100 thoughts on “Make your iPhone 7 Apple LIGHT UP!! (iPhone 7 Plus logo too)”

  1. This person doesn’t have any mercy on his iPhone. No one will do this ! Because everyone cares about their iPhone

  2. That looks cool but can be made even cooler if apple could turn the logo into a fingerprint sensor which glows like that. Take my money and do it!

  3. A bigger battery 🔋 and a glowing apple logo will be best.. But they have already shifted for non removable glass back panel.. And thats sad.. ☹️☹️

  4. lmao "you think apple should include this in all their phones?"
    1 year later

    Apple: Ligh up apple on the back, extra 300 bucks!

  5. My old phones off button didn’t work and I didn’t know why I hadn’t done this cracked it or dropped it at that point either does anyone know why it was like this ????

  6. I don't need that . I have the razer phone 2 XDDD the logo lights up in whatever colour i want. Don't believe me? look at one of my trash video's you'll see 🙂

  7. at minute 1:10– I immediately thought about the sci-fi movies -we are trying to hack the Govt robots and they are making them really hard to hack but still free people invent simple tools to open the robots and hack their systems LOL

  8. goes through so much effort and risks ruining phone for a light up logo

    puts on phone case

    "well then, that was a mistake"

  9. Jerry walking to a cafe what should i use my iphone 8 my iphone 6 my iphone x or xr or s10 or s10 e nah storm trooper phone

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