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Make Your iPhone Louder with This Trick (IT ACTUALLY WORKS)

Make Your iPhone Louder with This Trick (IT ACTUALLY WORKS)

Oh [bleep], get Your couch ready it’s about to go down How many you guys have ever asked yourself How do I make my iPhone’s volume louder than max volume? I’ve been asking myself that for years But today the game changes I just found a setting buried deep deep deep within my iphone that lets me raise max volume up a few more notches So I actually found this hack on Twitter, I’m just at techsmartt if you guys aren’t following me. I tweeted it out It’s insane, basically what this does is There’s a setting in your iPhone that when you click it, it raises the volume up a few more notches How does this work? What is this? Keaton you’re lying. This stuff doesn’t exist on iPhones Well actually I’ve been finding a lot of hacks and different tricks you shouldn’t do to your iphone This is one that you can do, but like that time I told you guys not to say that thing to siri, if you haven’t seen that video Click it up right up there, it was insane This is something you guys can do and it won’t get you in trouble So let me show you how. Basically, when you go into settings You’re gonna want to scroll all the way down to a tab you Probably haven’t been to before, that’s what I was saying when I first learned this. You’re gonna’ go all the way down to music Cool, you’re there. You’re almost done. Then scroll down, this is pretty much on any iphone out there Let me know in the comments if you guys actually do this. You’re gonna click EQ And then you’re gonna want to select late night. Late night means your volume goes up way more than the normal max volume Trust me, you’re probably saying dude you’re just, you’re bsin’ me here This isn’t actually a thing, let me show you. I just turned the equalizer off all right now I did, which means you guys are gonna hear this stock plain vanilla. Normally how your iphone sounds at max volume so we’re gonna’ go home Into Spotify and to show you guys that I’m at max volume, just gonna click here. Volume is all the way up Here we go [Music plays] So as you guys can hear it’s pretty loud, but you came for the late night jazz. So you go back to settings here I’m gonna scroll all the way down, and you got a few options This is actually the equalizer which lets you tweak How the sound comes out. If you want to get a little more dancy’ in your music and you’re listening to dance music You can select that option or if you want to get that R&B sesh’ on Select that. If you’re one of those people that just doesn’t have large speakers Select small speaker. But let’s face it you guys want big speakers. You got a treble booster here vocal booster You got a lot of boost. But late night is where things get fun So I’m gonna turn on late night right now. Late night, my volume is still At Max, I’m going back into spotify Listen [Music Plays] Whoa I got it. So I don’t know if you guys can hear that too well But no oke just try this out right now trust me here It makes your iphone volume louder than max volume and you’re probably saying to yourself. how does this go down? Well actually when you turn on the late-night setting what happens is volume comes out of the headset right here That’s not something you normally see when the setting’s turned off. That’s why it’s a hack I just figured this out after reading it on Twitter. It works So take your red solo cup and your toilet paper roll and throw them right out This right here late night is all you need to get the party bumpin. Guess That’s why it’s called late night. Shoutout time! I want to give a huge shout out to Ice Cold Cuber and Eric for having my Notifications on. If you guys want a notification shoutout turn them on, on your phone and computer and let me know In the comments so I can give you guys one. I upload at 3 p.m PST So make sure you guys subscribe if you’re new so you guys don’t miss it Tweet me at techsmartt if you guys find anything else weird and hacky with the iphone, that siri thing was amazing It’s only getting crazier from here. Alright guys, I’ll see you later, peace. I’m trying coffee this week We got some iced coffee from the Target Starbucks let’s go!

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  1. This is just his style of enticing more subscribers. Even if he already look stupid and moronic, he’s getting a fat check from YT for a million subs. And this segment of his is nothing but crap and redundance from other channels. What a load of BS

  2. What is wrong with this guy? It looks like he don't have social life at all, just computers, phones and 4 walls. What a sadness

  3. He is waaaay over energized for a video that was researched on google in 2 seconds without having to hear his cocaine / espresso shot induced attitude

  4. Calm down on the drugs Calm down on the drugs Calm down on the drugs Calm down on the drugs Calm down on the drugs Calm down Calm down on the drugs on the drugs Calm down on the drugs

  5. Just got an iPhone 6s Plus. I can’t hear people speak I when I make calls and the music volume is so low, it’s worthless. I just did what you showed and it didn’t do anything. If anybody has any ideas, I would love to hear them. I’m desperate. Thanks.

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