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Make a Phone Case that Glows | Marvel’s Venom | In Hindi

Make a Phone Case that Glows | Marvel’s Venom | In Hindi

What’s up, guys. I’m Rob.
Welcome to my channel. For a long time you have
been requesting me.. make a DIY project on a
mobile cover or phone case. So, I have brought you
a very unique idea.. ..but before I tell you what it is,
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new video is uploaded. So, what is today’s unique idea? Today, we shall make a glow
in the dark phone case. Exciting? Then get ready,
it’s time for some DIY. Why? Because I love it. Alright. Let’s get started. Now, I shall show you how to make
a glow in the dark phone case. I have here a new phone case and I
have glow in the dark paint here. This is special paint, which
charges when the light is on.. ..and when the lights go
off, it starts glowing. This is easily available at
any good stationary store. Let me show you how this is charged. You can charge it with the
torch light on your phone. There you go. As you can see I am shining light
on it with the torch on my phone. Let’s switch it off and take a look. There you go!
Look at that. The more light you shine on it,
the more it will get charged. Look at this. Wow! That’s pretty bright. You can charge it time and again
and it glows for quite a while. Look at that. You can purchase a
bottle of paint this size.. …for around 100-150 rupees. You can make several phone
cases or other things with it. Let’s start. The plan is
to make two layers. One will be a layer of
glow in the dark paint.. …and the other will be a layer
of paper cutout stencil.. …which I shall make with
black chart paper. We shall do the marking and
cut it in this manner. Okay. Our outline is ready.
Let’s cut it. Alright. As you can see,
our paper cutout is ready. I have cut it neatly. Now I shall make a drawing
of our supervillain on this. First, I shall flip it over.
Like this. Then I shall draw on this side… …so that when I cut it
and flip it over.. ..none of the rough lines or
rough markings will be visible. Our artwork on the other
side will look very neat. I shall draw over here.
Let’s start. Alright.
The drawing is complete. I know it isn’t clearly visible as it
is black pencil on black paper.. …but if you look at it
from this angle.. …where the pencil is catching the
light properly and shining. You will be able to tell
what I have drawn. I shall cut this now. As you can clearly see I have drawn
Venom, the villain from Spiderman.. …and I chose this because
it will look very good.. …in glow in the dark paint. I have only drawn his
eyes and teeth over here… …as it will look pretty scary
when it glows in the dark. I’m very excited to
see the final result. Let’s hurry up and cut this. And we are done. As you can see,
my cutout is ready. You can still see some
pencils lines on this… …but when I flip it, my artwork
will look very clean. Look at that.
Okay. One layer of ours is ready. Let’s work on our
second layer now. This is our background, which we will
paint with glow in the dark paint. So, let’s do that. I have this glow in the
dark acrylic medium here. I shall apply it neatly
on this white sheet. You can see I have cut this
to the size of the case. So, let’s paint this. I am giving it a flat coat. This dries quickly as
it is acrylic medium. As I mentioned before you can purchase
it from a good stationary store… …or you could even
order it online. Okay. I have coated it with
glow in the dark paint. I shall leave this to dry now and
then we shall watch the magic. Alright.
As you can see, this is dry. I told you this acrylic
medium dries quickly. Alright. So, this is ready.
Let’s charge it and see. I am charging it with the light
from the phone’s torch. We shall switch off the
light to see if it glows. There you go. You can clearly
see that this glows very nicely. Let’s put both the layers in the
phone case and see how it looks. Alright, we have both
our layers here. We shall put the paper
cutout stencil in first.. ..matching with the
cavity of the camera. Then we shall put in our layer
of glow in the dark.. …which is our background. I shall flip it over and put it in… …so it faces outside. That way it will keep
charging with light. There you go. I have aligned it. We shall put our phone in it now. Alright. It’s looking pretty cool. You can see how nice
the phone case looks.. ..but we still have to test it,
so, we shall charge it. Then we shall switch off the
lights to see how it looks. So, I shall use the torch from
another phone to charge it. Normally it will get charged with
sunlight when you are out all day. When you enter any room, be it
your home, your classroom.. ..this will automatically glow. Alright. Let’s switch off the
light and take a look. Check it out. I’m super happy
with the result. I really hope you guys
enjoyed watching the video… …and found the tutorial helpful. I found the idea good
and pretty interesting… …that you could change your
phone cover anytime you wish. If you have various paper
cutouts or stencils.. …all you have to
do is replace it… …and you will have a brand new
glow in the dark phone cover. Right? If you try it, please click pictures
and share them with me. Here are my Instagram handles. If you tag me, I too shall see them. If you like the video,
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What are you doing? Also, write a nice comment in
the comment section below. I will see you again. Till then, do good
and be good. Peace!

100 thoughts on “Make a Phone Case that Glows | Marvel’s Venom | In Hindi”

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