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Made in Paris – iPhone X Cinematic Short Film

Made in Paris – iPhone X Cinematic Short Film

name is Elise Lepinteur. I work as a chef research & development for
Christophe Adam. I have lived in Paris for 5 years. This city inspires me with its many monuments
and unique atmosphere. My
work is to design and shape special desserts. Every detail is important, everything has to be beautiful and tasty. I’m interested in the harmony between colors
and textures. When I go to my local market, ideas naturally
come to me. I love to imagine in my head and draw pastry
creations. Everyday I have the chance of working with
one of the best pastry chef in the world, Christophe Adam is like my mentor. I have
learned so much from him. One of my main goal is to bring intense emotions
to the people. At 23, I’m living my childhood dream, and I
can’t wait to accomplish so much more.

43 thoughts on “Made in Paris – iPhone X Cinematic Short Film”

  1. 100,000+ views in less than 4 days! Thank you to PetaPixel, 9to5Mac, Fstoppers and so many more for sharing our work. Just to be clear, this is not a paid ad, this is 100% AmnesiArt's production that you see here. Thanks again to Elise Lepinteur for your wonderful collaboration.

  2. Bonjour, super travail ! Petite question sur le matériel par rapport à cette photo :

    quel est l'accessoire qui permet de faire tenir l'osmo mobile à la grue ?


  3. hi guys!! im in love with your videos, just i have one question did you record this video with filmic or the native camera app? Greetings from mexico!

  4. Magnificent video, beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing. In behind the scenes post on 9to5MAc (, I've noted on pictures that you used clip-on lenses, which are not listed on the gear list above. Can you, please, tell what lenses (brand) did you used and if you were satisfied with them? Thanks again.

  5. I almost forgot, this short movie was shot by iPhone…. and the iPhone X focus lens is better than earlier iphone… Love the taste of film and also the iPhone X!!!
    what kind of App did you edit in post production?
    Nice and Peace!!

  6. Wow very moody one, I like how the atmosphere translates to the viewers, the background music and sounds really work well together!
    I did a very surrealistic shortfilm about "the real creator" with iphone too, but I need to work more on this! Feel free to have a look 🙂

  7. great job i just did a beauty review with my iPhone x please check it out

  8. Awesome video ! I also create a cinematic video using iphone 4k in beautiful waterfall in indonesia check it here guys thank you so much !

  9. Muy buen video, os dejo algunos que he grabado con mi iPhone X en este mismo enlace:

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