Manage your company’s fleet of mobile phones

As responsible of the mobile fleet
within your company, you want to make changes
to one or several mobile numbers. MyProximus is the quickest and easiest way
to do this. Go to and log in using your company’s
MyProximus username and password. Don’t have a MyProximus account yet? Click on the link that appears now and follow the instructions to create an account. You are now on the MyProximus home page. Click on “Services” and then on “Mobile Number Management”. On this page you have an overview of all the mobile numbers
of your company with their price plan. You can also add numbers, order SIM cards or modify multiple numbers. If you would like more information about or
request a change for a specific number, just click on the relevant number. Now you can see all the details of this number, for example the SIM card number and PUK code. On this page you can also request changes. For example, you want to activate a new SIM
card for this number, in other words “Swap the SIM card”. Click the button and the electronic form will appear. You only need to fill in
the number of the new SIM card. Ready? Then click on ‘Swap SIM card’. Would you like to know the status of your request? Check the ‘History changes’ tab to see an
overview of your requests and their status. Can’t find what you’re looking for ? Contact
us by clicking the general questions button. Do you have questions concerning other Proximus products? Go to Select “Large companies” and then “Support”.

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