100 thoughts on “Making a Custom GLOWING iPhone Logo – in Shenzhen, China”

  1. 18:43 you know that is just going down the drain paint and all. And anyone else wanna see strange parts do a video with Rossmann repair group lol

  2. Wish i had the balls to do this to my phone but i will not risk it cause rather have my phone work still

  3. Hey i need someone to scan a QR code and validate my wechat account please, if u'r up to help me Dm me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sidali.hmdn/ , btw really good vidéo

  4. Dedication level infinity 👏👏
    Me : let me start studying ( i didn't find my notes ) skip studying start using smartphone 😂

  5. The suspense of this was almost too much while having the first mug of coffee in the morning having just woken up.

  6. yo we have these machines my high school,for mechanical and technical engineering principles

  7. Dear what about add finger scanner in new iphone X on back side of phone on apple logo. Can you do this?
    I will wait to watch that it will be awesome.

  8. love the idea, but congrats you just got rid of the water and dust resistance. Other than thast, absolutely love the project series that you have

  9. why u always after i phone , y not samsung, oppo, huawei or some other brand plz do some diy on other brands, tnx

  10. I feel like a kid again when I used to take my Nintendos apart to see how they worked and what I could do to make it better watching these videos… it freakn awesome!!

  11. Fantastic. But I guess I lost track somewhere, I thought you were adding that logo to the back of your existing iPhone, but then near the end it seemed you had to compile a completely new iPhone. Didn't your existing back have lenses and space for buttons. I don't know the iPhone but isn't it just a matter of flipping off the backside, have it worked on and flipping it back on with only the cable for the cam to reattach?
    Nevertheless, great work

  12. make a logo with wireless led's like you do in xbase wireless led here its light up with cellular signals.

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  14. a bit off topic just saw a JBD microSD 2 million nits 10,000 dpi by the author charbax wonder if it can throw an idea

  15. Yo le cambiaría la pantalla blanca por una negra para que quede Perfecto, Saludos desde Córdoba Argentina 🇦🇷

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  17. Después de ver estos vídeos , mi mundo esta en china 😍 impresionado esos chinos tan inteligentes que le meten dedicación amor al trabajo por muy pequeño y no importante sea ese trabajo, estoy impresionado, ayer 20 de julio estuve viendo los vídeos desde las 6pm hasta las 3 pm del día 21 de julio, eres el mejor , saludos desde Colombia.

  18. ليش فديواتك مرة عربي ومرة أخرى انكليزي why your videos sometimes Arabic and ???sometimes anglish

  19. Dears, what type of material on that square block the machinist used to lay the phone case onto? Is that wood? Thank you

  20. what you need in your life is to throw your apple product away.
    How can a smart tech guy like him promote anything apple related?
    Hoax asf

  21. Give this man the power of two big company (Apple& Samsung)….he would just kill it ….
    Everyone would be so glad …. A lot of customizing.

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