard to make
a very simple thing looking classy Despite its simplicity, the workmanship, colour, stitching, material is totally luxurious So even though it is very simple,
it still looks very luxurious I don’t know whether you share the same opinion as I do They didn’t give me bubble wrap or anything, so I put in some of my clothes
so the bag will still be in shape The inside.. and it can be opened quite wide it can fit a lot of stuff I would say the inside part
is pretty similar to the Metis bag So yes, this is the 2nd bag that I bought The last item is pretty random I bought this Think Your Teeth from VT cosmetics X BTS It consists of a toothpaste and a toothbrush The funny thing is, the toothbrush is this big It is really this big but it’s so cute The toothpaste smells really good,
a mixture of jasmine and peppermint Alright guys, so this is my self reward Korea haul Hope you guys enjoy it. That’s all for today’s video.
Thank you so much for watching! Anddd see you next time!

100 thoughts on “LUXURY HAUL DI KOREA | Louis Vuitton, Celine, Iphone 11 pro, Gentle Monster dll!”

  1. Celine emang ngeselin sih bagusnya :””)) simple but luxurious. aku pertama kali lihat celine nano tahun 2014 pas masih kuliah. Kepengen beli tapi mahal nya kayak minta jual ginjal. akhirnya 2 tahun kemudian pas udah kerja baru kebeli :”)

  2. Hi ci moli tasnya jgn lupa di coating ya kalau baru beli biar tidak lecet dan cepat kikis hehe. btw aku kerja di bags spa daerah jkt jd agak tau hehe.

  3. Omg Celine Box bag!! Ini wish list aku juga lho.. semoga one day kesampean

    Aku shock km suka celine box bag jg haha

    Mahal banget itu 50 jt an πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Hi Molita! The Celine bag is so pretty 😍 just wondering if you tried on the small size and what you thought of it vs the medium? Thank u!

  5. suka banget sama luxury haul wkwkwk ini motivasiku biar semangat belajar dan kerja supaya bisa beli barang" yg aku pengen

  6. Yg LV sebagus itu ❀️
    Pengen beli krn kompartemen yg terpisah dan luas
    Kokoh dan g keras
    Cocok buat yg suka tas utk segala acara uk.ny juga pas banget

    Dlu lihat ci moli pakai ysl juga sebagus itu
    Walau pun blm rusak tp pengen bli lg
    G boleh sering" nntn video ci moli 🀣🀣🀣

  7. I wish i can treat myself too, when i turn 18, i would to buy a lot of thing, like clothes, tool for my art, and makeupπŸ’œβ˜ΊοΈ, by the way the bag luis Vuitton look so pretty and the green bag too, i have a dress its the same color haha, love ur haul and hello from franceπŸ‡«πŸ‡·

  8. Lg sukaa bangett samaa happy family yg satuu ini.. Semangatt truss buatt youtube chanell nyaa.. Semangatt yaa ibu mudaaβ€πŸ’žπŸ€—

  9. Why dont u write in english like in previous videos its difficut to understant for other country people…plz translate…its a request…

  10. Kaka belanjan LV, celine di korea ga kena bea cukai? Ko bisa lolos gimana caranya kaaa?? Kasih tau dong kaaaa pliiiiisssss

  11. Suka sama judul nya "self reward", pemilihan kata yang bagus untk kerja keras kak molita selama ini dan tdk terkesan sombong atau pamerπŸ‘

  12. Please do whats on my iphone ci! ☺️ got the same phone like you but pro max! And i love it! The battery is awesome!

  13. I'm sorry Moli, km bisa bilang divideo ini kalau barang2 luxury yg km beli adalah self rewards, but i think not all of them will be think the same. Menurutku ini lebih ke pamer, i'm sorry before πŸ‘‹

  14. Huahhhh. Tas”nya molita yg aku bru kesampean LV metis tok πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ celine ku taksanggupppppp

    I’ve just bought new iphone 11 dan masi otw ke rmhku πŸ˜‚
    Thanks God thn ini bsa beli barang β€œmevvah” 2x dari hasil jeripayah πŸ˜­πŸ’•πŸ˜‚

  15. I am also eyeing that celine box bag! I agree that whilst it looks simple, it is still elegant and timeless.

  16. Subhanallah..emg bagus banget tas LV sm Celine nyaaa!😍😍😍
    Molita ouh *pingin banget punyaπŸ˜₯

  17. yok semangat yok biar 3900 usd berasa 3900 krw :(( , kak btw Gentle Monster itu brand yg di pake jimin sama jhope pad di BBMA cuteee

  18. Kak Kakak tuch sebenarnya orang mana sich kak, udah nikah atau belum?? Mukanya kayak org korea asli ada turunan korea yha kak??

  19. ga pernah nontonin cewe lain. selain cici cuantikk😘😘😘. karna emg sebenernya bukan tipe aku nontonin vlog. tpi cicinya lucu.

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